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The mailer consists of 3 executables which exist on SYS:. These
	CKMAIL - Check for new unread mail for the PPN. If multiple
	         users exist for the PPN, and new mail exists, a 
	         message in the form:
		  [MAILER: New mail exists for UNAME]
		 for each user.
	MAILER - The actual mailer program.
	ADD    - A program to add new users to the mailer. Commonly
  		 used by the system manager when creating new users.

The mailer must be given JACCT or FILDAE access to allow it to write
into other peoples areas. A copy of our FILDAE is included. If JACCT
is not given to the program, a ^C trap should be added to prevent
^C's during manipulation of the system files.

The expected area for the system files is [5,36]; to change this,
modify the parameter, MLRPPN, in MACHOP.BLI.

The expected disk for the system files is DSKB; to change this, 
modify the parameter, MLRDEV, in MACHOP.BLI.

To start up the mailer, after giving it appropriate privileges,
delete *.MLR. These are the data files used at our site. Next,
run mailer using the uname 'ALL'. This is the privileged user
and the system manager should set the password accordingly. The
first user to use that uname can set the password.

Uname 'ALL' is the system mailbox. All mail sent to 'ALL' is 
available as system mail, therefore mail can only be sent to
'ALL' by privileged users. 'ALL' can set other users privileges.

It is highly recommended that the system manager read the files,

Little, if any, support can be provided by NRAO. Comments may be
sent to:
	Gareth Hunt
	National Radio Astronomy Observatory
	Very Large Array Site
	P.O.Box 'O'
	Socorro, New Mexico  87801
If any site makes any significant changes to the program, we would
appreciate a copy of those changes.

Thank You,
David L. Edwards, Jr.