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                             Version 2.0

                        David L. Edwards, Jr.

                          February 4, 1982

The MAILER program was originally written  for  the  DECsystem-10  by
Edward J. Bennett. The program has been extensively rewritten for the
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Very Large Array Site.  Special
thanks  to Ed for his assistance in modifing the program and with the
BLISS-10 compiler.
The MAILER program is a utility designed to allow users to communicate
even though the other user may not be logged in at the time. It allows
users to send text files and the receiving user to save the file back
on disk.

The current version of the MAILER program has the following features:
	* Classify users as members of groups which can all receive
	  mail at the same time.
	* Receive SYSTEM mail upon login via CKMAIL.
	* Send messages to multiple users.
	* Obtain information about other users and groups.
	* Easily change user and group information.
	* Save mail which has been received.
	* Send text files through the MAILER.
To use the MAILER, you must run MAILER and specify your
uname and password to identify your 'mailbox'. If you should
type an invalid password, you will have to rerun the MAILER.

To join the MAILER, simply run MAILER and specify the name that you wish
to use to identify yourself when the 'Uname:' prompt appears. The MAILER will
then ask you a couple of questions and add you to the mail system. The name
may be up to 12 characters long but should be unique within the first six. If
after typing in your name, the MAILER prompts you for a password then that
name is in use.