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1^$ DI^$ DN^$ DR^$ DN^$ DC^$ DB^$ DR^$ DM@@A@@A@@?@@@@:Z$ D9@@9Z$ D8Z$ D8Z$ D<@@4@@4Z$ D>@@;Z$ D?Z$ D=@@Z$ D=@@@@;@@:@@7^$ DS^$ DTZ$ D5Z$2 D5@@3Z$ D9Z$ D:@@:Z$ D9^$ DB@@A@@@@@@
6Z$("DdZ$*"DdZ$&"DdZ$"DdZ$XDDZ$QDDZ$XDDQ$DX$E*$F@@A@@C^$*DG^$DFQ$lX$*$@@@@@@@@"@@@@@@@@!@@@Q~Y|,~:Z(,R\Q|X>x1zx-",D$t,K|$t~&PASCAL %12(215)         ****Included file****     Page R\Q|X>x1zx-", $t,H 9.$ D9 91d+ :.$ D:,nQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-", :&$ "Dd :&$ "Df CXDD BQDD AXDD^$ DBQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-", ?4D2 $tZ&? (,=Z&  (,= 31dB+4Z$B D3 :4DH >4DB $t 4Z(,g $ 40&2@ & W1h@G4D@ $tZ& (,=+B $tZ& (,=+F $t 4Z(,gZ& (,= $tZ&Z(,= $; &TQ$H`Q&H`2B+N $t 9Z(,o+Q $t &; * (,A $tZ&Z(,=Q~Y|,~-----R\Q|X>x1zx-", :4Df ?4D] $tZ&? (,=Z&! (,=,+ $t &5 3 *B,BZ$ D30d+e 3Z& F4:3+aZ$ D3,Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-", $b 
 D; $t 0D+w $ B3f@A;4Dr, :.$ D:@@:,nZ$ D9 $b,!+k ?4D{ $tZ&? (,=Z&! (,= 5 D4 5 D4 ? D> X DWQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-", ?4D	 $tZ&? (,=Z&! (,= 5 D4 5 D4 ? D> X DW@@3Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-",,+ $t &5 3 *B,B, 44DW :4DZ$ Dp+Z$ Dp $tZ& p,= &X * (,A@@: $; &YQ$H`Q&H`2B+% $ 9Z(,o+' $ &; * (,A $Z&Z(,= &5 3 *B,B,H $ &Z * (,A :Z(,o &Z * (,AZ$ 3 Fp Dp2dp+9 p 40D+8 pZ& Fv:p+4 $t &w 3 *B,B $ &w 3 *B,B,H,Z$  Fp Dp2dp+O p  $tZ&Z(,= "`&Z(,oZ& (,= "`&
 (,= &[ * (,A $ "`&Z(,oZ& (,= "`&
2(,=0&[*0(,A+M1D+u MZDM M1D+u M/,"`$ &XZ(,*,A &[/*$(,A+r $t XZ(,o &[ * (,A $ XZ(,o &[ * (,A+rh@@X^$ DM+u[X DM+W "`$
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,A+L p/&$& $t &J *
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,A+L,p/&$&/$t$&r * (,A $ p/&$& &r * (,A+L p/&$& $t &% * (,A $ p/&$& &% * (,A+L p/&$& $t &d * (,A $ p/&$& &d * (,A+L p/&$& $t & * (,A $ p/&$& & * (,A+L p/&$& $t &` * (,A $ p/&$& &` * (,A+L p/&$& $t &
%.6? Xp, p $,H:p+A@@@@4Z$ 3 Fp Dp2dp+V pZ& Fv:p+R^$ DMQ~Y|,~***** -----P*** :   --> R\Q|X>x1zx-", Dp, $b6D $ pB&A4D $t &
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,A,H 71D+z $t & *
,A 7Z(,oZ& (,= 7Z(,o, $ & * * , .O ",,om 4D $b &,4 $b,oy $b &t (v,on $b,! 9.$ D9 $b6D $B$4D
,h@@3Q~Y|,~Unexpected endofpfile?dUnexpected end of fileUnterminated Comment at ?  Unterminated Comment at R\Q|X>x1zx-", Dp 4B$4DLZ$ D 1$+!Z$M "d
Z$ D4Z$ D4 $ p1Fk@ & p1H2@A & p1HJ@A & p1Hh@A4D8 $b 4D6 3Z&/ Fv+8 3/$Z&/ Fv+: Z& "f
 1d+@Z/$+"`$d3+J p "`d+L p.$ "`dQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-", Dp Fp Hp p, $,2   ` DM M  p D`Q$pX$`*$` MQD` M DMQ~Y|,~HH
XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-", $b 4DgZ$ D1+n $t  D1 $b &, 3.$ D3 30dB+n 3 1 F4 1  D1Q~Y|,~XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-", $b 4DzZ$ D1+ $t  D1 $b &, 3.$ D3 30dB+ 3 1 F4Q~Y|,~XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-",,a 1 Dp $ 1 
e d f)H0(@B$4D,a $ 1 
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gff)H0(@&10H@A4D1,a,/&$0F+' //$ D/ /&$$$.$ D/ p0D)+- / DA+1 p0D$+0 / DA+1 / DB+2Z$e,+W $ 10F@ Dp p0$ 0d-+W+) p D:+W >4D; p D<+W >4D> p D=+W p D8 p D8+W p D8+W p D@+W p D: >4DG p D;+I p4DIZ$ D;+WAW>DWWWWWWW8<WWWWWW9WWWWWB $b 4DYZ$,\ $ 1 
e d f)H0(@ & p0H$@GB$4Da,a 11D+	Q~Y|,~ 	XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-", $b 4DqZ$,\,aQ~Y|,~XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-", Dp : D7 9 D7,k 10D+~, $ p0F.@ & p0H>@G4D 13Dp+,k++
 11D+,k+,a 12Dp+@@7,kQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>xJ1zx-", $ 10F@ & 10H@G4D $b 4DZ$,\,a+ 10$0d=+p+b@@pQ$	!X$0*$0 p0$+$ p.$ Dp p^& /&&`=(" 1 "0h,a $ 1 
e e f)H0(@B$4D p  p.& /& FpI Dp2dpI+: p/$$$ $r &0Q$H`Q&H` (3B=h32B+9 p $ D. p Z D.+<:p+.@@.Z$ D.+	 ,X x4D>Z$ D.Z$ D.Q$	!X$0*$0@@p p.$ Dp p0d+I p^& /&&`=(G 1 "0h p0d+M p 1/&. F,a $ 1 
f f f)H0(@B$4DB@@p 10D!+k p1d+XZ$W,Z$ Dp@@pHZ$ p FpI Dp2dpI+i p.  	# 	")F0&+aZ$~,+h p.$/p^& ]&&`=(d p.  . "Hh:p+[ pH D/,a+h@@pZ$ p FpI Dp2dpI+ p1d+r p.$ Dp+ p2$	#+wZ$$p p.. Dp+ $ p2F	#@ p (. 0f@A4DZ$$p p.. Dp+ p.$ Dp:p+n 10D+),a 10D+Z$ D1+)Z$ D. $ 1 
f f f)H0(@B$4DZ$f,+) p1d+ p.$ Dp+" p2$	#+Z$$p 1/&. Dp+" $ p2F	#@ & 10h@A4D!Z$$p 1/&. Dp+" p.$ Dp p/$ Dp,a $ 1 
f f f)H0(@B$4D 10D"+HZ$ D.,a $ 10F@ Dp $ 10F@ & 10H@G4D4,a@@p $ 1 
f f f)H0(@B$4D;Z$f,+DZ$$p 1/&. Dp,a $ 1 
f f f)H0(@B$4D; p4DG p/p Dp+H p.p Dp .0D+d p ",D Dp p1D+^ 	$ Dp#p Dp pA$4DV p1d+T pp Dp+V pp Dp p&$ Dp p1D+[ p Dp+O,X x4D^Z$g, 	$ Dp $,2   @ DpH pH p F pH D/+h p0D+g p D/+hZ$f,@@/+	 Z$ D.Z$ D.@@p@@p@@pI,a 1 d d f)F0&+ p.$ Dp p0d+~ 1 f f f)F0&+{ pZ&$p.1/&. F+~ pZ&$p.1/&. F,a+m p1d+Z$W,Z$ DpZ$ p FpI Dp2dpI+ p.$/p^& ]&&`=(	 p.  . "Ih:p+ pI D/+	 @@/Z$ D.Z$ D.@@p,u /0$<+ /.$ D/ / 1. F+Z$ Dp $b  & 10H@G4D p4DZ$, $b  & 11H@A4D%Z$/,+%,a 11D+ //$ D/ /0D++ p
+D/+</.&&&$,2@DpHpH/D`Z$/FpJDp2dpJ+;p^&.&&`=(6.p."h:p+3pHD/+	Z$D.,a10D+BZ$D.,a+CZ$D.+	Z$D.,a10D+HZ$D.,a+IZ$D.+	J1+D.1aD.,a+	p,a10D+RZ$,v++TZ$D.Z$D.+	pZ$>,v++	pZ$.,v++	T,aY10D+\Z$,v++^Z$D.Z$RD.+	X11+-D. 1 aQD.,a*10D+i .0D+gZ$ZD.+hZ$ D.,a+o $ 10F@ & .0H@A4DoZ$ D.,a+	 Z$l,,l,
 (,= &p * (,AZ& (,= X$& &Y * (,AZ& (,= X$$[Z Dp p0D+	= X$$ pQFZ+	V p Dp p $ &pQ$H`Q&H` (3B=h	A2b+	M p $ &pQ$H`Q&H` (3B=h	G2B+	KZ$, p[ Dp@@p+	P pZ DpZ$ Dp p0D+	= p4D	T p pXF+	V p pQF p ^$XD`^$QD`^$QD`Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-", Dp Fp p1D+	p p  $` &0Q$H`Q&H` (3B=h	d2B+	h+	p $` &0Q$H`Q&H` (3B=h	j2"+	o[` Dp+	pZ` Dp+	_ p EpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-", Dp Fp Hp X DY1$+
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Z$H Xp, p+
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:Z$~,Z$ p p)F0&+
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r3 Dp 9 DpZ$ D4,
h@@4Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-", Dp Fp Hp p p p 
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[Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-",.0D+Z(=4DZ$FDpZ$DDp+Z$DDpZ$DDp,+T TQF+T DT, "f+O .0D+J TZ& "f+O .0D+N TZ& "f+OZ$O,,
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," p1D+:Zp & "$,0D@ p " (,G4F:Z$ Ep p3Dp+> $p p,(+: p Dp .0D+E,
[+?+^$$Dp$p1D+N p Z` Dp pXD` p Dp p Dp+G p Ep .0D+	^$ Dp,
, .1F@ & .1H@A4DZ$K,Z$P p pGG,+6 .0D+y $,2   `, Dp $,2   `  Dp p Q$p
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~+BZ$L,^$ Dp p1D+J p Z` Dp pXD` p Dp p Dp+C p Ep+M^$ Ep p/$1d+Q 5/$ Ep+Q@ApQ~Y|,~ @X@p@ @@XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-", Dp 5 Dp p0D
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Z$K Xp,4p+0D
+Z$,2 0`   `  ` Dp+ $,2   `   `  ` Dp p Q$0X$`*$`^$QD`^$QD`^$XD`Z$ "`dZ$ "`dZ$ "`d X "`dZ$QD`Z$ D10d+/ 1^& &&`=(+.Z( "h:1+( p,	%+? pZ Dp p1D+? p  "`$ 0D+=[`1D+=[`Z[`. Dp p3d5+= p D5 pZ Dp+2,
+D J Dp+E J Dp X Dp X Dp X0$+K X.$ DX+LZ$b, X0$
+f X.$ DX X$$ ^$QD`ZZ$ "`Yd pQ$X$`Y*$`Z ;4Dc $,2 Dp p IQ&X&*& p pXF p Xp,	% p p &Z1D@Ap4Fc p pZQF+f p4Df pZQD`Z+gZ$J, p0D
+p0+ (p *p,H pB$4Dp p  pXD` pQD`+   (p *p,H pB$4Dw p  pXD` pQD` .0D+,
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~+tpD.0D+Yp4D-Z$Xp,Fp+.Z$"`ddXp,,&&`=(C "`( "h "`$/$$$Z& FZ$ "`d BQD` p DB .0D+S Xp,
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 "`d p,	%:p+j~ 5 D6Q~Y|,~INTEGER   REAL      CHAR      BOOLEAN   TEXT      ALFA      STRING    POINTER   NIL       ALFALENG  MAXINT    ?          R\Q|X>x1zx-", $,2   `  DL L Q$lX$`*$`^$QD`^$XD` $,2   `  DL L Q$lX$`*$`^$QD`^$XD`@@` $,2   `  DK K Q$lX$`*$`^$QD`Z$ "`d ^$XD`Z$ "`dZ$QD` $,2   `, DH H Z$ "`d)^$QD`^$XD`^$QD`Z$XD`Z$ "`d- $,2   `  DK K Q$lX$`*$`^$QD`^$XD`Z$QD`Z$ "`d $,2   `   `  ` DJ J Q$lX$`*$`^$QD`Z$ "`dZ$ Dp0d+kt p^& &&`=(kp.Z( "h:p+km^$XD`Z$ "`dZ$ "`dZ$QD` $,2   `   `  ` DJ J Q$lX$`*$`^$QD`^$XD`Z$ Dp0d+l p^& &&`=(l.Z( "h:p+lZ$ "`dZ$ "`dZ$ "`dZ$QD` $,2   `  DI I Q$lX$`*$`^$QD`^$XD`Z$ "`dZ$QD`Z$XD`Q~Y|,~          R\Q|X>x1zx-", $,2   `   ` Dp p Q$l-X$`*$`^$QD`^$XD`Z$
 "`d p,	%Q~Y|,~PROTECTION,0	d
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D $ "@f@j@n,_ $ "@f@j@n, `B`b+l.,+l..PREDEFIN..GLOBAL.            .NONAM    PASCAL:@No error detectedHighseg: Lowseg : Runtime:  & & B(	` " .b(3b+nM	b+oB+nMg " BH	`Q>`X( ^& "SXB( ( B& " .b(3b+nL	b+oB n`,p2 nb,p| ng,qh,ny ) &+,o: ) &4,o: * &=,o: 51B >1B ,1B oC oD &,o< oD ) 
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? PASNCO No core for stack
&o?	`6aa86YO'GJ7eg@@G+o@@G+o
? PASMOI More than one input file is illegal
&oI	`
? PASNCO No core for Scan blocks
&oO	`
? PASMTO More than two output files is illegal
&oT	` HM 
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p:"".Bx+p%HLRIOE I/O error reading help file%HLRNHF No .HLP file on SYS:; I'm sorry, I can't help you
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2B{G B*dvS6@+,~,y@@E@@D:D0P+vZ:E,y,vg3.>+wc,~,y@@EO@D0P+v`>E,y,vg2n>+wd,~,y@@E@@D0P+ve:E+vg0P+vg>E,y6BE BDO@. |l*"2,] B>000p+vm+w
,y4Nwm w|,x'+wk ./.wn0.+v{7BD+wf BE[>&$/7 ..R>6 Dm/.S.,>,wRZx,^P+wG ./.wq0n+w N10P+wl,x\4nwe0n+wg N0+w$Z1Dwy7n
7+wG1Dwz+|l1Dwz+|n/$wx0d+w[>..S`6 Dl+vx -"z|[|o,x]4.we0P"+w D BE4Bwf0.+wg N0,y,wR .Q0+w0P+w0n+wg4Nwh N0,y000p+w!,x]4nwe0n+wg*00n+wg+w$,wT+w7@E+w57 E".>+wG,y w|,x'+wi ./.wq N10P+w0@n,y000p+w)$...Gh9w&4Bwj0B0b+wj &$2&&1bO@1BO@ H1 F2 D2>0>1,wR7`D+w5 " B/ B/ " B0,y7+rU >,I &&t.|s ( &$|s6  .+|x@@ .af B .2B .+w@1HZ=hw:7  .@@ .=hw@[4NwF,wJ D+@$|z+wF7`D?8/:8/,wJ  "~  B=2.|{+xz-"zyI?|{ 0$"./$"./$"t 2$$.2$$.1$$.1$$.0/|s+`0P,~,x\4.we0.
+wg N00P+w],x\0.+wg4.we N/0P+w],x\0.+wg4.we N/7"0 "$"6 /./$"6 /./ $)w'"Q@ +$-"zy]$|~-"zy]C}-"zy]:$}-"zy]B4}-"zyId}
-"zyIT}-"zykl}-"zyS3}-"zykt}-"zy[$}-"zyIRl}o%i9i#.,rMJLH<g&\RgVtH<[>tH<iV.9UvX9M-0[:CC[HUVtPUVgCV>\zgI6_%xR]?4[1I[1sI9i>$ i>m|YY>=@]>}`[&%j3YVt:I&ui9$wq~,wn,y@nG0P+xl+xO@00 +x+x	,y@nG0P+xS.  $,yO@G+x%O@0P+xO@G,y0P+x
(D(Nl+x000p+x($l(N..Gh+x@@G,xs6@O@GO@)D+x%X"~o+B=0"+}",}",y,y6@+x0P+x`fpB+x,y+x(`fp`/0`hpP.0,yO@G+x0P+x%/0`hpP,yO@Gafp+x%B+x#7@G,$+D>+xz0+x,y,yh@n000p+x.`np+xD(Np}#,y+x*,y+x6000p1+xD,y,$G`4B}$$"1P+xj,x{1P+xp000p+xc$...Gh,y+x61P,y+"~v,B=0"1P%+"t1P&`}-1P#+}.$0b,y+xy,y,x{,> *000p+xq(N..Gh$*.*Gh,y+xl1PS,^1P+xc "~u B= "1P% "1P& "	1P# "
8+ 7  "
(1P00P1PE07@H6@D6`E,~0Pap+z\`u,% " $( &),zx+zv " B) "r B) *QX$,4Bzab*$0 $,ab D*,),z3+z260sap`6@I+z%,z%80z2,> t1"+z" saB+}A ",z%80z2=bz#,^>`t+z/7@r+z2:u 0G4Pz+,z3+z270u+z20p@@+z-
` +z2 s Pt s000p+}C@@I,~,^^0,~,%7`C+z: }DS* }E	b+z:$" Bt }E Bs+zJ
(+z\0*+B*,$	dad$g6$@)+zKbB*e+(BrQ"[~7D*gadS+(	h6(,$5HzR,>(6"1,B(+zX@@D@@C>(+zZ .O@F-"{Sd}F^0,),~[(0BK8+zcQB+ "LuQB([*7@ZP B*@@*Z`u+z5 .OdF-"{S|}I0D	1D
+$<d$9$7@,~6@s7`C+zqO@C7@r+zo,z3+zq@b@f+ +zq }LS* }E	b+ @@@@F  u@@u@@r }L*"u,~ .OdF-"{S^L}M (?+7Z,> ,{0+{
[,~u,Z,}|6@F,zq^"7`J7@7 B,~g,~g 7@	@@ -7 J+qY7D.+{ Dx "7@J+r$ D}X$! Dx+q
27@D7 H^0+{$,>
66@s5p}Q2P{>^0@@,^,~,{,zg@@C@@D@@H6@+,+{.	`	b,~7`
&}R	`,%Z[`6@Q"8wQ$6@	Q$ ~Z&,}X B~,>6@	,zg,^,),~,ue,ur,v,v
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Equal sign missingFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "Kb
{UIllegal character "S2{Y" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files@@O@+{(Run linkage failure e24{dWildcard illegal in /RUN specificationp8 N B+sVo/BEFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlapoxnhwh.k`+v5,^5bv6+v5up/[ .8+tK]>tP!.+tVC2` .+tVTtY 4"t`O@+t`~,ud5b$4*tf4Jtg +tdp8 0`f+to,+tt+tor 6@	+t{+v<Can't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument format% I can't help you, please read the manualSwitches are:Standard ones:
	Zanen1B+u44Bu40"	+v@ "(B?X+u4`j+u6,+u]+u60[0BaB8+uAZ`nh`B8+uA+u@,y"0P,ye+t#Double file name illegalDevice wildcard illegalNull device illegalDouble device illegalDouble extension illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesisphyuh/R>X.+vxR>+w	Mnemonic date/time switch not implemented%x:D(afQ+w=3">+ 2b>_XDate/time out of rangeDate/time must be in the futureDate/time must be in the pastNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeHH0
$ "d}#,y+x.0P+xD,y+x>B
Illegal+character+orfieldttoolargein/VERSIONBn5JH.=H.=UnknownguidewordAmbiguouseguideUwordIncorrectlyNformatted guideeword(sWildcard illegal in indirect specification,y6+{!

. &,>,>,>[A"?1B6@L+}^
8+ O@L,~g,,}k ,^abS``H,~o,^`FaH@+}g ",Z,~u ",,Zx`H,~~,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`f}s(B}DK[`GKd"`Bl7@l,~c*L,~  ,~o,  [ 1DYR5b	,~o ",R ,~o " +~ 7B +},~o,  ,~oR !$bD bD 4F~ ", ,~o " l" 7B +
`h+~	`b+~k6([/",>Q(} "-,+2B+~n!`)"w,>!`,~,,^iB+  & ")B5B~=f~ ")B."`d ",=f~,~,I,> ,~$,,^+~+	b,&"  " $,~2&( ",,~~ "  &"2"+~v	b	&  $,~2, &"j0 ,~1, &"t $4"~v0b+~v*, "+0"+~>!${P~G2B~G*d~75$~< ",R~G,~o ",,~." ,> "/+~F1"+~C/",>
~L?",,^,~o}"+1"0+/",> ",,^+K>7K>gC3 E`iYmPMGHKN
TXz~"6@,~u"4B~X>&"Z,~u ",$4D	 ", +~u`B?+~e +~d4B~e U$*D~c bB+~e&" 7!(+,~v[+,> ", ",,^,~,> "-,,^4",~r ".+ 4D	 ")B.",+~o,>[,~u,,^Z7 &5"~y  ", &#`QDx6@,~y[x."0b."+Q"A`aB,~,>x4B~j,+ "+ "+ "+ "+ "aB?,~6@L+L
",~,~k+}y[1D7@ ,~+~	,~o+~  ,~+~-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@0$$B
?X,~o+~n,7N!.Lu N 
!,>9	laLd*@ 
+@ ,`j@!,an+&`Jl
.GnGL6NL5N$N6Nh`N,~N.H(N S* X* **  N  *!,}X, 7N(+; N0L(5N$.**l8 .  N[
 ,!. bNGL[
 .(N|0l N0j
 .0l3NH7 N+$	n
$,>4"Z[."~L&":X(D&$:XG&&&Z(H(B.$"2."n `D+S&$27@aDg &/"V$":5FW1(+Z>!$z3(q+Y."*dW/q.*xd"%w),^,~ x	b "5Bp	b		d,,>&$:0d~+m&&.q *0& * .$&$0F *.(} $$6.^$m4dl&$2/0F1.0hO@,^ $)w'wQ,~-<KZjy'6L\X5",,> ,
,^O@: `f+(FFdA4F$+F4F$A5F :*b}Z4L$ ,~<$7 &:,~>  F:,~ "!$pbFG(D}5D
"`	b+`b;xO@,~O@,~ ",~*
xQ*x,>,>,>,%>~,^,^,^,^:x,~-j(,>,>,>*~,> ~,~,^,^,^,^*x,~
k+N1d $+.".b1"x+81B+-+7,>,.,^4b@@<b.Q X * ,~ ,~
n x,| $,~,>,>Z
 .h 82d2d+A,"@@@@8O@?p3.x9=,^,^ + ,>,> 
 .h 82$2$+K,"@@@@8O@?p3.x9G,^,^,~
2 .h7D8+R,"@@@@8O@?p3.x9O	`x		


  !!""##$$%%&&''(())**++,,--..//0 !!""##$$%%&&''(())**++,,-=>>??x		


  !!""##$$%%&&''(())**++,,--..//0 !!""##$$%%&&''(())**++,,-=>>??L2ggew'3Cm"gew(5;s"gew(5f+y101w=(5='101w=(5	:	Ds	R	V	W	n

v+N+ @+ + +,% x/O,& +,7`+!+ + + + + `b+	R,>,>,>
w,% x,.
z,^,^,^,~@& ,>85@/,^."
"=f1,~ `b+	V
|+,>,>,>,>7@+B  &
,H   &, 0B"1B21+E ~
&,|+9  &
,H   &,,^,^,^,^,~,>Q&A`4BK B,+I,^,~? 
,^ 0@+Q  bA+WA"?4BL _BZB2B,~,6@,~7`+T,~ d B
/ 5 \,+[`+L @
,^? +Z 0@+l  bA+rA"?4Bf _BZB2B,~,6@,~7`+o,~ d B
/ 5 x,+[? +Z`+f @
" .`4 Z:+f,>,>,> &@ ``l l d+@ A`@ l SGBZAj`@+g@+
,? + @*b,~_.B+X,+,~,^x_.B+Y@@+[,+2f
+-,+Y> @T`,~,+1,~,^x+Y? 
,> @T`*b?,~"QX
, @*bE,~  ,  ,,~  ,  ,,~ 4FT3F+TX&Q&A@ (
"=hQ *
"X&Q&A@ (
"=hV *[6@
" (
&,M+N1L,~0A 0!0`+^@07@0P@0X0@`,~7@+]6@,4Hq,>,>,>,>,C,^,^,^,^6@+n(J. ,}!"|,*+/ 
}!"~,*+/,^/! j,. l ^+@+,{++ 
&*@.*1L+G+@RG+@!&@X.&@ G+@+,{+ X+@RG+@  @
.L/,~ 0B7,
&Q"X"*"7@+> " 	`' " B",-+>,`1LX,P
+@+]:x,~ZA"0"+HQ"kdnQ"q6+;Yd.(`NQ ,L`BQ" B5B@PG+@ d.pX  "&Q@[8d/"$XB.. N,~
&+N 0@7,
QA`4BZ0D+<b<0d0/$0$!0d*++@F5bT,^"`Nl`N@ll,s(DG,~,>,><b0D+@0$0d+/$$&.<b} 1D+}+v ,^,^,~,^,^,^x 
&#~,|+Z,Ia@0D1D+	F,s+ZdN+	1@,	rZ , +!"|,*+,! h,.   @/6@+c
 '	b6+,^a`,~ l"tX" +@,~
&'+N 0B7,
&," l r+@,~ ab+6  6@,Q"X"*"6@+/,&b X",>l"P+@++,^X"Pl"|+@+6Pl"Z,>X"@f+@+,,^",-+> 0B7,
&+7@  6@,Q"X"*"7@+>@@Pl&p+@",-Z4B@,A@@,~,>,>,>S   &B@X2D9DSY.& F,.  F B,.,^,^,^,~,>,>,. $ 4FS3B+Q +N  B@@@@,. ,^,^,~,& Bx,~0$0d+Z ,-,~
&-+N  @x,~ 0a`.,Z0+p,I@ @0D1D+	M,s+ZdN+f1@,	|S , +!"~,*+,! j,.   @/,~@@  3+p  3+p  2+plQ@ Q X * +[,>,>,>,>~,> "6af6@ "",,^ A | @af4H,>,>,>,>,>,>,C,^,^,^,^,^,^6@+n+6@+! G@S &@(@)@l=f @	b
(B@(@)@l=f(@	 @! Lu @@@@@@@@@ 	`@A X@:x,~ a`+[0@++ `@+,>,	
7@,&4"lb PA0|@PBP@Z1@l&1@,>dN0@+)l&dNl&dN@l&! AGPF@@O@
 X l P+@+oaN~+= 3`d~:x,~,>,> 	`@	b3Bl&,^,^,~!"BBaf+q,>Q|X>xK1zx-", 4 (
( &p,>,>,q,^,^7@+V
2+HX>p,^,~S,G@@,~S+G@@7n<+@!  B@X2B+j l \X:
2Z	:@+p,H/,,$,~ 3@+7 
.x,^ Bx,~O@x,~7@+@@Z
.J4L`=l$ B
 d"pX." B+
,I0D1D+z   @,s+Z5@zZ , +,>,>. ,}!"|,*+/ 
}!"~,*+/,^/!h,.@@@h `XlX@+@Q w7 
+@ G>+@+T,{+T+y 
/ (|2j+b.,3L+].
 G?+@+d,{+d+u@@Q X * @ 
 d pX  @[(@ @
 @ =3*+p (@ /1" "0b@ "@[$ @"
&@+N @M D* U M
"=h	X4B		 db+	,+	
&G O*  M,M+	

&O	b O*  M,~
&W x,| $,~,>@
&c,|+[4B	"aB+	2A"?0b
0"2+	1"1B20"0b "

(A"?4B	: _BZB3B
B+	@2B,~+T
( B  	B @,~   	: @+	; 
",~@@Q 	X * @@  @@ @A0| P  `Nl  @,~@@Q 	X *    @@@A0| P,~
C6@+	V
",+	S
&D,~ "+7,>
F,>,>B"Q"	b'+	jA"?4B	Y1B
B+	a/'2B,~+T "Q"	b'+	j B  	f @/',~   	W @,>
F,>,>+	[/'+Z/'S G@Z c@++[,>,>,>  Q 	`'+	j/',~ 	`+,~ @Q X * @@  @@ @ P  `Nl  @/,^x,~ 	`+,~ @Q X *    @@@ P/,^x,~,>
F,>,>  Q 	`'+	j  	W @/'+p,>
G  Q 	`'+	j/'6@+
,>,>,>  Q 	`'+	j/',+
H  Q 	`'+	j/',~ +7 +Z0"X0bX+
 [d @0A"@0(B}dBG"
",| "$	b++
/ D "2bx BxQ"
1X*""B B
D,~  "h6D@@@@3"x9
T* @@+  
T	`   
U @1@+
R & 
U	`+  D&@@@@@@@@@@@@ 1Z :6@ .( ( Z( 0D+
[	z+
a (ZZ/ Q.Q \- ^-+
V	`
(0 0`+
g/ $".+
( B
_	`
?	No memory for stack
?	No memory for heap
? Illegal function for this mode on file 
? File not open[Error at character number ]
Call to READ
[Skipping bad character]

[Try again, from the beginning of the bad number.]
[Or type D to enter the debugger.]
Call to READ 
[Try again, from the beginning of the bad number.]

?	Bad user lookup block for file 6$6$0(0,[+(
@ ( .A0
? Dump mode not implemented yet\S%
? Error in option string.
?	TAPOP. to set blocksize failed,^+6,^+6
?	RELCHN: illegal channelTry another file spec: `-----Hp
? File spec too long.  Try again: 
? Illegal file spec.  Try again: 	`8t `@
?	 UPDATE may only be used with disks
N at user PC $

[Type POPJ 17,$X to continue if possible, but don't trust any results] 
[Type CONTINUE to proceed if possible, but don't trust any results]

? Uninitialized file
? Too many files open at once
?	array index out of bounds
?	uninitialzed or NIL pointer
?	scalar out of range
?  (0) file not found(1) no such UFD(2) protection failure(3) file being modified(4) already existing file name(5) illegal sequence of UUOs(6) UFD or RIB error(7) not a save file(10) not enough core(11) device not available(12) no such device(13) illegal UUO(14) no room(15) write-locked(16) not enought monitor table space(17) partial allocation only(20) block not free(21) can't supercede a directory(22) can't delete non-empty directory(23) SFD not found(24) search list empty(25) SFD nest level too deep(26) no-create for all structures(27) high segment not on swap space(30) can't update file(31)file connected to a stringOPEN failedillegal file specno channel freeunknown error codeImproper modeHard device errorHard data errorQuota exceeded or block too largeData format errorPhysical end of tapex[Error was detected here:]

CDInteger overflowInteger divide checkFloating overflowFloating divide checkFloating underflow{YyPo{
?  Can't allocate initial core request

Number of words to assign to stack+heap: [Size set - START or SAVE the program]

?  Type a decimal number, end with CRLF
HHHHHHXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-",XwX@@XwX .$XwX2d+
|.X"$X;X; f)F0&+
i&(`=*/$$$XwX^DXwX .$XwX DXwX .$ &XwX2d@4F
;wf)J0*@4H .&^( 
i&(`=*/$XwX.XwX DXwX .$XwX DXwX .$ DpQ~Y|,~XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-",Q$4XwX$*$Z$Xw DZ$Xw DXw@@ $Xw Xw2f@Xw Xw ^*' 
Xw ^0? 
 0 "0,0L@G
A4D.$Xw2D+ &Xw  
< %f)J 0*@B&A4DXw Xw ^( 
i&(`=*XwXDXw+1$0+/$Xw DXw 0d+Xw 4D
Xw ^& 
k&&`=( Dp Fp,
o p p xXw. "h+Xw ^& 
k&&`=(Xw+Xw. "hXw .$Xw DXw .$Xw D+
< < f)H0(@ &Xw 1h@A4D3Xw 0d+-Xw /$^& 
k&&`=()Z(Xw. "hXw /$Xw DXw /$Xw DXw@@Q~Y|,~          XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-", DpZ$Xw " Bp Ep0d+M pXw ^( 
j&(`=*B.Xw ^*' 
 "((/(Xw. "h:p+>Q~Y|,~XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-", DpXw@@@ApZ$ DpZ$Xw /& FpXw " Bp Ep2dp+oXw ^& 
k&&`=(_Xw. "$ ; ; f)F0&+n p$$Xw ^( 
k&(`=*iXw. " &./$ Ep+n@@p:p+\Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-", Dp Fp Hp@@p p DpZ$ DpZ$ Dp pZ& F@@p
j&&`=(}Z(Lu. "h^& 
j&&`=(Z(. "hZ$Z&.& Fp Dp2dp+
."$ < < f)F0&++WZ$,9 p4D+I,
k&&`=(. "$0D++(+(^& 
k&&`=(. "$0D+!+C+(^& 
k&&`=(#. "$0D-+'+^+(+W p
k&&`=(, (. "$ 
<f)J0*@4H3+WZ$,9 p4D6+I,
k&&`=(8. "$0D+<+C+C^& 
k&&`=(>. "$0D-+B+^+C+W p4DD+I,
k&&`=(F (. "$0D-@4HK+^^& 
k&&`=(M (. "$ 
<f)J0*@4HT+WZ$,9 p4DV+I,
k&&`=(X (. "$0D-@4H^+^+^+WZ$Z& (p *pQ " B(	f
@@(F p Dp,
k&&`=(f (. "$0D@4Hk+^& 
k&&`=(m (. "$ 
< f)J0*@4Ht+W+ $p,R x4D{^& 
j&&`=(x p. "h+|+W,
k&&`=(~ (. "$0D@B(4H+W,
k&&`=( (. "$0D.@4H+I+/^& 
 (. "$0D@4H+/+/^& 
k&&`=( (. "$ 
< f)J0*@4H+W+/ $p,R x4D"^& 
j&&`=( p. "h+"+W,
k&&`=($. "$0D.+)+I+/^& 
k&&`=(*. "$0D+/+/+/+WZ$ Dp0d+I,
k&&`=(3 (. "$ 
k&&`=(>. "$0D.+B+I+H^& 
k&&`=(D. "$1D+H+W:p+0+W p p F p p
 FZpZp.& Fp Dp2dp+V p p. p.  F:p+P p@@Q~Y|,~ " Bx+0Z@@x,~ @+4h^  ,[=h\,~ . @
5&al,/.#4&d,~el,~  +[  ,[=nd,^x,~4hn1h+j  ,[=g 
X^"'z4Bl`8"k. ,[=hl,~,^4Fq&&,>9
1.0 .0/.0 (8,\,b,^. ,[=lw,~4h1h+|  ,[=z 
Y^"'{4B`8"~.0.,[=h,~<.,[=l4l[+2&[+[=[82&[+(\/(@d&~(F1J'+%<(8/(("(.,:40!X,@1(0@(00@[6@+#1( (X,# 0k 
e,[=hd,~truefalse6@,~ ,,~,^x,~6@+i,6@+i 1@+j7@1@+j@@
1@+s0@,~ *7@, ,~+0v1`1 ,~/ $(.7@, +v1`1 +,~,>,>,>,	 , ~/  ,,^,^,^,^/"+,^x,^x! G@  c@+}@h@@  @ @,~1`1 +,~,l,,u6@"+0 H,~1`1 +,~,l,,v6@" H,~3Lf,l@1@+",{1`1 +"0p9 3(+3H0`9 / $(.7@, + 0@+-6@+-, 1`1 +-0p9,3(++3H0`9,/ $(.=$ 
 .(0@"1@2+0+27@,,. ",D4P9 [#aH+70p
L,~*b=6h Xh"6,^ @,~ 5 P"5"L ,>% j *(.",^ @,~5"Q ,>% j *(.,^ @,~+0V$.+0X:x,~H
H6$@+! 06  Lf3=8P"@,>&&,^88+=Hf