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	title PFORMS - subroutines for PFORM

	search pasunv

ifn tops10,< search uuosym>
ife tops10,< search monsym>

	entry rescan,reljfn,getnam

	twoseg 400000

ifn tops10,<

rescan:	movei a,0		;nothing
	ttcall 10,[exp 1]	;rescan and skip if nothing there
	movei a,1		;something
	movem a,1(p)
	popj p,

reljfn:	jrst rclose##

;b - fcb
;c - string destination
getnam:	movei d,filnam(b)	;d _ ptr to name
	hrli d,440600		;sixbit
	hrli c,440700		;output is ascii
	movei a,6		;six char's
getnml:	jumpe a,getnmx		;done when no more char's
	soj a,
	ildb t,d
	jumpe t,getnml		;ignore spaces
	addi t,40		;convert to ascii
	idpb t,c
	jrst getnml
getnmx:	setz t,			;make asciz
	idpb t,c
	popj p,

> ;ifn tops10

ife tops10,<
ife tenex,<
rescan:	movei a,0
	movem a,1(p)
	popj p,
> ;ife tenex

ifn tenex,<
rescan:	setzm 1(p)
	popj p,
> ;ifn tenex

reljfn:	hrrz a,filjfn(b)
	popj p,

getnam:	hrro a,c
	move b,filjfn(b)
	movsi c,(1B8)
	popj p,
> ;ife tops10