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%}``,>,>,>%~,>%-=%~@v%p%{0V+l$%}"-=$2D%{+l,)\<L%i,)\<L%f,)\<L%c,)\<L&,)L<LOvh+<7@h+@vh,"8p%b4@rOv%r,)\<L%+6V%w,"8p%^4@w,)\<L%[Ov%q+6%V%w,"8p%Y4@},)\<L%VOv%r+,)\<L%P,)\<L%J+<+-=h>o,^o>`K+h-=8`-=+-=h$%~%%w-=$2D%x+ %w/ Vh+@:h %w/42v+E %x $%~ h-=v+?Ov%p Vh+N+H-=h $%~ %w-=$3D%v+L h V%w+'@vh+N-=h>o,^o>`K+h-=<@@v%p,)1<L%~+W %{.6 ,~,'t>
%}`Q`U,>,>,>%~,>%-=%~+h-=1` %z$6 &4/ V%z %z&4+ Th+h-=<@&%I-=0@gO,>,]1`0 gOGx/4@o,)\<L+-= 6 Vh,)(1l @h h26h+z+w $h h-=,~,)E<LNu h.6 Vh+s,)\<L%G,)\<L&+ $h h-=,~,)E<LN~>o,^o>`K+h-=<@ %}.6 V%}7@%p+ %t.6 V%t %u.6 V%u@v%p+,]1`..& ,~,c<@N
++,]1`..& ,~,c<@N %s1v++,]1`..& ,~,)\<LN %s1v+ ,c<@%A,)Q<L %t.6 V%t,)Q<L+h-=<@ %s.6 V%s7@%p+* %u.6 V%u@v%p+-,]1`..& ,~,c<@N*,)Q<L+h-=<@7@%q+4@v%q+B,)\<L%?,)\<L&,6<@,)Q<L7@%r+;@v%r+h %{1v+B 6 V%w,8`&L4@B,)\<L%7+h-=<@,0<@,)E<L`,)E<L`,)Q<L+h-=<@ 6 V%w,8`&L4@j,)Q<L 6 V%w+R:%w %{.42v+Y+W $%} %w-=,~,)E<LNU+R 6 V%w+[:%w2v%{+h $%} %w-=$3D%xgO  $%~ %w-=$2D%xgOA4Df,)E<Lh%|+h,)E<Lh%x+Z,)Q<L,)Q<L+h-=3@ %u0VgO %t0TgOG4VsS +v %u-<'q  %t-<'q H @h+h-=3@ %u0VgO %t0TgOG4VS + %u-<'q  %t-<'q H @h+h-=1` %t/%x Vh %t V%x+h-=1` %t/%y Vh %t V%y+h-=3@-= %t/%y Vh %t V%y %u/%u V%u %u0VgO h0TgOG4VS + %u-<'q  h-<'q H @h>o,^o>`K+h-=3@-= %t/%z Vh %t V%z %u/%v V%v %v0VgO h0TgOG4V-S +0 %v-<'q  h-<'q H @h>o,^o>`K+h-=<@,c<@%3,)Q<L,)\<L%*+h-=<@,)Q<L,c<@%' %s0V+A,)\<L% +H %s0V+E,)\<L%+H %s1v+H,)\<L%,)Q<L,)Q<L+h-=<@,)Q<L,c<@%,)\<L%	+h@v%u V%v V%u V%t V%t V%s 6 V%v 6 V%w@v%z V%y V%y V%x V%} $% "-=$ D%x $% "-=$ D%| $% "-=$ D%|,)>
%,>,>,>&,>&-=& %v $%} "C-=v %w $%} "C-=v,)>
``,>,>,>&,>&-=& %v $& "-=v 6 V%z@v%s V%q V%q $% "-=$ D%{%,>,>,>&,>&-=&$~ &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$| &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$z &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$x &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$v &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$t &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$r &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$p &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$n &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$l &.6	,>,>,>X,>X-=X$i &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$e &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$b &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$_ &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$[ &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$W &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$S &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$O &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$K &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$G &.6	,>,>,>X,>X-=X$E &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$C &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$? &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$< &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$: &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$6 &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$4 &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$1 &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$. &.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X$* &.6	,>,>,>X,>X-=X,&9<L,*<L`$),*<L`$),)\<L$%,)\<L&,)\<L$#,)\<L$",)\<L$,)\<L$,)\<L$,)Q<L,)\<L#~,)\<L#w,)\<L#q,)\<L#l,)\<L#e,)\<L#],B<@+.-=h-=+0-=h,)\<L#U,)\<L#Q,)\<L#J,)Q<L,0<@7@%r+9@v%r+-+:-=h-=Ov%p@v%s V%}@v%p+@+?-=h,9<@,)Q<L,)\<L#F,)\<L&,6<@7@%r+G@v%r+h7@%r+I@v%r+/7@%q+K@v%q+G7@%p+M,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`#DL4@Q+V,J<@+S-=hOv&+`+G+V-=h7@%p+X,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`#DL4@\+b,J<@+_-=hOv&+`+G+b-=h7@%p+d,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`#DL4@h+m,J<@+j-=hOv&+`+G+m-=h7@%p+o,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`#CL4@s+y,J<@+v-=hOv&+`+G+y-=h7@%p+{,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`#CL4@+,J<@+-=hOv&+`+G+-=h7@%p+,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`#AL4@
+,J<@+G+-=h7@%p+,P<@6LV%w,"8`#AL4@+,J<@+-=h+\<L#7+G-=h,0<@7@%r+J@v%r+/>o,^o>`K+M-=h-=Ov%p@v%sV%}@v%p+R+Q-=h,9<@,)Q<L,)\<L#3,)\<L&,6<@7@%r+Y@v%r+h7@%r+[@v%r+97@%q+]@v%q+[7@%p+,P<@,6<V%w,"8`#DL4@c+i,J<@+f-=h@v&+`+[+i-=h7@%p+k,P<@+6-V%w,"8`#DL4@o+t,J<@+q-=h@v&+`+[+t-=h7@%p+v,P<@6+V%w,"8`#DL4@z+,J<@+}-=h@v&+`+[+-=h7@%p+,P<@,6<V%w,"8`#CL4@+,J<@+-=h@v&+`+[+-=h7@%p+,0<@+c-=h,)\<L#%,)\<L#,)\<L#,)\<L#,)\<L#	,)\<L#,)\<L"z,)\<L"w,0<@7@%r+r@v%r+M,)E<L`+u-=h,)\<L"s,)\<L"p,)\<L"h,)\<L"b,)\<L"],)\<L"X,)\<L"S,)\<L"O,0<@7@%r+@v%r+c,)E<L`+-=h,)\<L"K,)\<L"G,)\<L">,)\<L"6,)\<L"-,)\<L"%,)\<L",)\<L",)\<L"
7@%p+	,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@	
+	 6 V%w,"8` +L4@	+	 6 V%w,8`&L4@	+	,<@+	-=h+
+	-=h7@%p+	,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@	+	) 6 V%w,"8` +L4@	!+	) 6 V%w,8`&L4@	%+	),<@+	'-=h+
+	)-=h7@%p+	+,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@	/+	> 6 V%w,"8` (L4@	3+	> 6 V%w,8`&L4@	7+	>+	9-=h,)\<L  ,)\<L +
+	>-=h7@%p+	@,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@	D+	P 6 V%w,"8` (L4@	H+	P 6 V%w,8`&L4@	L+	P+	N-=h+	9+	P-=h7@%p+	R,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@	V+	` 6 V%w,8`&L4@	Z+	`,#<@+	\-=h,)\<L +w+	`-=h7@%p+	b,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@	f+	n 6 V%w,8`&L4@	j+	n,#<@+	l-=h+	\+	n-=h %{0V+	q,3<@+w7@%p+	s,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` L4@	w+	y+	+	y-=h,#<@+	|-=h,)\<L +w+	-=h7@%p+
,P<@ %s0V+
	,P<@ %s0V+
,]1`..& ,~,)\<LN
,)Q<L+	+
$-=h,)\<L ,)\<L{,)\<Lv,0<@7@%r+
 %u.6 V%u+
<L<L&h&	h&
 &	0V+
f&	0V
Q &
^ &	0V+
^&	1v
^,)\<L>,)L<L &	1V
b &
.6 V&
f-=h,)E<L``:,)\<L5,)\<L0,)\<L],)L<L,6<@ 6 V%w,"8`%b4@
w+h 6 V%w,"8`%Y4@
- 6 V%w,"8`%^4@
~+	+
f+-=h,)\<L(,)\<L ,)\<L,0<@7@%r+@v%r+
$+	-=h,)E<L`+
 %u.6 V%u+E-=h,(
<L<L&h&	h&
+&	0V
0V)+W &
0V+N%t.6<V%t%t.6<V%t,)E<L`+\,)\<L~,)L<L &
.6 V&
+E+c &	0V+^+
6,)\<Ly,)L<L &
.6 V&
<L<L&h&	h&
 &	0V+o+
&	0V
0V!+ &
.6 V&
 &	1v+
,)E<Lh&	 &	0V+
.6 V&
-=h,)E<L``:,)\<L5,)\<L0,)\<L],)L<L,6<@ 6 V%w,"8`%b4@
-+h 6 V%w,"8`%Y4@
1+5 6 V%w,"8`%^4@
U-=h-=Ov%p@v%s V%}@v%p+
r,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`ML4@
 6 V%w,8`&L4@
<L<L&h&	h&
+&	0V
0V+t &
0V&+t++{<&	0VgO&	0TgOG4V{62,V&+',)\<L,)L<L+P+-=h,)E<L`
<L<L&h&	h&
,&	1v+[,)E<L`	,)E<L`,)L<L,)\<Ly,)E<L`(gOG4Va+ &	0VgO &	0TgOG4Vg 62 V&+',)\<Lt,)\<Lm,)E<L`
<L<L&h&	h&
,&	1v+,)E<L`	,)E<L`,)L<L,)\<Ly,)E<L`*gOG4V+7 &	0VgO &	0TgOG4V  62 V&+',)\<Lt,)\<Lm,)E<L`
<L<L&h&	h&
,&	1v+K,)E<L`	,)E<L`,)L<L,)\<Ly,)E<L`$gOG4VP+m &	0VgO &	0TgOG4VW 62 V&+',)\<Lt,)\<Lm,)E<L`
<L<L&h&	h&
,&	1v+,)E<L`	,)E<L`,)L<L,)\<Ly,)E<L`!gOG4V+$ &	0VgO &	0TgOG4V
<L<L&h&	h&
,&	1v+8,)E<L`	,)E<L`,)L<L,)\<Ly,)E<L`%gOG4V=+Z &	0VgO &	0TgOG4VD 62 V&+',)\<Lt,)\<Lm,)E<L`
<L<L&h&	h&
,&	0V+o,)E<L`	,)E<L`,)L<L,)\<Ly,)E<L`\<Lm,)L<L,)E<L`
<L<L&h&	h&
+&	0V
0V+ &
0V&++B,&	0VgO<&	0TgOG4V<62V&+',)\<Ld,)\<L],)E<L`9+h<67V%w,"8`%Y4@<+76+V%w,"8`%^4@@+B+'+B-=h,)E<L`\<LB,)\<L>,)\<L6,)\<L.,)\<L),0<@7@%r+t@v%r+^+u-=h,)\<L",)\<L,0<@7@%r+{@v%r+e,)E<L`+~-=h,)\<L,)\<L
,)\<L,0<@7@%r+@v%r+u,)E<L`+	-=h,)\<L,)\<Lz,)\<Lr,)\<Li,)\<La,)\<LX,)\<LT,)\<LL,)\<LC,)\<L;,)\<L2,)\<L*,)\<L!,)\<L,)\<L,)\<L,0<@7@%r+$@v%r+~,)E<L`+'-=h-=Ov%p@v%s V%}@v%p+,++-=h,9<@,)Q<L,)\<L,)\<L&,6<@7@%r+3@v%r+h7@%r+5@v%r+7@%q+7@v%q+b7@%p+9,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`L4@=+F 6 V%w,8`&L4@A+F,<@+D-=h+l+F-=h7@%p+H,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`L4@L+T 6 V%w,8`&L4@P+T,#<@+R-=h+++T-=h7@%p+V,P<@ %{0V+Y,3<@++ %s0V+_,#<@+]-=h+++_-=h,#<@+b-=h,J<@,)\<L~+h,]1`..& ,~,)\<LNe,)Q<L+D+l-=h,0<@7@%r+o@v%r+>o,^o>`K+r-=h,)\<Ly,0<@7@%r+w@v%r+'+x-=h-=Ov%p@v%s V%}@v%p+~+}-=h,9<@,)Q<L,)\<Lq,)\<Ln,)\<L&,6<@7@%r+@v%r+h7@%r+@v%r+q7@%q+
,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@+ 6 V%w,"8`lL4@+ 6 V%w,8`&L4@+,<@+-=h+R+-=h7@%p+,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@#+/ 6 V%w,"8`lL4@'+/ 6 V%w,8`&L4@++/,<@+--=h+R+/-=h7@%p+1,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@5+C 6 V%w,"8`jL4@9+C 6 V%w,8`&L4@=+C,#<@+@-=h,)\<Lc+}+C-=h7@%p+E,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@I+V 6 V%w,"8`jL4@M+V 6 V%w,8`&L4@Q+V,#<@+T-=h+@+V-=h7@%p+X,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@\+j 6 V%w,"8`bL4@`+j 6 V%w,8`&L4@d+j,#<@+f-=h,)\<L^+}+j-=h7@%p+l,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@p+| 6 V%w,"8`bL4@t+| 6 V%w,8`&L4@x+|,#<@+z-=h+f+|-=h7@%p+~,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@+ 6 V%w,"8`\L4@+ 6 V%w,8`&L4@
+,#<@+-=h7@%p+,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`ZL4@+ 6 V%w,8`&L4@+,#<@+-=h,)\<LT+}+-=h7@%p+!,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`ZL4@%+- 6 V%w,8`&L4@)+-,#<@++-=h++--=h7@%p+/,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`RL4@3+< 6 V%w,8`&L4@7+<,#<@+:-=h++<-=h7@%p+>,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`RL4@B+J 6 V%w,8`&L4@F+J,#<@+H-=h++J-=h7@%p+L,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@P+a 6 V%w,"8`QL4@T+a 6 V%w,"8`jL4@X+a 6 V%w,8`&L4@\+a,#<@+-=h++a-=h7@%p+c,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@g+w 6 V%w,"8`QL4@k+w 6 V%w,"8`jL4@o+w 6 V%w,8`&L4@s+w,#<@+u-=h++w-=h7@%p+y,P<@ 6 V%w,"8` -L4@}+ 6 V%w,"8`QL4@+ 6 V%w,"8`bL4@+ 6 V%w,8`&L4@	+,#<@+
-=h++-=h7@%p+,P<@6LV%w,"8`-L4@+$6LV%w,"8`QL4@+$6LV%w,"8`bL4@+$6+V%w,8`&L4@!+$,#<@+"-=h++$-=h7@%p+&,P<@6LV%w,"8`OL4@*+46LV%w,8`&L4@.+4,#<@+1-=h,)\<LK+}+4-=h7@%p+6,P<@06+V%w,"8`OL4@:+C+6-V%w,8`&L4@>+C,#<@+A-=h+1+C-=h7@%p+E,P<@+6-V%w,"8`OL4@I+U+6,V%w,"8`bL4@M+U<6NV%w,8`&L4@Q+U,#<@+S-=h+1+U-=h7@%p+W,P<@-6V%w,"8`OL4@[+h,6<V%w,"8`bL4@a+h+6>V%w,8`&L4@c+h,#<@+f-=h+1+h-=h7@%p+j,P<@<6V%w,"8`OL4@n+z 6 V%w,"8`jL4@r+z 6 V%w,8`&L4@v+z,#<@+x-=h+1+z-=h7@%p+|,P<@ 6 V%w,"8`OL4@+
,*K<L`,)\<L	&%I-=1@+,)\<L%G,)\<L&,)\<L-=	+hH	!H
	[2N]HavetaenicesdayH1"...[N]HHquestions=youroanswerwasErightTonHyourveryofirst[try.[N]Hitimes.[N]OnHtquestions,[N]andayoulgavettheErightanswerH!DuringOthe]lesson"SED01"youansweredH&fromhthisapoint.atIthisegoing allrthemwaydbacktothestart.[N]H-!NOTE:TETheRbackingprocedureXisRunablettosgo?backjustrONEstept[N]H5 give to the monitor to CREATE a file called[N]HzJust one more question before you go.[N]Hforward[N]HBACKWARDHFORWARDHDoes a CTRL-T move the screen forward or backward?[N]H
typingptheh<ROLL-FORWARD-LINES>ecommand:m<CTRL>tT.[N]H#N]Similarly,syouTcanyrollothesscreentforwardedaboutyo8dclinestaby[N]Hstartoftheefileiandbtypevthedcommandenothingnwill]happen).[N]H"#won'ttgorfartherothanothesbeginningoofetheefilet(so]ifyou'reatthe[N]H+#<ROLL-BACKWARD-LINES>willattemptrtotrollsaboutte8. lines,ecbutorit[N]H3#down,neand]lineswhichwerefNabovehathetscreentappeartatftheetop.[N]H<#following:linesndisappearefromSthe-bottom,othenremaininglinesNroll[N]HD#the <ROLL-BACKWARD-LINES> command:ed<CTRL>tW. lThisdcommand~does the[N]HM#     You can get the lines above the viewing window back  by  typing[N]HUabove the viewing window.[N]HY#at  the  bottom.   The  top line has not been deleted;  it is simply[N]Hb#line disappears, the other lines move up, and a blank  line  appears[N]Hj#carriage  return  the  screen  will roll one line.  That is, the top[N]Hs#     If you type on the bottom line of the screen and  then  type  a[N]H{==================================================[N]HMoving the screen forward and backward in the file[N]Hshould know before trying to use SED.[N]H
 *** INSERT MODE *** H[NNN]Use the keypad <ENTER> keyH[11N]If you are having trouble, type a "%".H
[NN]   The brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.H[N]will ring a bell at each character you insertH[N]SED will tell you that you are in INSERT-MODE andH[N]<INSERT-MODE> command again to end the inserting.H%[N]Remember to put a space in after "quick" and to do the H,[N]at that position. Do this using the <INSERT-MODE> command.H3[N]in the sentence below. You wish to insert the word "quick"H;[N]The cursor is before the word "brown" (actually ON the "b")HBmode by giving the <INSERT-MODE> command again.[N]HH    You can get out of insert mode and back into replace[N]HOshift to the right as you type.[N]HTbe inserted where the cursor is. The rest of the line will[N]H[you type, instead of replacing the ones in the file, will[N]Hbkey marked "ENTER" on the numerical keypad. Then, characters[N]Hjuse the <INSERT-MODE> command, which is given by typing the[N]Hq    If you want to insert a word between two other words[N]Hx====================[N]H|Inserting Characters[N]His a good way to correct mistakes.[N]H"    If there is already text there, it will be over-written. This[N]H
wantethe<textLtoEbe.[N]HearlieretotmoveuthercursoretontheflocationeonTthesscreendwhere[N]H!wherehthercursorpis.EUseAtheecursornmovementhcommandsrdescribed[N]H"secaToeput<textNintoEthe[file,Hjusttype	it.mThestextrwilloappear[N]H(PuttingTTextcintonthe]File[N]H,1[N]H-4)H/4H03)H2Itwillonly)dealRwithcyourlcurrentTline.[N]H73H92)H:$<END-LINE>tcommand,okeypad 5,SisTwhataputsNyouat0theend)ofrthe3line.[N]HC"Thatdusedrto8beotrue,,inytheforiginalversionofSED,cbutBnowrthe[N]HK2HL1)HN1HO(Please givetthennumber ofxtheiappropriateresponse)[N]HV	4)TGoesMtomthesendeofuprevioustline[N]H[	3)NGoesrtoathefbeginningrofrnextmline[N]H`	2)YGoesato themendeofetherline[N]He	1)cStaysVattheNbeginningNoftcurrentsline[N]Hjcursorhgoato?[N]HmNyouNpush,theanumericalgkeypadt"8",iwhereronwthedlinehwillthe[N]HurIfayounarematetheobeginning ofoatlinei(leftmostposition),and[N]H| thatiistmoveito the LEFT.diting) and the  cursHr[NNN]Ht[NNNNNNNNNNNNN]GoodhWork!eI knewpyourcouldrdotit!Hz[NNNNNN]No,that'stwrong,mtrylagain.[N]H[NN]No,rthat'siwrong,ttryfagain.[N]H#     The cursor is the blinking blot or dash that is always  present[N]H
Moving the Cursor[N]H!extension. This is a copy of the file as it was before editing.[N]H!!Note that SED also puts a backup file on your area with a ".BAK"[N]H)!Very good. The above text is what SED will write when you exit.[N]H1[N]     STOP to end this lessonH6[N]     SKIP to go to the next sectionH;Type BACK to try this question overH?No, that's wrong, try again.[N]HDType a character while holding down the CTRL key[N]HJNo! Use a CONTROL character![N]HONo. A control C will exit without saving the file[N]HU[NN]HWSAVING FILE: DSKB:MYFILE.FOR[[107007,3232]] (WITH BACKUP)[N]H^[N]--->H`$[N](Use the command, not it's name. The lesson will simulate a SED exit).Hh[N]What command do you give?Hl[N]your editing.Ho[N]OK. Now say you are in SED, and you want to exit, saving allHwto do would be to exit and try again.[N]H|!be created, but you will enter SED. At this point the best thing[N]H  Note that if the file does not exist on your area, it will not[N]H SED MYFILE.FOR[N]H You should type SED MYFILE.FOR[N]H You forgot the extension. (.FOR)[N]H FORH You didn't type the file name[N]H 
but you don't need it.[N]H !#Actually, you can use the equal sign for a file that already exists,[N]H )MYFILE.FOR=H ,MYFILE.FORH .SEDH /
called "MYFILE.FOR" ?[N]H 3$What command do you give if you want to edit a file on your disk area[N]H ;editing began, use the <ABORT> command, control-C.[N]H B#     If you want to exit SED, leaving the file the way it was before[N]H Jin your file, use the <EXIT> command, control-Z.[N]H Q#     If you want to exit SED, and save all the changes you have made[N]H YExiting SED[N]H \                          SED file.ext=[N]H a   If you want to create a file, type:[N]H gwhere file is the file-name and ext is the extension.[N]H n                          SED file.ext[N]H s$    If you want to edit a file that already exists on your area, type:[N]H |===========[N]H ~Running SED[N]H!character  followed  by  some  other  character.[N]H!#     You get an escape sequence by typing the "ESCAPE" or  "ALTMODE"[N]H! keyboard. The editor understands special keys to be commands.[N]H!#     Special keys are keys which are off to the side of  the  normal[N]H! example, to get a ^T press "CTRL" and "T").[N]H!&#down the button labeled  "CTRL"  and  pressing  a  letter  key  (for[N]H!.#key, or an escape sequence.  You type a control character by holding[N]H!7#    You issue a command by typing a control  character,  a  special[N]H!?tutorial.[N]H!A#Descriptions of the various  commands  make  up  the  bulk  of  this[N]H!J#text,  move  the  viewing  window  around,  and  search  for  items.[N]H!R#commands do such things as insert blank lines  or  spaces  into  the[N]H![#file,  move  the  cursor  around, and issue editor commands.  Editor[N]H!c#       You can do three types of functions with SED: put text in the[N]H!l==============[N]H!oTalking to SED[N]H!r"sliding".[N]H!t#"rolling" the  window,  and  moving  it  left  or  right  is  called[N]H!}#file.   Moving  the window forward or backward in the file is called[N]H"$      The terminal screen is called the  "viewing  window"  into  the[N]H"moved forward, backward, left, or right over the file.[N]H"#all  sides.   Like  the magnifying glass, the terminal screen can be[N]H"#per line, but the file may extend beyond the limits of the glass  on[N]H"&#shows  a  certain number of lines and a certain number of characters[N]H".#terminal screen is like a magnifying glass held over the scroll:  it[N]H"7#lots  and  lots  of  lines of text, one line after another.  The CRT[N]H"?#     SED thinks of a text file as if it were a scroll of  writing  -[N]H"H==========================[N]H"LThe Viewing Window Concept[N]H"P	-how to move through the file.[N]H"T	-how to insert and delete text, and[N]H"Y	-how to move the cursor around,[N]H"^	-how to enter and exit the SED editor,[N]H"cconcepts of the SED editor. You will also learn[N]H"i    In this lesson, you will be aquainted with the general[N]H"q
Purpose of This Lesson[N]H"x	in the lessons.[N]H"{read it until you're comfortable with the commands you learn[N]H#"read the document DOC:SED.DOC, but it is not recommended that you[N]H#
yIfayounwantVto1learn]themore8complicatedtcommands,nyouoshould[N]H#butwillgive#youenoughknowledgeto getTyou0started.[N]H#VTheSEDilessonsndoenotigivetyousarcompleteodescriptioneofoSED,[N]H#[documentDOC:SEDMAN.DOC'(by ChristopherhHall).[N]H#&The text)of2thislessonisNtaken mostly fromothe[N]H#-Wellothen, please tryagainwhenTyou'reSonPa MIMEnortVT-100.[N]H#4;H#rGNOSIS will then explain how you can typeH#x on your terminal and then pushing the RETURN button.[2N]H#-[N]IMPORTANT: You can interrupt the lesson at any time by typing the[N]single character "%"H$	%Stockholm, Sweden, and the Old Dominion University Research Foundation.[N]H$%instruction  (CAI)  from  the  Research  Institute  of National Defense[N]H$%This lesson was  produced  by  the  GNOSIS  system  for  computer  aided[N]H$#.[2N]H$$'H$&
No, you missed this one.H$/You're mistaken.H$2
Thatywasn'twcorrect.H$5Sorry.H$7!H$=Youranswerwas wrong.H$@ng of it now.H$L
  Keep up the good work!H$P  Aren't you glad you kept trying?H$T
  You're making progress.H$X  There is hope for you after all!H$\
  I knew you could do it.H$`
  Yo've got the idea now!H$c	  You're improving!H$f
  Now you're catching on!H$j  You're doing better!H$mOK!H$oExcellent!H$qThat's it!H$sWell done!H$uRight!H$wExactly right!H$yBravo!H${Sure!H$}Very good.H$Good for you!H%SED01H%%H%-->H%H%^H%	 H%
 GNOSIS will simulate an acceptable answer:[2N]-->H%
Just for the record,H%]Or...interrupt the lesson by typing the symbol "%".H%[N](You might want to rethink some of your previous answers.)H%![N]You have at least eliminated some of the possibilities.H%(Please try again.H%+%If you want to interrupt the lesson, then type the single character "%".[N]H%4??? You gave no answer at all.H%8"Eh?   The computer expected you would just push the RETURN button.[N]H%@[N]Push RETURN H%B[N]I must admit that last one was a bit tricky!H%H, H%JH%Kto the PREVIOUS '-->' or 'RETURN' prompt...[N]H%QPlease continue, then, giving your response[N]H%W
Lesson is backing.[N]H%ZBACKH%\
Question skipped.[N]H%_SKIPH%`Lesson aborted.H%cSTOPH%dor 'CONTINUE'.[N]H%g	, 'SKIP', 'BACK', H%jAnswer 'STOP'
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