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4``,>,>,>4,>4-=4@v3y40V+l$4"-=$2D4+l,7e<L3q,7e<L3n,7e<L3k,7e<L4,7U<LOvh+<7@h+@vh,"8p3j4@rOv3{,7e<L3g+ 6 V4,"8p3f4@w,7e<L3cOv3z+ 6 V4,"8p3a4@},7e<L3^Ov3z+,7e<L3X,7e<L3R+<+-=h>o,^o>`K+h-=8`-=+-=h $4 4-=$2D4+
4@ $h h-=$  $4 4-=$3D++ 4.6 V4+Ovh+ +-=h@vh+ -=h>o,^o>`K+h-=8`-=+'-=h $4 4-=$2D4+, 4.6 V4+' 4.6 Vh 6 Vh+/:h,>,711l3 xgO/#
4@< $h h-=$  $4 4-=$3D+:+G 4.6 V4+/,711l 4/ Vh+@:h 4/42v+E 4 $4 h-=v+?Ov3y Vh+N+H-=h $4 4-=$3D3+L h V4+'@vh+N-=h>o,^o>`K+h-=<@@v3y,7:<L4+W 4.6 ,~,5}>
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4@o,7e<L+-= 6 Vh,711l @h h26h+z+w $h h-=,~,7N<LNu h.6 Vh+s,7e<L3O,7e<L4+ $h h-=,~,7N<LN~>o,^o>`K+h-=<@ 4.6 V47@3x+ 3|.6 V3| 3}.6 V3}@v3x+,]1`..4 ,~,c<@N
++,]1`..4 ,~,c<@N 3|1v++,]1`..4 ,~,7e<LN 3|1v+ ,c<@3I,7Z<L 3}.6 V3},7Z<L+h-=<@ 3|.6 V3|7@3x+* 3}.6 V3}@v3x+-,]1`..4 ,~,c<@N*,7Z<L+h-=<@7@3y+4@v3y+B,7e<L3G,7e<L4,6<@,7Z<L7@3{+;@v3{+"l 41v+B 6 V4,8`4	L4@B,7e<L3?+h-=<@,0<@,7N<L`,7N<L`,7Z<L+h-=<@ 6 V4,8`4	L4@j,7Z<L 6 V4+R:4 4.42v+Y+W $4 4-=,~,7N<LNU+R 6 V4+[:42v4+h $4 4-=$3D4gO  $4 4-=$2D4gOA4Df,7N<Lh4+h,7N<Lh4+Z,7Z<L,7Z<L+h-=3@ 3}0VgO 3|0TgOG4VsS +v 3}-<5z  3|-<5z H @h+h-=3@ 3}0VgO 3}0TgOG4VS + 3}-<5z  3}-<5z H @h+h-=1` 3|/4 Vh 3| V4+h-=1` 3}/4 Vh 3} V4+h-=3@-= 3|/4 Vh 3| V4 3}/3~ V3~ 3~0VgO h0TgOG4VS + 3~-<5z  h-<5z H @h>o,^o>`K+h-=3@-= 3}/4 Vh 3} V4 3}/3~ V3~ 3~0VgO h0TgOG4V-S +0 3~-<5z  h-<5z H @h>o,^o>`K+h-=<@,c<@3;,7Z<L,7e<L32+h-=<@,7Z<L,c<@3/ 3|0V+A,7e<L3(+H 3|0V+E,7e<L3!+H 3|1v+H,7e<L3,7Z<L,7Z<L+h-=<@,7Z<L,c<@3,7e<L3+h@v3} V3~ V3~ V3| V3} V3| 6 V3 6 V3@v4 V4 V4 V4 V4 $3 "-=$ D4 $3 "-=$ D4 $3
3,>,>,>4,>4-=4 3 $4 "C-=v 3 $4 "C-=v,7>
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 "-=$ D43,>,>,>4
3 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X3 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X3 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X3 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2~ 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2| 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2z 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2x 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2v 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2t 4.6	,>,>,>X,>X-=X2q 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2m 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2j 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2g 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2c 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2_ 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2[ 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2W 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2S 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2O 4.6	,>,>,>X,>X-=X2M 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2K 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2G 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2D 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2B 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2> 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X2< 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X29 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X26 4.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X22 4.6	,>,>,>X,>X-=X,4B<L,6<L<L4,8%<L`21,8%<L`21,7e<L2-,7e<L4
,7e<L2+,7e<L2*,7e<L2!,7e<L2,7e<L2,7Z<L,7e<L2,7e<L1,7e<L1y,7e<L1t,7e<L1m,7e<L1e,B<@+0-=h-=+2-=h,7e<L1],7e<L1Y,7e<L1R,7Z<L,0<@7@3z+:@v3z+/+<-=h-=Ov3x@v3| V4@v3y+A+@-=h,9<@,7Z<L,7e<L1N,7e<L4,6<@7@3{+H@v3{+"l7@3z+J@v3z+17@3z+L@v3z+H7@3y+N,P<@ 6 V4,"8`1LL4@R+X,J<@+U-=hOv4+a+H+X-=h7@3y+Z,P<@ 6 V4,"8`1LL4@^+c,J<@+`-=hOv4+a+H+c-=h7@3y+e,P<@ 6 V4,"8`1LL4@i+o,J<@+l-=hOv4+a+H+o-=h7@3y+q,P<@ 6 V4,"8`1KL4@u+z,J<@+w-=hOv4+a+H+z-=h7@3y+|,P<@ 6 V4,"8`1KL4@+,J<@+-=hOv4+a+H+-=h7@3y+,P<@ 6 V4,"8`1IL4@
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-=h@v4+a+\+ 6 V4,"8`1KL4@+,J<@+-=h@v4+a+\+-=h7@3y+,P<@ 6 V4,"8`1IL4@+%,J<@+!-=h,7e<L14+"l+\+%-=h7@3y+',P<@ 6 V4,"8`1IL4@++/,J<@+--=h+!+/-=h7@3y+1,P<@ 6 V4,"8`1HL4@5+:,J<@+8-=h+!+:-=h7@3y+<,P<@ 6 V4,"8`1HL4@@+D,J<@+B-=h+!+D-=h7@3y+F,P<@ 6 V4,"8`1IL4@J+O,J<@+M-=h+!+O-=h7@3y+Q,P<@+R-=h,7e<L1D+M+\+V-=h 40V+Y,3<@+S,7e<L1?+\-=h,0<@7@3z+@v3z+;>o,^o>`K+b-=h,0<@+e-=h,7e<L1-,7e<L1',7e<L1 ,7e<L1,7e<L1,7e<L1	,7e<L1,7e<L0,0<@7@3z+t@v3z+N,7N<L`+w-=h,7e<L0{,7e<L0x,7e<L0s,7e<L0l,7e<L0g,7e<L0`,7e<L0\,0<@7@3z+@v3z+e,7N<L`+-=h,7e<L0U,7e<L0N,7e<L0G,7e<L0@,7e<L09,7e<L03,7e<L0/,7Z<L,7e<L0*,7Z<L,7e<L0$,7e<L0,7e<L0,7e<L0,0<@7@3z+@v3z+w,7N<L`+!-=h,7e<L0
,7e<L0,7e<L/,7Z<L,7e<L/z,7Z<L,7e<L/r,7e<L/o,0<@7@3z+/@v3z+@v4 3}.6 V3}+3-=h,7N<L`
i,7e<L/],7N<L`<L/W+i,7e<L/Q,7e<L/L+E+l-=h,7N<L`gO 40TgOG4V	5+
i40V+	9,7N<L`,7U<L+	\40V`,7N<L`,6<L<L4%h4h4h4 40VgO 40TgOG4V	d+
i 40V+	i,7N<L`,7U<L+
40V0V+	{,7N<L`N<L`B,7N<L`,7N<L`
-=h,6<L<L4%h4h4h4 40V+
i 40V+
,,7N<L`,7e<L/],7N<L`2,7U<L+E 41v+
B-=h,7N<L``,7N<L`,7N<L`,7e<L/,7e<L.},7e<L.y,7e<L.s 406+
`,7e<L.n,7e<L.j,7U<L 3}.6 V3} 40V+
g 3|.6 V3|++
i-=h,7N<L``f,7e<L.a,7e<L.\,7e<L.Z,7U<L,6<@ 6 V4,"8`3j4@
{+"l 6 V4,"8`3a4@
~+3 6 V4,"8`3f4@++
,7N<L`,7N<L`,7N<L`6,7N<L`6,7U<L,6<L<L4%h4h4h4 40VgO 40TgOG4V
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,7N<Lh4,7N<L`,7e<L/2,7U<L+$ 406
--=h,7N<L``,7N<L`,7e<L.',7N<L`,7e<L.	,7e<L.,7N<L`
,7e<L,+e<L/B,7N<L`L+k+-=h,7N<L`N<L`$,7N<L`0VgO40TgOG4Vv+B440V+a+,41v+r,7N<Lh4,7N<L`,7N<L`*,7e<L*,7Z<L,0<@7@3z+@v3z+y+-=h,7e<L*	,7e<L*,7e<L)z,7e<L)s,7e<L)k,0<@7@3z+!@v3z+	@v463}.6V3}+$-=h,7N<L`<@,J<@+-=h+V+-=h7@3y+,P<@ 6 V4,"8`&0L4@+,<@,J<@+-=h+V+-=h7@3y+,P<@ 6 V4,"8`&/L4@+,#<@+-=h,7e<L&*+g+-=h7@3y+,P<@ 6 V4,"8`&)L4@"+(,#<@+%-=h,7e<L&#+g+(-=h7@3y+*,P<@ 6 V4,"8`&!L4@.+4,#<@+1-=h,7e<L&+g+4-=h7@3y+6,P<@ 40V+9,3<@+g 3|0V+A,#<@+=-=h,7e<L&+g+A-=h7@3y+C,P<@ 3|0V+I,#<@+G-=h+=+I-=h,#<@+K-=h,J<@,7e<L&+Q,]1`..4 ,~,7e<LNN,7Z<L++V-=h,0<@7@3z+Y@v3z+S>o,^o>`K+\-=h-=Ov3x@v3| V4@v3y+a+`-=h,9<@,7Z<L,7e<L&,7e<L&
,7e<L&,7e<L&,7e<L%|,7e<L%v,7e<L4,6<@7@3{+p@v3{+"l7@3z+r@v3z+b7@3z+t@v3z+P7@3y+v,P<@+6+V4,"8`&)L4@z+,<@,J<@+}-=h+[+-=h7@3y+,P<@6,V4,"8`%uL4@+,<@,J<@+	-=h+[+-=h7@3y+#<@+4-=h,7e<L%:,7e<L%A+`+9-=h7@3y+;,P<@ 40V+>,3<@+` 3|0V+F,#<@+B-=h,7e<L&+`+F-=h7@3y+H,P<@ 3|0V+N,#<@+L-=h+B+N-=h,#<@+P-=h,J<@,7e<L%8+V,]1`..4 ,~,7e<LNS,7Z<L+}+[-=h,0<@7@3z+^@v3z+b>o,^o>`K+a-=h-=Ov3x@v3| V4@v3y+f+e-=h,9<@,7Z<L,7e<L%4,7e<L%+,7e<L%",7e<L%,7e<L%,7e<L4,6<@7@3{+s@v3{+"l7@3z+u@v3z+[7@3z+w@v3z+ I7@3y+y,P<@ 6 V4,"8`&/L4@}+ ,<@,J<@+ -=h+ T+ -=h7@3y+ ,P<@ 6 V4,"8`%L4@ 	+ ,<@,J<@+ 
-=h+T+!-=h7@3y+,P<@<6V4,"8`&2L4@3+!,#<@+-=h,7e<L%+e+!-=h7@3y+,P<@<6V4,"8`&)L4@+$&,#<@+#-=h,7e<L$+e+&-=h7@3y+ (,P<@+6,V4,"8`&!L4@7,+2,#<@+!/-=h,7e<L$x+e+32-=h7@3y+4,P<@40V+!7,3<@+e<3|0V+?,#<@+;-=h,7e<L&+e+?-=h7@3y+7A,P<@,3|0V+ G,#<@+E-=h+3;+!G-=h,#<@+I-=h,J<@,7e<L$v+3O,]1`..4,,~,7e<LN7L,7Z<L+7+T-=h,0<@7@3z+W@v3z+[>o,^o>`K+Z-=h-=Ov3x@v3|<V4@v3y+!+3^-=h,9<@,7Z<L,7e<L$o,7e<L$i,7e<L$a,7e<L$Z,7e<L$R,7e<L4,6<@7@3{+l@v3{+"l7@3z+n@v3z+`7@3z+p@v3z+!;7@3y+r,P<@46+V4,"8`&)L4@!v+|,<@,J<@+z-=h+!E+|-=h7@3y+~,P<@46+V4,"8`%uL4@!+!,<@,J<@+!-=h+!E+!-=h7@3y+!	,P<@ 6 V4,"8`&2L4@!
,P<@-61V4,"8`&)L4@"+",#<@+"-=h,7e<L$,7e<L#{,7e<L#x+!P+"-=h7@3y+",P<@ 6 V4,"8`&!L4@"+"#,#<@+"-=h,7e<L#r+!P+"#-=h7@3y+"%,P<@ 40V+"(,3<@+!P 3|0V+"/,#<@+",-=h,7e<L&+!P+"/-=h7@3y+"1,P<@ 3|0V+"7,#<@+"5-=h+",+"7-=h,#<@+":-=h,J<@,7e<L&+"@,]1`..4 ,~,7e<LN"=,7Z<L+!m+"D-=h,0<@7@3z+"G@v3z+ Y>o,^o>`K+"J-=h,7e<L#n,7e<L#g,7e<L#`,7e<L#Y,7e<L#U,7Z<L,7e<L#N,7Z<L,7e<L#K,7Z<L,7e<L#D,7Z<L,7e<L#@,7Z<L,7e<L#<,7Z<L,7e<L#8,7Z<L,0<@7@3z+"e@v3z+!K>o,^o>`K+"l+"h-=h,7e<L#0,7e<L#)+0+"m-=h,7Z<L,7e<L#$,8<Lh3}`,7e<L#,8<Lh3}`,7e<L#,8<Lh3|`,7e<L#,7Z<L,7U<L,8T<L`,7e<L#,8T<L`,7e<L#
-=	+hH#aHnicedayH#Leaving:the.lesson"SED03"...[N]H# questions your answer was right on your very first try.[N]H# times.[N]OnH# questions,[N]and you gave the right answerH#%During the lesson "SED03" you answeredH#*from this point.  It is going all the way back to the start.[N]H#1!NOTE:  The backing procedure is unable to go back just ONE step [N]H#9
To printhitSout,otype:[N]H#Ewhenyounareuatamonitorf(whenSyouHgetfthe,"."iprompt).[N]H#L	allHELP SED[N]H#OTo typeoSED.HLPd(onpa hard-copyterminal,npreferably), type:[N]H#Vtrouble remembering[N]H#oThat is enough for this lesson.[N]H#sControl-P is the <PERCENT-GOTO> command.[N]H#yfrom the file.[N]H#|it does load the lines into a buffer, deletes lines[N]H$Control-F is the <DELETE-LINES> command which, although[N]H$	of the buffer into the file.[N]H$Control-G is the <PUT> command, which puts the contents[N]H$        4) Control-P[N]H$        3) Control-F[N]H$        2) Control-G[N]H$        1) Control-V[N]H$#without changing the file, is:[N]H$'The <PICK> command, to load lines into the pick buffer[N]H$.
Answero1,e2,tort3.[N]H$2	notldoyanysharm.[N]H$5!re-enteringEtheNtextTstringmisdaiwastetofltimeNforHyou,butwill[N]H$=#Since the <SEARCH-BACKWARD> and <SEARCH-FORWARD> share a parameter,[N]H$Ethere is no need to  re-enter the text-string.[N]H$K#<SEARCH-FORWARD> and <SEARCH-BACKWARD> share a parameter, therefore[N]H$S"        3)You can re-enter the text string but it is not necessary[N]H$[         2)You must NOT re-enter the text string as a parameter[N]H$b        1)You must re-enter the text string as a parameter[N]H$jstring, and now you want to search backward for it:[N]H$pIf you have already searched forward for a certain text[N]H$w2[N]H$y Control-E is <SEARCH-BACKWARD> but control-F is <DELETE-LINES>[N]H% Control-R is <SEARCH-FORWARD> but control-B is <INSERT-SPACES>[N]H%Control-F is <DELETE-LINES> and control-B is <INSERT-SPACES>[N]H%2)H%&        4) Control-F for <SEARCH-FORWARD>, control-E for <SEARCH-BACKWARD>[N]H%&        3) Control-R for <SEARCH-FORWARD>, control-B for <SEARCH-BACKWARD>[N]H%#&        2) Control-R for <SEARCH-FORWARD>, control-E for <SEARCH-BACKWARD>[N]H%,&        1) Control-F for <SEARCH-FORWARD>, control-B for <SEARCH-BACKWARD>[N]H%5The two <SEARCH> commands are:[N]H%93[N]H%;<ENTER-PARAMETER>100<PERCENT-GOTO> will get you to the[N]H%BEND of the file, not the beginning.[N]H%G<ENTER-PARAMETER><PERCENT-GOTO> will get you to the[N]H%Mof the file. This is not always the case, however.[N]H%T<PECENT-GOTO> issued, then you will get to the beginning[N]H%[session. If that happens to be 0, or if this is the first[N]H%ba <PERCENT-GOTO> command was given in the current editing[N]H%ipercent of the way through the file as the LAST time[N]H%oTyping just <PERCENT-GOTO> will get you to the same[N]H%v3)H%w        4) <ENTER-PARAMETER>100<PERCENT-GOTO>[N]H%}        3) <ENTER-PARAMETER>0<PERCENT-GOTO>[N]H&        2) <ENTER-PARAMETER><PERCENT-GOTO>[N]H&	        1) <PERCENT-GOTO>[N]H&
Answer 1, 2, 3, or 4.[N]H&Control-V is the <PICK> command.[N]H&"4H&$Control-T if the <ROLL-FORWARD-LINES> command.[N]H&*3H&+Control-G is the <PUT> command.[N]H&02H&11)H&31H&4        4)Control-V[N]H&8        3)Control-T[N]H&;        2)Control-G[N]H&?        1)Control-P[N]H&BThe <PERCENT-GOTO> command is:[N]H&Ganswer which you think is correct.[N]H&L     For the following questions, give the number of the[N]H&Stest of the commands you've learned so far.[N]H&Y     Before ending this lesson, let's have a quick review[N]H&`======[N]H&bREVIEW[N]H&d[N]Push RETURN to continue               [N]H&i [4N]Good! You got it!                                           H&qquick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogH&v"[9N]Give the <PUT> command after you give the parameter              H&~[9N]<PUT> command is control-G.                            H'[9N]Control-V is <PICK>.                                 H'
[9N]Insert a space after "quick".                       H'[9N]The word you are inserting is "quick".              H'[9N]Please use lower-case                                 H'![4N]No! The <ENTER-PARAMETER> command is the PF1 keyH''[4N]No! The <ENTER-PARAMETER> command is the BLUE keyH'.[NN]The brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.H'3](don't forget a space to separate it from "brown").H':[N]Using the <PUT> command, insert the word "quick" H'@ [N]In the sentence below, the cursor is before the word "brown".H'Hstring will be inserted at the new location.[N]H'N#put it somewhere else you can move there and type <PUT> and the same[N]H'V#     Furthermore, the editor remembers the string, so if you want to[N]H'_string is inserted where the cursor is.[N]H'd#This has the same effect as opening spaces and typing over them. The[N]H'm$where <string> is whatever you want to insert and <PUT> is control-G.[N]H'u        <ENTER-PARAMETER><string><PUT>[N]H'{to insert text is to use the <PUT> command. Type[N]H(#(control-B) and then typing over the hole. However, the easiest way[N]H(	#(numeric keypad ENTER) or by opening up a hole using <INSERT-SPACES>[N]H(!     You already know how to insert text by using <INSERT-MODE>[N]H(======================================[N]H(Inserting text in the file using <PUT>[N]H(%That was just fine! Keep up the good work.H(*[N]Please push return to continue               [N]H(1 [N]                                                              H(8 [NNNNN]                                                          H(@In the midst of his laughter and glee,H(E[N]Please try over from the beginningH(J[N]You don't need a parameter.                            H(Q[N]<PUT> command is control-G                             H(X[N]Please try over, from the beginning.         H(^[N]Control-V is <PICK>.                                      H(e[NNNN]                                                        H(m[N]Please try over, from the beginning.H(r[N]To replace deleted lines, type <ENTER-PARAMETER><PUT>H(y[NNNN]                                                     H)In the midst of his laughter and gleeH)[N]To position cursor type a <RETURN> or down arrow          H)
[NNNNN]                                                   H)[N]Please try over.                              H)![NNNNNNN]Just type the <DELETE-LINES> command.                    H)![NNNNNNN]<DELETE-LINES> is control-F.                          H))[N]Please try over.                             H)/[NNNNNNN]Control-D is <INSERT-LINES>.                          H)6[NNNNNN]You don't need a parameter.                         H)=[N]For the snark WAS a Boojum, you see.H)B[N]He had softly and suddenly vanished away,H)H[N]In the midst of the words he was trying to say,H)N[NN]In the midst of his laughter and glee,H)S[N]      2) put it back, after the second line.H)Y[N]line. 1) Delete the first line, and H)^[N]The cursor is positioned at the beginning of the firstH)e]In the text below the first two lines are reversed.H)l!<ENTER-PARAMETER><PUT> to move lines from one place to another.[N]H)tto duplicate lines from your file; use <DELETE-LINES> and[N]H){writes the delete buffer. Use the <PICK> and <PUT> commands[N]H*!buffer. <PUT> writes the pick buffer and <ENTER-PARAMETER><PUT>[N]H*
#     Thus, <PUT> is the command which writes out the pick or delete[N]H*the <PUT> command (without the <ENTER-PARAMETER>).[N]H*!insert the lines back in the file, position the cursor and issue[N]H*!!<DELETE-LINES>, the parameter is the number of lines to pick. To[N]H*)#but not affect the file, use the <PICK> command, control-V. As with[N]H*1#     To pick up lines of the file, that is, to load the pick buffer[N]H*9where the <PUT> command is control-G.[N]H*>        <ENTER-PARAMETER><PUT>[N]H*Bwant the lines inserted, and typing:[N]H*G"lines back in the file by positioning the cursor at the point you[N]H*O"Its parameter is the number of lines to remove. You can put those[N]H*W"     You have already seen the <DELETE-LINES> command: control-F.[N]H*_#The contents of either buffer can be inserted anywhere in the file.[N]H*g"loading it into the pick buffer without changing the edited file.[N]H*o"the file and putting it in the delete buffer; "picking" text means[N]H*w"buffer and the pick buffer. "Deleting" text means removing it from[N]H*"     SED has two buffers which hold text from the file: the delete[N]H+===============================[N]H+
Copying or moving lines of text[N]H+![N]Ok. The cursor is now at the last occurrence of the search-key.H+[8N]H+[9N]Give the <SEARCH-BACKWARD> command                         H+![9N]<SEARCH-BACKWARD> command is control-E                  H+([N]Please try over                    H+-[9N]Type the <SEARCH-BACKWARD> command             H+4[NN]H+5[NN]Please try over                    H+:[8N]You don't need to reenter the parameter        H+A]so you don't need to enter it again as a parameter.H+G[N]already searched for that word once beforeH+M[N]the word "snark". Keep in mind that you haveH+S[NN]Now you must try to find the last occurrence ofH+YGood! You are now at the end of the file.H+_ [15N]Give the command after you type <ENTER-PARAMETER>          H+fGive the command to go to the end of the file.H+l[15N]<PERCENT-GOTO> command is control-P                     H+t[15N]You don't need a parameter.                             H+{Give the command to get to the end of the file.H,[14N]No! The <ENTER-PARAMETER> command is the PF1 keyH,]No! The <ENTER-PARAMETER> command is the BLUE keyH,	[N]Try to do this.H,[N]of the file, and search backward.H,[N]occurrence of "snark". So you should go to the endH,]the word "snark", and now you want to find the lastH,#[NNNNNNN]You have just found the first occurrence ofH,*[N]Push RETURN to continue            H,/[N]Ok. The cursor is now at the first occurrence of "snark".H,6[NNNNN]H,8[6N]Give the command after you give the parameter              H,?[6N]<SEARCH-FORWARD> command is control-R                  H,F[6N]Control-E is <SEARCH-BACKWARD>.                 H,M[5N]Searches are case-dependant: use lower-case        [N]H,T]The word you are searching for is "snark".         H,Z[NNNNN]Searches are case-dependant: use lower-case        [N]H,b[6N]No! The <ENTER-PARAMETER> command is the PF1 keyH,h[6N]No! The <ENTER-PARAMETER> command is the BLUE keyH,o[N]You want to find the first occurrence of the word "snark".H,vPretend you are in SED, and this is the beginning of the file.H,~to type.[N]H-!to make sure you didn't get an error message, before continuing[N]H-!react after each of your keystrokes. Watch after each keystroke[N]H-      The next question is difficult. Give the terminal time to[N]H-      The search parameter is shared by both <SEARCH> commands.[N]H-at the start of the previous occurrence of <text-string>.[N]H-&beginning (if necessary), and the cursor will be positioned[N]H-.!case, the file will be searched from the cursor position to the[N]H-6!the start of the next occurrence of <text-string>. In the second[N]H->!to the end (if necessary), and the cursor will be positioned at[N]H-F$In the first case, the file will be searched from the cursor position[N]H-N"<SEARCH-FORWARD> is control-R, and <SEARCH-BACKWARD> is control-E.[N]H-V where <text-string> is your search key (without the brackets),[N]H-^        <ENTER-PARAMETER><text-string><SEARCH-BACKWARD>[N]H-eor[N]H-f        <ENTER-PARAMETER><text-string><SEARCH-FORWARD>[N]H-m     You can search for any text string by typing[N]H-t========[N]H-vSearches[N]H-y[NNNNNNNNNN]H-{'   *** This FENCE marks the last page of the file but is NOT a part of it ***  H.[N]the file, it will be typed in reverse video.H.
[N]endeofatheofile.eToshowthatit'sNnotNpartvofH.[N]screenuindicatingEthatRyouThave[reached]theH.[N]SEDEputsToutTa>messagedatsthenbottomboftheH.[NN]NotethatNwhen]younare'atntheendaofmtherfileH."ThisnisthetextlocatedNat]thesendsofNthe-file.H.(ndtis thenPF1keyH.J[NNNNNN]No!The[<ENTER-PARAMETER>ocommandnisethehBLUExkeyH.Qz[N]or delete lines in the file.H.~[N]The 75% point will not change until you addH/[N]when you issued the command.H/	[N]Note that it does not matter where you wereH/[N]seventy-five percent through the fileH/This is the text which is located at the pointH/Give the command after you give the parameterH/in the parameter.H/"You should not put a percent sign (%)H/'<PERCENT-GOTO> command is control-P.H/,The parameter you want to enter is the number 75   H/3[N]Please try over, from the beginningH/8The parameter you want to enter is the number 75.H/>are commands for SED, not charactersH/C[N]H/DKeep in mind that the numerical keypad keysH/J[4N]H/K>H/M[N]Please try over.                    H/RNo! The <ENTER-PARAMETER> command is the PF1 keyH/XNo! The <ENTER-PARAMETER> command is the BLUE keyH/^[6N]H/[N]What command do you give to SED?H/d[N]You want to get 75% through the file.H/iPretend you are in SED, and this is the text of the file.H/p
withnoiparameter.[N]H/sThatris,fjustttheeBlue[orHPF1key,and theacommandt(CTRL-P),[N]H/{H0<ENTER-PARAMETER><PERCENT-GOTO>[N]H0for the[endofthefile,bwhichiisttontype:[N]H0theeenddofftheefile,HthereisahshorthandUwayrofFasking[N]H0L-P>.[N]H0+        <ENTER-PARAMETER>50<PERCENT-GOTO>[N]H00you would give the command:[N]H04that is, fifty percent (50%) through the file,[N]H0:For example if you want to get half way through the file,[N]H0Aa file by using the <PERCENT-GOTO> command: Control-P.[N]H0H     You can get to a given percentage of the way through[N]H0O=====================================================[N]H0VMoving a given percentage of the way through the file[N]H0]
Purpose of this Lesson[N]H1	in the lessons.[N]H1read it until you're comfortable with the commands you learn[N]H1
"readstheodocument?DOC:SED.DOC,butitdis'notnrecommendeduthatsyou[N]H1IfSyouwantto[learnHtheZmorecomplicatedicommands,oyou[should[N]H1butswillegivebyoutenougheknowledge toDget youdstarted.[N]H1!fTheSEDTlessonsAdo'not giveryouoatcompleteodescription ofrSED,[N]H1(document]DOC:SEDMAN.DOCm(by ChristophereHall).[N]H1.Theotext1ofthisNlesson'isOtaken mostlyefromsthe[N]H15Wellthen,Spleasettry againiwhenwyou'reaontapMIMEorVT-100.[N]H1<nal and then pushing the RETURN button.[2N]H2-[N]IMPORTANT: You can interrupt the lesson at any time by typing the[N]single character "%"H2%Stockholm, Sweden, and the Old Dominion University Research Foundation.[N]H2%instruction  (CAI)  from  the  Research  Institute  of National Defense[N]H2"%This lesson was  produced  by  the  GNOSIS  system  for  computer  aided[N]H2+.[2N]H2,'H2.
No, you missed this one.H27You're mistaken.H2:
Thatywasn'twcorrect.H2=Sorry.H2?!H2EYouranswerwas wrong.H2Hng of it now.H2T
  Keep up the good work!H2X  Aren't you glad you kept trying?H2\
  You're making progress.H2`  There is hope for you after all!H2d
  I knew you could do it.H2h
  Yo've got the idea now!H2k	  You're improving!H2n
  Now you're catching on!H2r  You're doing better!H2uOK!H2wExcellent!H2yThat's it!H2{Well done!H2}Right!H2Exactly right!H3Bravo!H3Sure!H3Very good.H3Good for you!H3	SED03H3%H3
-->H3H3^H3 H3 GNOSIS will simulate an acceptable answer:[2N]-->H3
Just for the record,H3]Or...interrupt the lesson by typing the symbol "%".H3"[N](You might want to rethink some of your previous answers.)H3)[N]You have at least eliminated some of the possibilities.H30Please try again.H33%If you want to interrupt the lesson, then type the single character "%".[N]H3<??? You gave no answer at all.H3@"Eh?   The computer expected you would just push the RETURN button.[N]H3H[N]Push RETURN H3J[N]I must admit that last one was a bit tricky!H3P, H3RH3Sto the PREVIOUS '-->' or 'RETURN' prompt...[N]H3YPlease continue, then, giving your response[N]H3_
Lesson is backing.[N]H3bBACKH3d
Question skipped.[N]H3gSKIPH3hLesson aborted.H3kSTOPH3lor 'CONTINUE'.[N]H3o	, 'SKIP', 'BACK', H3rAnswer 'STOP'
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