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Description of the files used to produce the  SED
lessons (written in GNOSIS, ALGOL, and MACRO-10).

SED01.EXE  ; SED lessons

SED01.GNO  ;sources for the SED lessons

GNOSED.MAC ;contains several MACRO subroutines necessary to the
	    SED lessons, listed here:
	    TTOPEN  opens the terminal on channel 5.
	    NOECHO  changes bits 27 and 28 to keep input from echoing.
	    INCH    inputs a character (including control characters)
          	    (allows for multi-character keys)
        	    (puts terminal in PIM mode so that control-chars
        	    are passed to the program, instead of the monitor).
	    XECHO	re-enables echoing
            NOCRLF  set TTY NO CRLF (necessary for SED)

G.MIC      ;runs a lesson through GNOSIS, and loads the generated
	    .ALG file, along with GNOSED.MAC and CAI:GNOLIB.REL.
	    To use it type "DO G n" where n is 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5,
	    depending on what lesson you want compiled.
	    When running GNOSIS on the source file, the terminal will
	    type %WARNING messages, these can be ignored, they are of no
	    importance. (if you get ?ERROR messages, though, watch out).

TUTSED.GNO ;is the master program which runs the lessons

READ.ME	   ;is the installation guide for the lessons.

TUTSED.HLP ;is the HELP file for the lessons.
TUTSED.RNO ;is the source file for TUTSED.HLP