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Problems found with REV 006 of the DMP-4R ReGIS plotter

Manual mentions VK100 once, but not GIGI.

Cannot plug in the cable from the modem and/or computer without taking a hacksaw
to either the plotter or to the hood on the cable.

The cable that plugs into the GIGI/VT125 cannot be screwed down because of
a non-standard connector.

It is not documented that it always goes and fetches pen #1 after RESET and
therefore must not have any pen in the crossbar when it starts.

It is not documented that it uses 100 increments per inch, and the maximum
plot size is 7.05 by 9.40 inches - Won't plot 8.5 by 11 inches.

"D" or "0" raises the pen, it goes through the motions without lowering it.

Needs a VT125/GIGI switch to get the color map right.

Text can only be drawn at multiples of 90 degrees, no italics.

Test S(A[0,0][383,239]) and S(A[0,0][1535,959]).
Test color map using	S(M0(A L0))		;"Black"
			S(M1(A H0   L50 S100))	;"Blue"
			S(M2(A H120 L50 S100))	;"Red"
			S(M3(A H60  L50 S100))	;"Magenta"
			S(M4(A H240 L50 S100))	;"Green"
			S(M5(A H300 L50 S100))	;"Cyan"
			S(M6(A H180 L50 S100))	;"Yellow"
			S(M7(A L100))		;"White"
Test T(W(I2))'Color #2'

Current colors		GIGI colors		VT125 defaults
0 = Dark = pen up	0 = Dark = Black	0 = Dark
1 = Red			1 = Blue		1 = Blue
2 = Green		2 = Red			2 = Red
3 = Blue		3 = Magenta		3 = Green
4 = Cyan		4 = Green		4 = undefined
5 = Yellow		5 = Cyan		5 = undefined
6 = Magenta		6 = Yellow		6 = undefined
7 = undefined		7 = White		7 = undefined
8 = undefined		8 = 0 = Dark		8 = undefined
9 = undefined		9 = 1 = Blue		9 = undefined

When using "W(I(A))" where "A" is a letter,
These letters are ignored:	A   EF  IJK  NOPQ  TUVWX Z
These letters are recognized:	 BCD  GH   LM    RS     Y

   ReGIS commands not implemented (VT125+GIGI)
L(A1)		Load alternate char set 1
L(A"Greek")	Label it "Greek"
L"A"FFBB9988;	Load dot matrix for character
P2222		Position pen using pixel increments
S6666		Scroll screen
S[+10,+20]	Scroll screen
S(E)		Erase screen
S(H)		Start hardcopy to LA34 printer
S(I3)		Background screen intensity
S(T60)		Delay 60 ticks (1 second)
T(A1)		Alternate character set
T(I-27)		Italics degrees
T(M[5,5])	Multiplier for repeat-count shading
T(S[9,20])	Size of text given in pixels
V2222		Move the pen using pixel increments
W(C)		Complement writing
W(E)		Erase writing
W(R)		Replace writing
W(V)		Overlay writing
W(F1)		Foreground plane
W(I0)		Write in Dark black
W(I(D))		Write in Dark black
W(I(W))		Write in White
W(N1)		Negative writing on
W(S1)		Shading on at current pos
W(S[,240])	Shading on
W(S'*')		Use character shading
W(0(P1,N3))	Custom writing control

   VT125 commands not implemented
S(H(P[10,10]))	Hardcopy position
S(M0(L3)(A H L S)	Does output mapping work?
S(S2)		Scale to double size
S(S(X1Y2))	Scale to double height

   GIGI commands not implemented
R(P(I))		Report position interactive (crosshairs)
S(H[,10][,200])	Hardcopy between Y positions
S(N1)		Reverse video of entire screen
W(A1)		Alternate flashing

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