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?p`?xgfpKb)+<f^`INX@g#	t{A)%{BE@cmiHHH     p@HI$P1,>h #p D F	b&".$&$7@"$  (@. &"* b)@
(@ $ &$.$.&(D(F..  #p**,~.$D.&-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-iY\jQ<X\k*+m<D+m0xgfpH`H`H` `H`H`H`H`R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp $,$[ Ep p p F p 3 2)F0&+ >.$ D> p > F >0D+ p D=+ = p F p D=+ p@@ @.$ D@ p @@X $ Dp0d+, p^& &&`=(#. (C8h p^& &&`=((. (C8h:p+ @@X@@X@@X@@X@@X@@X@@X@@X@@X@@XQ~Y|,~<R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp B.$ DB 9 &/ FpC$:C&? * ,6~ p (,6& & (,6z p0$0d+(++C$:C&? * ,6~+6C$:C&A * ,6~+6C$:C&B *
 ,6~+9C8CFp Dp2dp+QC$: p T (,6z:p+L+6C$:C&D *	 ,6~ 9 T (,6z & (,6z+6C$:C&F * ,6~ 9 8 Fp Dp2dp+aC$: p T (,6z:p+\C$:C&G * ,6~+6C$:C&J * ,6~ 9 8 Fp Dp2dp+mC$: p T (,6z:p+hC$: & (,6z+6C$:C&M * ,6~+6C$:C&P * ,6~+6C$:C&T * ,6~+6C$:C&Y * ,6~+6C$:C&^ * ,6~+6C$:C&c * ,6~+6C$:C&h * ,6~+6C$:C&m * ,6~+6C$:C&r * ,6~+6C$:C&F * ,6~ 9 8 Fp Dp2dp+C$: p T (,6z:p+C$:C&v * ,6~+6C$:C&x * ,6~+6C$:C&} * ,6~+6C$:C& * ,6~+6C$:C& * ,6~+6C$:C& *
 * ,6~+6C$:C& * ,6~+6@B@E@H@Q@X@d@o@r@u@x@{@~@@@@
@@@@@"@%C$:C&n*",6~l:,(,6.I&a(,6z,)Found,"" when expecting an identifierMultiply defined identifier "Missing "." after productionMissing "=" or ":" after production nameAttempt to redefine a token as a productionMore than one semantic action per node illegalAttempt to redefine a production as a semantic actionAttempt to redefine a token as a semantic actionArgument collect allowed ONLY for terminals"-" (NOT) only allowed for terminals or productionsIllegal construct "-NIL" or "-ANY"" when expecting a "!"Only terminals are legal in a set definitionNIL and ANY cannot be part of setsProductions can't be negatedExpected something before this tokenUnexpected token - rejectedCan only redefine a terminal as a terminalUnknown error code (internal error) at line XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p wC&, w wC(,!vC$: & (,6z wC&p wC$ &,8rp x *,6~ & (,6zQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp HpC$:C&t * ,6~ p (,6& & (,6z p0$0d+f+mC$:C&u * ,6~,)
,,6~@p@(,6.C&@*	@,6~,)be$iDIllegal construct ([...]!... or [[...],...]) in production Reference to undefined identifier  in production Alternative to NIL or ANY in production INSPECTing a link/loop node (internal error) in production Errors during initialization - Aborted.Errors during first pass - Second pass aborted.Errors during second pass - Graph generation aborted.Unknown error code:  (internal error).R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J B1D++C$CC&I * ,6~ & (,6zC&p : *d,6~,)
,7$:FpDp2dp+;pT1$+8p&Fp+:ppTFp:p+3:.$D:;B$4DDC$C : (,6. & (,6zC&T : *d,6~,)
,#C$h &$  
	,#C$V &' 

,#C$C &'  


@O@,*T.>!  @ \~C<@@,Q/>x xx-C$:C&
 ,6~C$C& (C8 *S
@O@,*TC$,'[C$C& (@
,7C$:,),6~S&e(,6zT& (,6zS&x(,6zC&n*/,6~ & (,6zT&/(,6zC&-e*n,6~,)XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J $	 DE $ DB $ DC $ D\ $ D] $ DD $ D? $ Dl $ DM $ DB $ D@ $ DE $	 DK $
 DNQ$^X$n*$p,	C$pC&`,!~p (t,K x DC$pC&b,!~ p,* x & (,-C$pC&c,!~ p,* x & (,-C$C&e,!~ $ DA $ D?C$h,7^ F@,'[C$h6D $B$4D]C$h,7^ Fp,77 Fp,77 Fp,77 FpC&p (@
,7,'[p0D$+JC$pC&p,!~+KC$pC&p,"rp,*xDpp0D+Q$p(,)$p0D)+Vp*,,~xDpp3d?+Y p D? p & p,- A.$ DA+<Q~Y|,~(s@ @ @SYN-Table.  Nil         Any         Literal    XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J@@B@@A@@@@@>@@B@@?Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J@	d DC$:C& * ,6~C& * ,6~,)
 ;4D@Ap+ 9.$ D9 9 T EpQ~Y|,~XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J $ D;C$p, $ pC(2 (@}.  A&(H0(@B$G;4D p0D+-C$p, $ p0F@G;4D& p0D+-C$p, $ pC(4 (@}.  A&(H0(@B$G;4D 9 D9 ;4D7 $
 D;+0 pC&6 (@}. A$(F0&+Z : DC $ DpQ$8X$p*$p^& &&`=(A p.C8hC$p, pC&: (@}. A$(F0&+U p1D/+T p.$ Dp p0d+T p^& &&`=(Q p.C8hC$p,+EC$<C&p,!~ $ D; 9/$ D9+0 p0D+y : DCQ$8X$p*$p $ D;@@pC$p, p0D.+lC$p, p.$ Dp p0d+k p^& &&`=(h p.C8h@@p+u p1D+u p.$ Dp p0d+u p^& &&`=(r p.C8h p0D+_C$<C&p,"+0 p0D+ $.9 T0D+C$p, $ D;+ $ D;Q$8X$p*$p@@pC$p, $ p1F@ & p0(@A4D p0D/+ $ Dp p.$ Dp p^& &&`=( p.C8h p0D+C$<C&p,!~+0 $ p0F@ &.9 ( T0F@A & p0H@ (.9 *  T0H@
A (.9 *  T0H@
AG4D)C$p, p0D+(C$p, $	 D;+0 pC&n (@}. A$(F0&+0 p . D; 9 D8Q~Y|,~@B?~?~            |?~?~XwXwXw \Q|X>x
1zx-"$J Dp Fp Hp $ Dp@@p pB$4D	 $ Dp ;  
)F0&+8@@p ;0D+M pB$ Dp,+I ; 
 )F0&+7 ;0$0d+7+2 p4DU $,4,C%pC'pC)p,) ;1D+Z $,4@@p+7 p4D] $,4,C%pC'pC)p,) ;1D+b $,4@@p p p FC$p &, p p F p Ep p Ep+7 <,
 x Dp p1D+	 pC&p w  C( w  C*,mC%p w   , p Ep p Ep w   0D+~ p w    F+	 w   0D+C$p & w   ," p p  F+	 p<+! ;0D+ <,* x & (,-C%p &, p Ep p Ep p< $ w   D+! $,4C%p &, p Ep p Ep p & F $ w   D\$ w   D p4D3 $ w   0F@ & w    

)J0*@A4D- $,4+3 w   0D+2 $	,4+3 p & F+7@i@i@7@S@7@[+8@@p+9@@p pB$4DF ;  
,4C%p &, p Ep p Ep p@@ $ Dp+F $
,4,+ p4DH, $ Dp ;0D+Q p   )F0&+P p & F+Q $,4+ ;0D
+U p & F+ ;0D+f@@p p  D> >1D+] > Dp >  D>+X $,$[ D> >< >@@ p0D+d p > F+f p > F+ ;0D+j p & F+ ;0D+, $ ; 
 )H0(@B$4Dr $,4+ <,
 x Dp p1D+ p, x0D+C$p &, p p F p Ep p Dp p,# p x F+ $,4+ $,4,@@p $ ; 
 )H0(@B$4DF+CQ~Y|,~PP`VP`XwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp HpC%pC'pC)p,> ; ' &)F0&+% ;0D+,C$pC&pC(p,> p p F p Ep p@@+Q~Y|,~TXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp HpC%pC'pC)p,C$p &, p p F p Ep ;0D+=,C$pC&pC(p, p p F p Ep p p F+4Q~Y|,~XwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp $,$[ Ep p@@ p ? F $ ;1F	@ & ;1H
@A4Du ; w w)F0&+l@@p <,
 x Dp p1D+a p, x0D+Y $ Dp+Z $,4 p,# x & 
x x)H0(@Ap4Fa $	,4@@p+b $,4 p4Dl $,$[ Dp p p  F p p F p Dp p,# p x F, ;0D+o,+u $ ; 
y y)H0(@B$4Du $,4,+HQ~Y|,~`XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J, ;1D
+	J $ ;1F@ & ;1H
@A4D		 $,4,+	 ;1D
+	I <,
,x Dp<p $ Dp p1D+	 pC&pC(pC*p,m p0D+	 $ p0F@ Dp+	@@p+	 <,* x Dp pB$4D	& p0D+	 $,4+	  $,4, ; 	L 	K)F0&+	  ;0D	+	&,+	I, ;0D	+	6 A.$ DA,C$pC&pC(p,* p &C(p," pp p & p,- ;1D	+	5 $,4+	5,+	I ;0D+	B ?.$ D?,C$p,A p &C(p," p & p,- ;1D	+	A $,4+	B,+	I $,4 p & (,-, ; 	L 	K)F0&+	E,+	Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$JC$:C&	Y * ,6~,)
+	R  & (,)Q~Y|,~[SYNLOD Loading the grammar.]XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p  Dp p  Dp p & F p & 0D@4F
 p 0D+	w p 4D	o p & F p 4D	r p & F p 4D	u p & F p  Dp+
 p 0D+
 p 4D	| p & F p 4D	 p & F p 4D
 p & F p p  F p  Dp+
C$p &, p@@ p p  F p p  F p p  F p p  F p p  F p p  F p p  F p Dp+	g $ p1F@ p ( 0F@A4D
L p 1D+
" $ w  (,) p & 0D@ p *  0H@
2 p  Dp p & 1D@ ( 
p0J@G p *  1H@
( p0D+
7C$p &, p@@ p Dp+
L p  0 /)F0&+
LC$p &, p@@ p p  F p p  F p p  F p p  F p p  F p p  F p p  F p Dp p p F p p F p 0$0d+!+  p,
 x Dp@@p p1D+
b pC&pC(pC*p,m $ p1F@ & p1H@A & p0H@G Dp+
g  p,* x Dp p & (,- p4D
t p0D+
nC$p & p," p p  F+
sC$p & p," p p  F p & F+
v $ p w ,)+! p &  
1 0)H0(@ ( 
p1J@A4F $ w  (,)+!+! p & 1D@ pG  pG 4F p1D+
 $ w  (,)C$p &, p@@ p p  F p p  F p p  F p p  F p p  F p p  F p Dp+ $ w  (,)+!@
w@@@!@@D$p1F@(p*(1F@A4D'&p,	1H$p1F@pH(1F@A4D.p,	+Q~Y|,~@`R\Q|X>x1zx-"$JC$:C&U*D,6~,) wC$ &,8rp x *,6~C&u * ,6~ p ,\C$V &. (,6zQ~Y|,~NIL##,,XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p C$V,)
j * ,6~ X (,6.C&
XC(p Vp,!v pC$VC&
l * ,6~C&ppC$p & Vp,8r pp x *,6~C&
p * ,6~ X (,6.C&
l* ,6~,)
q *
 ,6~ X (,6.C&
l* ,6~,)
s * ,6~ X (,6.C&
l* ,6~,)
u * ,6~ X (,6.C&
l* ,6~,)
? $ & ( Vp,) p+
2 X4D
| *
 ,6~ > Vp,\ pC$VC&
 * ,6~ X  (,6.C&
fC$VC&,6~ X  (,6.C&
l$*&,6~,)inNode,();,Production(,NotNode;tpTerminal((SetOfTerminalse(	(NonTerminalN(;Redefines(SetsCollect;  SeStartCollect;EndAReSync;R\SemanticActions<>;C%pAlternative (    Successor (  EndNode;R\Q|X>x1zx-"$JC$:C&
C,6~,)S,6~@	f/fd(thc(s*,6JC&>d*e,6~,)sDgenerated:D<(gainednodesQinreduction)CPUtime:-"$J-seconds.,q,	M,2,@n,+*C$(@@f@j@n,*T&`B`b+?,+?`H`H`H`H`R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J\D0D+ez$,$[DDp+gDDDpD[DDDp&QFDp&XFDpDpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$JDp@p1D+u@pDQF@pDD@ApQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$JDpFp$Dp1F@$&8	p1H@A4DDpDQFpDD@Ap@ApQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J|D0D+\$,$[>Dp+-"$J Dp p  X0$0d+u+q+u[X Dp[X DpC$pC&p Vp, p $QDX $C8Xd\ X DX X DX+uC$XC&X Vp,w p@@X@@X+uC$XC&X Vp,w p@@X@@X+uC$XC&X Vp,w p@@X@@X@@X@@X+u@@X@@X+u@Y@Y@Y@c@g@k@p E DX p DE@ApQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p Dp p1D+ p  EpC$p,R p Dp+}@ApQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp E0D+
 $,$[ Dp+ E Dp E  DE p@@ p@@ p p F p p F p DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp pC$,y p E F p DE@ApQ~Y|,~XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp pA$B$4D* p.$ Ep $ Dp p$p &2%p@ 	p&p ,1J@
A4F3 p.$ Dp++ p&p (1F@ Hp pB$4D9 p.$ Ep p4D*Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp F0D+O $,$[ DpC%p,# p p F pC$ &' 	p,8} $ p/& Fp Dp2dp+N p  X p.@@:p+I+
@@p F Dp p1D+U p & 2%p@ Fp+V@@p $ p1F@Ap4Da p Dp p  Dp p1D+` p & 2%p@ Fp+a@@p+V p1D+~ p 3ep+z p Dp p Dp $ p1F@ p ( 3Gp@A4Dx p & 3%p@ p * 
p  2(0@
A4Fu p Dp p Dp p Dp p  Dp+g p Dp p Dp+~ p 3Ep+~@@p@@p+~+@@p p0D+ $,$[ Dp p p F pC$ &' 	p,8}+
 p  DF+
 p p  F p @@X@@X@@X@@X@@X $ DX@@X p DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp $ p /& Fp Dp2dp+# p  X p. 1D+" X p.C$ Vp, p:p+ p F F p DF C Dp@@p p1D+, p &[2Ep@ Fp+-@@p $ p1F@ pB&A4D9 p Dp pZ Dp p1D+8 p &[2Ep@ Fp+9@@p+- p0D+? p0D+=+> pZ DC+C p0D+A+C p pZXF@ApQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp Hp Jp Lp p Ep $ Dp p $$&$ Dp p p  ,!` x Ep p Dp p  Dp p p. & 1D@ Fp p4Dr p p.  p ,!i x Dp pB$Ap4Dr p p p  ,!f x Ep p p. 1D+m p p.  p ,!i x Dp+m@@p p.$ Dp p3$p+q@@p@@p+_+s@@p p  Dp $ p0F@ & 	p  2hp@G pApG4DJQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J F DG@@FQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p DFQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J GB$4D@@C@@D@@D@@E@@E@@F@@G@@F $ DGQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J F Dp,}Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J G DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp p&$t Fp p&$2 a `)F0&+T p&$20$0d+T+RC%pC&a * ,6~ p&&2  (,6& & (,6z p&$2 
b b)H0(+Y p&$20&0f+X+TC%pC&c *
+,6~,)e@*@,6~,)J@M@Q+\C%pC&h *,,6~,)2 
b b)H0(+
+p&$20&0f+	+C%pC&s * ,6~,)
+,6~,)h@*@,6~,){@~@+,6& & (,6z p&$2 
)H0(+O p&$20&0f+N+GC%pC&	 *	 ,6~,)
+,6~,)~,) ,6~,)
+,6~,)$@*@,6~,),@/@3@6@:@=@A@D+RC%pC&h,*.,6~,)z,)Illegal size for hash table.No space for hash table in heap.Hash table is NIL.?SYMOObject not found.Object already exists.Object in NIL hash table.Can't write object: hash table protected.Can't hash object: hash table sorted.No space for object in hash table.Object is NIL.?SYMP?Property not found.Property already exists.Property in NIL object.Can't write property: hash table protected.No space for property in heap.Property is NIL.PCreate (?,?,?,parray) illegal.Function illegal for specified property type.Stack property underflow.Queue property wraparound.Array property index out of bounds.?SYMZ SYMTAB bug number XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J@@p w 1D+: w [ w,!i xB$ DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$Jp@@p C Dp,0 x4DD pZ Dp+A p0D+G $,+I p[ DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$Jp Hp@@pp,< x0D+c $ p1&@ & p0h'@A4DbC$p,< x Dp pp p@@ $, $,$[ Dp p CXF p pQF p DC+c $,+d $, p DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$Jp Hpp,< x Dp p1D+p p Dp+rp p,K x DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$Jp Hpp,< x Dp p1D+} p Dp+p p,K x DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p1D+
 p 4D	C$p,+
 $,Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p1D+  p 4D $ p /& Fp Dp2dp+ p  X p. 1D+ X p.C$ Vp, p+:p++  $,Q~Y|,~XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J@@p w 1D+. w  &[ w3D@ FpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp $ p0&@ & p1h'@G4D; $,@@p+JC$p,< x Dp p p  p p F p p .& F C Dp,% x4DG pZ Dp+D p1D+J p pQF p DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p  DpC$p, p1D+Z $,$[ Dp p CXF p pQF p DC p DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp p Dp $ p0F@ & p0H@G4Dh $,+l p p F p p .& FQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p0D+t@@p $,+x p  Dp p@@ p@@Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp p1D+ p p FQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp p1D+	 p p FQ~Y|,~XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp Hp p0D+ p0D+@@p+ $ p0F@ & w2D@ Fp+0 p0D+! $ p0F@ & w2D@ Fp+0 p p ,!l x Dp p0D++ $ p0F@ & w2D@ Fp+0 $ p0F@ & w2D@ FpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x 1zx-"$J Dp Fp p0D+8 $,+I p 4DH $ Dp@@p p /$ Dp p/$$$.  Dp p/$$$.  Dp p/$ Dp p/p0d+v p  p.$ p Fp Dp2dp+u p p Fp Dp3$p+t X p/&.  & X 
p.   Vp, p x4Ds X p/&. & X 
p. 3D @4Fs X p/&.  Dp X p/&. X p.  F X p. p F X p. 1D+l X p.  p F X p/&. 1D+s X p/&.  p/& F>p+M:p+J+D p Dp p Dp p  p.p&&.  Dp p  X p.  & p Vp, p x4D p.$ Dp+} X p.  & p Vp, p x4D
 p/$ Dp+ p2dp+* X p. X p. 3D+' X p.  Dp X p. X p.  F X p. p F X p. 1D+! X p.  p F X p. 1D+' X p.  p F p.$ Dp p/$ Dp p3dp+} p/p p/p2$+9 p2$p+7 p.$ Dp p/$$$ p. F p/$$$ p. F p Dp+C p2$p+B p.$ Dp p/$$$ p. F p/$$$ p. F p Dp p3$p+v p0D+= p & F+I $,Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp p0D+Y $ Dp0d+X p p^( ]&(`=*T. (C8h:p+Q+[ p p Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p0D+b@@p+d p  DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p0D+l\$ Dp+m p  DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p0D+u\$ Dp+w p  DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p0D+\$ Dp+ p  DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp p0D+\$ Dp+
 p  DpQ~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dpp@@p p0D+ $3,+( p 4D $5,+(C$p pC(pC*p 
0,E p  p. 1D+' p  p. p,!i x4D% p  p.  Dp+& $2,+( $2,Q~Y|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dpp@@p p0D+1 $3,+N p 4D4 $5,+N p B$4D7 $4,+NC$p pC(pC*p 
O,E p  p. 0D+F p p, x Dp pp p  p. p F p Dp+N p  p. p,!i x4DM $3,+N $5,Q~Y|,~?R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dpp@@p p0D+W $3,+} p 4DZ $5,+} p B$4D^ $4,+}C$p pC(pC*p 
~,E p  p. & 0D@ Fp pB$4Dl p  p. p,!i x Dp p4D| p  p. 1D+s p  p.C$, p p, x Dp pp p  p. p F p Dp+} $5,Q~Y|,~?R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dpp pp,
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 !!""##$$%%&&''(())**++,,-/0112233445566778899::;;<<=H`H`H`H`XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp w 0$+# w .$ w D w ^& "~&&`=(#
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&/v,~":+'p,>/U,>,>Z"Q"	b'+.9A"?4B.(1B.9B.5@//Z,~.&@,>/U,>,>+.*//Z+,%//ZSG@Zc@+(H+,&,>/H,>,>Q	`'+.9//Z,~ 	`+,~@@Q"'IX*@@@ @@O@ P* `Nl @//K,^x,~ 	`+,~ @Q'IX`*  F@@@@@P//K,^x,~,>0x,>,>Q^	`'+.9+.& @//Z+,;,>0x,>,>0y  Q 	`'+.9//Z6@+.a,>/H,>,>  Q 	`'+.9//Z,'S+.[,>0x,>,>0y  Q 	`'+.9//Z,~ +'p,>Q"pX":@*b.h5".r D "2b; B;/"+,.nZB,^,>Q".sX*" " B B
?	No memory for stack
?	No memory for heap
? Illegal function for this mode on file 
? File not open[Error at character number ]
Call to READ
[Skipping bad character]

[Try again, from the beginning of the bad number.]
[Or type D to enter the debugger.]
Call to READ 
[Try again, from the beginning of the bad number.]

?	Bad user lookup block for file 6$6$0(0,,&++c
@ .A0
? Error in option string.
?	TAPOP. to set blocksize failed,^++,^++
?	RELCHN: illegal channelTry another file spec: `-----Hp
? File spec too long.  Try again: 
? Illegal file spec.  Try again: 	`8t`@
?	 UPDATE may only be used with disks
 at user PC $

[Type POPJ 17,$X to continue if possible, but don't trust any results] 
[Type CONTINUE to proceed if possible, but don't trust any results]

? Uninitialized file
? Too many files open at once
?	array index out of bounds
?	uninitialzed or NIL pointer
?	scalar out of range
?  (0) file not found(1) no such UFD(2) protection failure(3) file being modified(4) already existing file name(5) illegal sequence of UUOs(6) UFD or RIB error(7) not a save file(10) not enough core(11) device not available(12) no such device(13) illegal UUO(14) no room(15) write-locked(16) not enought monitor table space(17) partial allocation only(20) block not free(21) can't supercede a directory(22) can't delete non-empty directory(23) SFD not found(24) search list empty(25) SFD nest level too deep(26) no-create for all structures(27) high segment not on swap space(30) can't update file(31)file connected to a stringOPEN failedillegal file specno channel freeunknown error codeImproper modeHard device errorHard data errorQuota exceeded or block too largeData format errorPhysical end of tapex[Error was detected here:]
0u/vS0W8<Po{	`,>,>,8q $C 4F13B+1 +1  B@@@@,8q ,^,^,~*x
& x @x / ,-K,^,~ +Z0"60b8+1+16@G+1[d @0 @+A"@0(B}dBG"
1D,-K "$	b++6@G+14.>	 @xQ X x* [
+A*@0(J}dJG*4J1$C,x + $20$$0d+1$/$$&$&2,1Hd
 +[ d1DZ+2:N7@(J+2!"@0BB+? (J+10
&2 2."
',1D +,-KQ xX *  x/>	 "$	b++ N Bx@@N,~4$1:0d+2 FJ,~ 2 FJ*d1;,~????@@@@222222221L1M1P1V1^1g1j1l,~$2 .7 l
 ,1< @,~$2  .7 l
 ,1< @.$A$. @,~"2  .7 l
 ,1< @ &." A$. @=f1Z,~$2!d"w0Dl"l" . +@7 l
 ,1<cD2!+1e @,~ . @,~,1^:cD2!+1e @,~,1M,1^,~,1P,1^,~ A
  C ` ! `! `   `A! p   A  A @  1 @*O@J 2"* M@@N-$/ BI0x-"$J,2" I+
?	6$<1m01m$1m1m
1m1m!"pD (Bl"0BB++12!"@0BB++12
% at user PC $
Argument to SETARITH must be -1 to 6
&2+%H Integer overflow Integer divide check Floating overflow Floating divide check Floating underflow.$wxY J,~HHHHHHXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$JXwX@@XwX .$XwX2d+2hXwX XwX .&^( 2#&(`=*25. "$  0$0/$)Fp0&+2hXwX XwX .&^( 2#&(`=*2@. "$/$$$XwX DXwX .$XwX DXwX .$ &XwX2d@4F2hXwX XwX .&^( 2#&(`=*2S. ( "$ 
0$0/$)Jp0*@4H2hXwX XwX .&^( 2#&(`=*2_. "$/$XwX.XwX DXwX .$XwX DXwX .$ DpX>pY|,~XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$JQ$3pXwX$*$Z$Xw DZ$Xw DXw@@ $Xw Xw2f@Xw Xw ^*' 2#&*`=,2. * "&0F@
Xw ^0? 2#&0`=23.
 0 "0,0L@G
A4D3Xw .$Xw D+2x $Xw Xw2f@ &Xw  
0(0/()J'p0*@B&A4D3TXw Xw ^( 2#&(`=*3. ( "$ 
0$0/$)Jp0*@B(4H3$Xw@@Xw Xw ^( 2#&(`=*3(. "$Xw DXw 1$0+30Xw /$Xw DXw 0$+33Z$Xw DXw 0D+37Z$Xw D+3;Xw 4D3;Xw /$Xw DXw 0d+3NXw 4D3HXw ^& 2$&&`=(3A Dp Fp,2( p p xXw. "h+3NXw ^& 2$&&`=(3JXw Xw. "hXw .$Xw DXw .$Xw D+3Xw Xw3d+3XZ$Xw D $Xw  
 0&0/&)Hp0(@ &Xw 1h@A4D3oXw 0d+3iXw /$^& 2$&&`=(3eZ(Xw. "hXw /$Xw DXw /$Xw DXw@@X>pY|,~          XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J DpZ$Xw " Bp Ep0d+4	 pXw ^( 2$&(`=*3~.Xw ^*' 2$&*`=,4Xw.
 "((/(Xw. "h:p+3zX>pY|,~XwXwXwXwXwXw \Q|X>x1zx-"$J DpXw@@@ApZ$ DpZ$Xw /& FpXw " Bp Ep2dp+4,Xw ^& 2$&&`=(4Xw. "$  0$0/$)Fp0&+4* p$$Xw ^( 2$&(`=*4%Xw. " &./$ Ep+4+@@p:p+4X>pY|,~R\Q|X>x1zx-"$J Dp Fp Hp@@p p DpZ$ DpZ$ Dp pZ& F@@p
@@p 2#&&`=(49Z(Lu. "h^& 2#&&`=(4>Z(. "hZ$Z&.& Fp Dp2dp+4G p.@@:p+4C,2p^& 2$&&`=(4I. "$  0$0/$)Fp0&+4O+6Z$,3u p4D4R+6	,2p^& 2$&&`=(4T. "$0D+4X+4e+4e^& 2$&&`=(4Z. "$0D+4^+5+4e^& 2$&&`=(4`. "$0D-+4d+5+4e+6 p
 Dp p4D4g+6	,2p^& 2$&&`=(4i (. "$ 
0$0/$)Jp0*@4H4q+6Z$,3u p4D4s+6	,2p^& 2$&&`=(4u. "$0D+4z+5+5^& 2$&&`=(4{. "$0D-+5+5+5+6 p4D5+6	,2p^& 2$&&`=(5 (. "$0D-@4H5	+5^& 2$&&`=(5
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