Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - decuslib10-12 - 43,50554/1/pswchk.mai
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Dear DEC-10 User,

During a routine analysis of the system accounting file it was determined
that you are using a badly chosen password. As you know, DEC-10 passwords
are encrypted in such a way that they cannot be decoded. However, they can
be compared with the encrypted form of passwords which are known to be
easily guessed and used by unprincipled users. Your password fell into one
of the following catagories:

(1) it matched one of a list of commonly guessed passwords,
(2) it is similar to your accounting (mail) name,
(3) it is similar to your LOGIN (user) name,
(4) it is some combination of the digits in your project-programmer number.

As you are no doubt aware the security of computer systems has become a
very important issue in recent years. The most vulnerable points in any
computer system are the users who do not exercise good judgement in their
choice and use of passwords. We strongly recommend that you change your
password immediately.