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                      Installation Guide for CRYPT

CRYPT is an encryption program which will encrypt and decrypt  arbitrary
files. Use of the program is described fully in the CRYPT help file.

Neither  the  author  nor  the  University  of   Toronto   accepts   any
responsibility  for the use to which this program may be put by any user
nor for  any  consequences  which  may  result.  By  their  very  nature
encryption programs are dangerous to use. The warnings given in the help
file should be carefully heeded.

CRYPT is written in MACRO-10. It has been tested on  a  KL-1090  running
TOPS-10  version  7.01.  Compiling  and  loading CRYPT requires that the
following files be in place:

        (1) UNV:UUOSYM.UNV
        (2) UNV:SCNMAC.UNV
        (3) REL:SCAN.REL
        (4) REL:HELPER.REL
        (5) REL:ENDECR.REL

Neither these files nor their sources are included  with  this  software
package  because  they  are  proprietary  and  are  available  only from
Digital. The latest CUSP tape should contain suitable versions of all of
these  modules.  The  ENDECR  module is the encryption/decryption module
supplied as part of the BACKUP program.

The core image  file  CRYPT.EXE  may  be  created  using  the  following
sequences of monitor commands:

        .LOAD CRYPT

Several debugging and testing procedures are included in  this  package.
The  file DB.MIC produces DB.REL and DB.EXE which is a debugging version
of CRYPT. TEST1.MIC and TEST2.MIC are verification  procedures  for  the

Anyone wishing to report bugs, make suggestions or otherwise discuss the
CRYPT program should contact:

Dr. Edmund West
University of Toronto Computing Services
255 Huron St.
Toronto, Ontario
(telephone: 416-978-4085)