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	title	crypt
;program to encrypt a file
	search	uuosym,scnmac
	.request	rel:endecr,rel:scan,rel:helper
;for information regarding this program contact:
;	Dr. Edmund West
;	University of Toronto Computing Services
;	255 Huron St.
;	Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1
;	(416-978-4085)
;version parameters
	loc	137
	byte	(3)crywho(9)cryver(6)crymin(18)cryedt
	reloc	0
;conditional assembly parameters
ifndef	ftdeb,<ftdeb==0>
ifn ftdeb,<if2,printx	[debug version]>
ife ftdeb,<if2,printx	[production version]>
;ac definitions
;parameter definitions
;status bits
s.ccl==1				;ccl entry					;input file seen
s.inx==20				;input file seen two or more times
s.out==100				;output file seen
s.outx==200				;output file seen two or more times
s.filb==s.inx!s.outx			;bad bits from file spec processing
s.key==1000				;key switch was in command line
s.keyx==2000				;key switch seen two or more times
s.keyn==10000				;key switch was null
s.keyi==200000				;key switch has illegal character
s.keyt==400000				;key switch has too many characters
s.keyb==s.keyx!s.keyn!s.keyi!s.keyt	;switch problem
s.clr==s.key!s.keyb!!s.out!s.filb	;bits to clear during .tscan init
s.tscn==s.keyb!s.filb			;bits to test after .tscan call
;value definitions
pdll==100				;length of push down list
keyl==5					;number of disk blocks in encryption key
keymax==5*keyl				;characters in key
di==1					;disk input channel
do==2					;disk output channel
tty==3					;tty channel
nblks=5					;number of disk blocks per i/o buffer
bufl==nblks*200				;length of i/o buffer
lblkl==.rbsiz+1				;length of lookup/enter block
c.ret==15				;return
c.lf==12				;line feed
c.esc==33				;escape
c.ctlz==32				;control-z
c.spc==40				;space
c.zlc==172				;z (lower case)
;macro definitions
;define scan switches
	define	swtchs<
	sp	key,keyflg,keypro,,fs.vrq!fs.nfs
;define message macros
	define	msg(a),<
	movei	t1,[asciz\a\]
	pushj	p,.tstrg##
	define	msgcr	(a),<
	msg	<a>
	pushj	p,.tcrlf##
;define error message macros
	define	emsg(a,b),<
	msg	<?CRY'a >
	msg	<b>
	define	emsgcr	(a,b),<
	emsg	(<a>,<b>)
	pushj	p,.tcrlf##
;define error message subroutine macro
	define	errmsg	(a,b),<
	pushj	p,[emsgcr(<a>,<b>)
		popj	p,]
;data storage
pdl:	block	pdll			;push down list
keyflg:	block	1			;key switch flag for scan
key1:	block	keyl			;encryption key
	block	1			;guaranteed null character
key2:	block	keyl			;second key for verification
seed:	block	1			;encryption seed
nwdsr:	block	1			;number of words remaining to transfer
olist:	block	1			;output io list
	block	1			;iolist terminator
ilist:	block	1			;input io list
	block	1			;iolist terminator
elist:	block	1			;encryption aobjn word
buf:	block	bufl			;i/o buffer
iblk:	block	6			;iscan data
tblk:	block	11			;tscan data
sblki:	block	sblkl			;scan block for input file
oblki:	block	4			;open block for input file
bcbi:	block	3			;input buffer control block
lblki:	block	lblkl			;lookup block for input file
pblki:	block	.ptmax			;path block for input file
sblko:	block	sblkl			;scan block for output file
oblko:	block	4			;open block for output file
bcbo:	block	3			;output buffer control block
lblko:	block	lblkl			;enter block for output file
pblko:	block	.ptmax			;path block for output file
oblkt:	block	3			;open block for tty
bcbt:	block	4			;tty buffer control block
	reloc	400000
	tdza	s,s			;clear status
	movei	s,s.ccl			;ccl entry
	outstr	[asciz\[CRYPT, /H for help]\]
ifn ftdeb,<
	outstr	[asciz\ [DEBUG version]\]
>;end ftdeb
	andi	s,s.ccl			;clear most status bits
;set up blocks for .iscan
	move	p,[iowd pdll,pdl]
	pushj	p,.tcrlf##
	move	t1,[xwd iblkl,iblk]	;set up for scanning
	pushj	p,.iscan##
;set up blocks for .tscan
	move	t1,[iowd cryswl,cryswn]	;set up for scan switchs
	movem	t1,tblk
	move	t1,[xwd cryswd,cryswm]
	movem	t1,tblk+1
	move	t1,[xwd 0,cryswp]
	movem	t1,tblk+2
	move	t1,[sixbit\crypt\]	;help file name
	movem	t1,tblk+3
	move	t1,[xwd clra,0]		;clear all answers
	movem	t1,tblk+4
	move	t1,[xwd alli,allo]	;scan block allocation routines
	movem	t1,tblk+5
	movei	t1,fs.mot		;allow multiple output file specs
	hrrm	t1,tblk+7
	move	t1,[xwd tblkl,tblk]	;scan command line
	pushj	p,.tscan##
	trnn	s,s.tscn		;was an error detected?
	  jrst	getin			;no, get file specs
;fall through to tell user about command line error
;tell user about all the errors he had
	trne	s,s.inx			;extra input files?
	errmsg	XIF,Extra input files
	trne	s,s.outx		;extra output files?
	errmsg	XOF,Extra output files
	trne	s,s.keyx		;extra key switchs?
	errmsg	XKS,Extra KEY switchs
	trne	s,s.keyn		;null key?
	errmsg	NKI,Null key illegal
	trne	s,s.keyi		;illegal character in key?
	errmsg	ICK,Illegal character in key
	trne	s,s.keyt		;too many characters in key?
	errmsg	TMC,Too many characters in key
	jrst	go
;get input file spec
	trne	s,			;did alli get called?
	skipn	sblki+.fxnam		;yes, did user specify input file?
	  jrst	[emsgcr	IFR,Input file required
		jrst	go]
	move	t1,[xwd sblkl,sblki]	;set up input blocks
	movei	t2,oblki
	move	t3,[xwd .rbsiz,lblki]
	movei	t4,pblki
	pushj	p,.stopb##
	  jrst	[emsgcr	IIF,Illegal input file specification
		jrst	go]
;get output file spec
	trne	s,s.out			;did allo get called?
	skipn	sblko+.fxnam		;yes, did user specify output file?
	  jrst	[move	t1,[xwd sblki,sblko]	;no, use input file
		blt	t1,sblko+sblkl-1
		jrst	.+1]
	move	t1,[xwd sblkl,sblko]	;set up output blocks
	movei	t2,oblko
	move	t3,[xwd .rbsiz,lblko]
	movei	t4,pblko
	pushj	p,.stopb##
	  jrst	[emsgcr	IOF,Illegal output file specification
		jrst	go]
;initialize input file
	movei	t1,bcbi			;input buffer control block
	hrrm	t1,oblki+.opbuf
	movei	t1,.iodmp		;dump mode input
	movem	t1,oblki+.opmod
	open	di,oblki		;open device
	  jrst	[emsg	IOE,<Input open error for >
		jrst	inerr]
	movei	t1,.rbsiz		;last word of lookup block
	movem	t1,lblki
	lookup	di,lblki		;lookup file
	  jrst	[emsg	ILE,<Input lookup error (>
		hrrz	t1,lblki+.rbext
		pushj	p,.toctw##
		msg	<) for >
		jrst	inerr]
	move	t1,lblki+.rbsiz		;number of words in file
	movem	t1,nwdsr		;number of words remaining for i/o
;get encryption key
	trne	s,s.key			;was key seen as switch?
	  jrst	compok			;yes, do not request key from user
	movei	t1,[asciz\Encryption key:\]
	pushj	p,.tstrg##
	setzm	key1			;clear key storage
	move	t1,[xwd key1,key1+1]
	blt	t1,key1+keyl-1
	move	b,[point 7,key1]	;point to first key
	pushj	p,rdkey			;and read it
	  jrst	getkey			;try again if error
;get verification key
	pushj	p,.tcrlf##
	movei	t1,[asciz\Verify key:\]
	pushj	p,.tstrg##
	setzm	key2			;clear key storage
	move	t1,[xwd key2,key2+1]
	blt	t1,key2+keyl-1
	move	b,[point 7,key2]	;point to second key
	pushj	p,rdkey			;and read it
	  jrst	getkey			;try again if error
	pushj	p,.tcrlf##
;compare keys
	movei	c,keyl			;number of words to compare
	sojl	c,compok		;quit if compare is ok
	move	t1,key1(c)		;get first key word
	came	t1,key2(c)		;compare with second key word
	  jrst	[emsgcr	KDM,<Keys don't match>
		jrst	getkey]
	jrst	comp			;this word is ok, try next
;initialize output file
	movei	t1,bcbo			;output buffer control block
	hrlm	t1,oblko+.opbuf
	movei	t1,.iodmp		;dump mode output
	movem	t1,oblko+.opmod
	open	do,oblko		;open device
	  jrst	[emsg	OOE,<Output open error for >
		jrst	outerr]
	movei	t1,.rbsiz		;last word of enter block
	movem	t1,lblko+.rbcnt
	enter	do,lblko		;enter file
	  jrst	[emsg	OEE,<Output enter error (>
		hrrz	t1,lblko+.rbext
		pushj	p,.toctw##
		msg	<) for >
		jrst	outerr]
;if debugging, tell user what's happening
ifn ftdeb,<
	msg	<[>
	movei	t1,oblko
	movei	t2,lblko
	pushj	p,.toleb##
	msg	<=>
	movei	t1,oblki
	movei	t2,lblki
	pushj	p,.toleb##
	msg	</KEY:>
	move	b,[point 7,key1]
;type out the key
	ildb	t1,b			;get next character in key
	jumpe	t1,nochr		;quit if find null
	cail	t1," "			;less than "space" (non-printable)?
	  jrst	typchr			;no, skip special processing
	addi	t1,"@"			;move to upper case range
	push	p,t1			;save this character
	movei	t1,"^"			;type up-arrow
	pushj	p,.tchar##
	pop	p,t1			;restore actual character
	pushj	p,.tchar##		;type this character
	jrst	nxtchr			;get next character
	msgcr	<]>
>;end ftdeb
;initialize encryption procedure
	movei	a,key1			;location of encryption key
	pushj	p,crasz.##		;get encryption seed
	movem	c,seed			;save seed
;main i/o loop
	skipg	t2,nwdsr		;number of words remaining to read
	  jrst	iodone			;done if negative or zero
	movei	t1,bufl			;number of i/o words = size of buffer
	caig	t2,bufl			;unless less than that remain
	  move	t1,t2			;if so, use number remaining
	sub	t2,t1			;update number of words remaining
	movem	t2,nwdsr		;and save it
	movn	t3,t1			;negative of words to transfer
	hrlzs	t3			;put in left half
	hrri	t3,buf-1		;i/o list [-n,,buf-1]
	movem	t3,ilist		;input iowd [xwd -n,buf-1]
	movem	t3,olist		;output iowd
	addi	t3,1			;set up encryption word
	movem	t3,elist		;and save it
;fill buffer from input file
	in	di,ilist		;read input
	  jrst	inok			;input is ok
	emsg	IER,<Input error reading >
	jrst	inerr
;encrypt block
	move	a,elist			;aobjn word of buffer
	move	b,[1]			;block key
	move	c,seed			;encryption seed
	pushj	p,crypt.##		;encrypt buffer
;empty buffer to output file
	out	do,olist		;write output
	  jrst	loop			;output is ok, try next one
	emsg	OEW,<Output error writing >
	jrst	outerr
;data transfer is complete
	releas	di,			;release input
	releas	do,			;release output
	jrst	go			;set up to do it all again
;allocate space for input file specification
	troe	s,			;seen before?
	  tro	s,s.inx			;yes, remember
	setzm	sblki			;no, clear input scan block
	move	t1,[xwd sblki,sblki+1]
	blt	t1,sblki+sblkl-1
	movei	t1,sblki		;scan block for input file
	movei	t2,sblkl
	popj	p,
;allocate space for output file specification
	troe	s,s.out			;seen before?
	  tro	s,s.outx		;yes, remember
	setzm	sblko			;no, clear output scan block
	move	t1,[xwd sblko,sblko+1]
	blt	t1,sblko+sblkl-1
	movei	t1,sblko		;no, get scan block for output file
	movei	t2,sblkl
	popj	p,
;clear all answers
	setom	keyflg			;initialize key flag for scan
	trz	s,s.clr			;clear appropriate status bits
;clear scan blocks for .tscan and .stopb processing
	setzm	sblki			;clear input scan block
	move	t1,[xwd sblki,sblki+1]
	blt	t1,sblki+sblkl-1
	setzm	sblko			;clear output scan block
	move	t1,[xwd sblko,sblko+1]
	blt	t1,sblko+sblkl-1
	popj	p,
;process key switch
	troe	s,s.key			;seen before?
	  tro	s,s.keyx		;yes, remember
	setzm	key1			;clear key storage
	move	t1,[xwd key1,key1+1]
	blt	t1,key1+keyl-1
	pushj	p,.ascqw##		;input a string
	move	t3,[point 7,.nmul##]	;point to character string
	move	t4,[point 7,key1]	;point to key string
	setz	t2,			;set character counter
	ildb	t1,t3			;get character
	jumpe	t1,[jumpn t2,.popj1##	;done if null and at least one char
		tro	s,s.keyn	;null key
		jrst	.popj1##]
	cail	t2,keymax		;one too many?
	  jrst	t2,[tro	s,s.keyt	;yes
		jrst	.popj1##]
	caile	t1,c.spc		;"space" or less?
	caile	t1,c.zlc		;or greater than lower case "z"?
	  jrst	[tro	s,s.keyi	;yes, illegal character
		jrst	.popj1]
	idpb	t1,t4			;looks ok, save character
	aoja	t2,keyp1		;get next character
;read encryption key
ife ftdeb,<	movei	t1,io.sup		;no echoing>
ifn ftdeb,<	setz	t1,			;echoing>
	movem	t1,oblkt+.opmod
	move	t1,[sixbit\tty\]	;device tty
	movem	t1,oblkt+.opdev
	movei	t1,bcbt			;buffer control block for tty
	hrrm	t1,oblkt+.opbuf
	open	tty,oblkt		;open tty for input
	  jrst	[emsg	COT,<Cannot open TTY for input>
		jrst	go]
	setz	c,			;initialize character counter
	pushj	p,getchr		;get input character in t1
	  jrst	linok			;end of input
	caie	t1,c.ret		;return?
	cain	t1,c.lf			;no, line feed?
	  jrst	linok			;yes, end of line
	caie	t1,c.esc		;escape?
	cain	t1,c.ctlz		;no, control-z?
	  jrst	linok			;yes, end of line
	caile	t1,c.spc		;"space" or less?
	caile	t1,c.zlc		;or greater than lower case "z"?
	  jrst	[releas	tty,
		emsgcr	ICK,<Illegal character in key>
		popj	p,]
	caige	c,keymax		;character count at maximum yet?
	  idpb	t1,b			;no, deposit this character
	aoja	c,next			;get next character
	releas	tty,			;release device and finish input
	jumpe	c,[emsgcr	NKI,<Null key illegal>
		popj	p,]
	caile	c,keymax		;more characters than maximum?
	  jrst	[emsgcr	TMK,<Too many key characters>
		popj	p,]
	jrst	.popj1##		;good return
	sosge	bcbt+.bfctr		;any characters in input buffer?
	  jrst	getbuf			;no, read in next buffer
	ildb	t1,bcbt+.bfptr		;yes, get character in t1
	jrst	.popj1##		;and return
	in	tty,			;set up input buffer
	  jrst	getchr			;and try again
	getsts	tty,t1			;input error
	trne	t1,io.eof		;end of file?
	  popj	p,			;yes, that's ok
	emsgcr	TIE,<TTY input error>
	jrst	go
;type file error message and restart program
	movei	t1,oblki		;open block for input file
	movei	t2,lblki		;lookup block for input file
	jrst	filerr
	movei	t1,oblko		;open block for output file
	movei	t2,lblko		;lookup block for output file
	pushj	p,.toleb##
	pushj	p,.tcrlf##
	jrst	go
;set up for scan switch processing
	doscan	(crysw)
	end	crypt