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	"D"	"D"		


!^TTY output"D TTY input Requeued  1st above Execution  ~@X	 (' System Response:'/' Type'11X'Number'7X'Mean'2X'Deviation'/)(1XA10,1XI $10,1XF10.2,1XF10.2)(/' Type "start" for incremental values'/)%@(X@ @8	 
+ -<!$I DC<,C<,,@h   / P@j	 Q"D 4P / R / T / Vp Pr Rt4Iv"T"D V P 

 JC<,	D"W`Fe5$J`8`20J` R`@`@	`@
C<,C<,...(*dZD N L J H F  	*@"   F*d ZDC<,,C<,C<#,x@p@ @N E)p@ @N#X@08@$@(@(p@ @N'	D"`aj`20Jc_<F
`@ `20J"` R#`6"k$`	WJ%	D"
.JER	"`P4P5P4;mO63	D"	P	qG
_.S ?++)'!	D"o([&G$zA!]'I#5h04@(R7:1@@
@L&@t'@<(@)@$+@$.8 ((/+