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DISTRIBUTION PROCEDURE REVIEW DOCUMENTATION REVIEWPROGRAM REVIEW GENERAL COMMENTS    Were all files present and complete? If not, which files or parts thereof were missing?   Were all files readable in the format you requested?   If not, indicate the format requested for the programs and  describe the problems you had.Does the documentation accompanying the program meet orexceed the standard? If not, what improvements are required?Is the documentation complete?  (Are there unstated    restrictions or features?  If so, please indicate them.)    Is the documentation easy to use?  Suggest reasonable  reorganization if possible.   Is the program abstract in the catalog accurate in its description of the program?  What amendments would you suggest?  Are there "dangerous" features which installation managementmight want to disable before putting the program onto  a system? Did the program files all compile without errors?  If not,  list the names of files which did not compile or attachlistings of the compilations.  Also include the name and    version of the compiler. Did the program files load correctly? List names of    missing global references. Include the name and version of  the compiler.  Can the loading process be revised to take advantage   of the LINK overlay feature to produce programs   which run more efficiently?   If you loaded the ".REL" files you created, did the ".SAV"  OR ".SHR" files distributed match the file you created?Does the program perform as documented? List any  undocumented program error messages or monitor error   messages you discovered. List deficiencies which might be easily remedied or anyerror-detecting which should be implemented within the program.  Is the program easy to use? Are the commands or input  data formats ambiguous?  Is the program documented internally well enough for a user to make minor changes easily if necessary?   If you have made improvements to the programs or  documentation (if it is machine-readable) which might be    of general use, please attach the changed files as you now  have them and a FILCOM between your version and the    distributed version.Does the program provide the same service as programs  already available on the DECsystem-10? Which ones?Please enter below any general comments you have about the program or its documentation.  1    (//,' DECUS DECSYSTEM-10 LIBRARY PROGRAM REVIEW',//,' WHAT IS THE NUMBER OF THE PROGRAM YOU ARE REVIEWING? ',$)(2I)(/,' WHAT IS THE PROGRAM TITLE? '$)(5A10)(/,' WHAT IS THE VERSION NUMBER OF THE PROGRAM - OR SOURCE FILE',/,' CREATION DATE AS DD-MON-YY (LATEST DATE IF THERE ARE SEVERAL SOURCE FILES)? ')(/,' WHAT IS YOUR NAME? ',$)(/,' WHAT IS YOUR TITLE? (OPTIONAL) ',$)(/,' WHAT IS YOUR ADDRESS OR DEPARTMENT WITHIN YOUR COMPANY OR INSTITUTION? ')(/,' WITH WHAT COMPANY OR INSTITUTION ARE YOU ASSOCIATED? ')(/,' CITY, STATE  ZIPCODE ')(/,' COUNTRY? ',$)('.PS 58,65;.FLAG CAP;.LC',/,'^^DECREV.FOR VERSION ',A5,'\\',/,'.S 2;.TITLE <DECUS ^LIBRARY ^PROGRAM ^REVIEW',/,'.CENTER; <DECUS ^LIBRARY ^PROGRAM ^REVIEW',/,'.S 3;.LM 45')('.I -34',/,'<DECUS ^LIBRARY ^PROGRAM ^BEING ^REVIEWED:',I4,'-',I3,/,'.I -24',/,'<DECUS ^LIBRARY ^PROGRAM ^NAME: ^^',A10,'\\',/,'.I -29',/,'^SOURCE ^VERSION OR ^CREATION ^DATE: ^^',A10,'\\',/,'.S 2;.LM 25;.I -18',/,'^REVIEWER''S ^NAME: ^^',3X,3A10,'\\',/,'.I -19',/,'^REVIEWER''S ^TITLE: ^^',2X,5A10,'\\',/,'.I -21',/,'^REVIEWER''S ^ADDRESS: ^^',4A10,'\\',/,'.I 0',/,'^^',4A10,'\\',/,'.I 0',/,'^^',4A10,'\\',/,'.I 0',/,'^^',4A10,'\\',/,'.I 0',/,'.S 2;.I -17',/,'^DATE OF ^REVIEW: ^^',A10,'\\',/,'.S 2')(//,' FOR EACH OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS, PLEASE TYPE YOUR RESPONSE USING',/,' AS MANY LINES AS REQUIRED. PLEASE USE NO MORE THAN 80 CHARACTERS',/,' PER LINE. WHEN YOU FINISH YOUR RESPONSE TO A QUESTION,',/,' TYPE A <CONTROL-Z> CHARACTER.')('.LM 0;.S 2; ^^^&',12A5,'\\\&',/,'.S 1;.UC;.LS')(//,1X,I2,'.',(1X,12A5))(/)('.LM 10;.LE',/,(12A5))('.S 1',/,'<RESPONSE:')(16A5)(16A5)('.S 1')('.ELS')('.S 2;.LM 0;[END OF REVIEW OF ',A10,']',/,'.PG') TTY  + -<
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