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"/This file is for version 4 of the EXEC.  If you are running
  release 3 or 3A, see the file FILDDT.DDT./

"/These are patches to the version 4 exec to make it understand PASCAL.
  As written, pascal will replace SNOBOL as a known processor.  Any
  other processor can be replaced if you use its index instead of 4.  To
  see the indices of the various processors, look at LTAB.  The offsets
  from LTAB are the indices./

"/If you are using DDT rather than FILDDT, you may need to turn on
  creation of non-existent pages, or the $< command will fail:/


"/The following patch causes Pascal to be processed the same way as
  fortran:  a run switch is used to run LINK, rather than the exclamation
  point kludge.  This is because both use SCAN.  The CAIE is to be 
  inserted before a CAIN P4,LT.FOR.  Please check P1LUP+7 to be sure that
  it hasn't moved an instruction or two.  If an index other than 4 is
  to be used, this is CAIE P4,INDEX/

p1lup+7/<caie p4,4>

"/The following patch is optional.  It sets things up so PASDDT is used
  as the debugger for PASCAL.  Normally you pass DEBUG:NAME for language
  NAME.  Instead we cause module PASDDT to be loaded.  If an index other
  than 4 is to be used, the patch at SETDEB is MOVEI B, INDEX/

pat..+0/pas1:hrroi b,pat..+4
pat..+1/pushj p,tsout0
pat..+2/tlz p1,2000
pat..+3/jrst eolout


"/The symbol DEBAID is in a TRVAR or STKVAR.  Thus it is not really in
  the DDT symbol table.  Instead it will show as some offset from
  AC 15.  E.g. in our version DEBAID is 165(15).  To see what it is in
  your version open the location SETDEB+6, by typing SETDEB+6 and
  then a slash.  This will be a MOVEM instruction.  Its effective
  address is DEBAID.  E.g. in our version SETDEB+6 is MOVEM B,165(15).
  Thus we use 165(15) for DEBAID in the patch below.  Please be sure
  to replace DEBAID below by xxx(15), or this patch will not work./

setdeb/<movei b,4
pat..+1/camn b,debaid
pat..+2/jrst pas1>

"/The following are changes to the tables needed to make PASCAL known.
  If an index other than 4 is to be used, the offsets from LTAB, SIXTAB,
  PRTAB, and DBTAB should be that index.  Note that this does not add
  a switch PASCAL to specify the language.  That table (NAMES) must be
  in alphabetical order and thus is nearly impossible to patch in DDT./