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	title PASCNV - random type conversion routines

	search pasunv,monsym

	entry to6,from6,curjfn,setjfn

	extern relf.


	reloc 400000

to6:	;b,c - alfa
	;d - output
	movei a,6
	move e,[point 7,b]
	move f,[point 6,d]
to6l:	ildb t,e
	caige t,40	;treat ctl char's as blank
	movei t,40
	cail t,140	;treat lower case as upper
	subi t,40
	subi t,40
	idpb t,f
	sojg a,to6l
	movem d,1(p)
	popj p,

from6:	;b - integer
	;c - addr. of output

	movei a,6
	move d,[point 6,b]
	hrli c,440700
	move t,[ascii /     /]
	movem t,1(c)
from6l:	ildb t,d
	addi t,40
	idpb t,c
	sojg a,from6l
	popj p,

curjfn:	move a,filjfn(b)
	movem a,1(p)
	popj p,

setjfn:	move t,filtst(b)	;if file not yet initialized
	caie t,314157
	pushj p,initb.##	;do so
	pushj p,relf.
	movem c,filjfn(b)
	popj p,