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	title PASDAT - date routine for Pascal-20

	entry date,daytm.

	search monsym,pasunv


	reloc 400000

date:	hrroi a,d	;put in d
	seto b,		;current date
	movsi c,(ot%ntm);no time (date only)
	move t,d	;Fortran returns value in t,a
	move a,e
	popj p,

daytm.:	push p,0(p)	;supply ret addr; -1 will be returned value
	push p,a
	push p,b
	push p,c
	push p,d
	seto b,		;current time
	setz d,
	tlz d,777777	;RH(4) is time in sec
	imuli d,^D1000	;convert to msec.
	movem d,-5(p)
	pop p,d
	pop p,c
	pop p,b
	pop p,a
	popj p,