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	title PASDEB - module to initialize PASDDT from DDT


	.text \sys:pasddt/debug\


loc 74
exp pasdeb

;This module is obviously absurd.  It assumes that DDT is loaded, so
;.JBDDT points to it.  In order to get a PASCAL main program to
;start up PASDDT, .JBDDT must instead be pointing to DDTDB.  Since
;we don't want to change .JBDDT, instead we change the location
;the main program looks at.  We change it to look at a location
;in this program that does indeed contain DDTDB.

pasdeb::hrrz t1,.jbsa##		;look for place where startup looks at .jbddt
	hrli t1,-200		;assume within 200 of start
	hrrz t2,(t1)		;get address field
	caie t2,74		;is it .jbddt?
	aobjn t1,.-2		;no - try again
	caie t2,74		;did we find it?
	jrst notpas		;no -must not be PASCAL
	movei t2,[xwd 0,ddtdb.##]	;our pseudo-.jbddt
	hrrm t2,(t1)		;replace ref to .jbddt with addr of this
	jrst 770000		;and return to ddt

notpas:	outstr [asciz /
?	Doesn't seem to be a PASCAL main program
	jrst 770000