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 9r_0w;_H SYS:SORT.EXE	*  D F!"5+g B 
.* (B{Q"S!&!@@	("Q"<X"(0*"([ Q$A`  (([Q(A`<&4B,/B+@,/B	 D(D ( / H(!"\$4lQl ;@ B D([1BX+i	("%  $07 9  $8 5O (D{Q$ .&l&	"A-7@,~+,> `d"2"+jFaB~+:,>,> (B{	*6:.Q"XQ!&!,^,^,^,~_ [ <I 
#,(@	 ><O< p0"0b+=+6==>C==>C=	 @G=A==OAp@Ap,~ p .bK0"+F Ep@Ap@Ap,~ p DO p.3$K+A BP+A " Cp@Ap,~x[I+4+3	"(Qg~J\"t+s\"x+s\"}+s\"\"\" " 	 oU$@4r4r\"|<+?SRTFKF Failed to create subfork for SOR	 xT
?SRTSV4 SORT version 4 or later required.
?SRTNEC Not enough free space below  heap
?SRTXGF Can't get  , 	@"oUoUt(BIt/)t/)Z5HXi/HXi	:JO	)	 	D"ZCs~Onl~c,g2j6"iSl	KHY4]mVF^02F	
4u<6!|K@(T">(XwBK+luK+m	K1y=1TOsl <>Aj<
nK`6"k/	5"C*%>A+&r8zZ79r_UGUIUGa0UGmG[UGo	DUGt:UH0$UH16<UHFKWnrWC3YYZZ%Z9=2PZ9O/L``r%HQ`r'I=OOrc (