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This provides an interface to the compiler that avoids the interview
for the common cases of in-core compilation.

It contains a single function COMPILE!, and the Lispx and edit macros C:

	Calls the compiler to compile X.  If X is a litatom, its 
	definition is compiled and stored in the function cell unless
	NOREDEFINE, and the old definition if any is saved on the
	property list unless NOSAVE.  No printing of lap or machine code
	is done unless PRINTLAP.

	Thus, to simply compile the function BAR, do COMPILE!(BAR).

	X may also be a list form.  In this case, COMPILE! assumes that
	the user is interested just in seeing how that form would
	compile.  The form is embedded in a Lambda expression and compiled
	with PRINTLAP on.  Of course, there is no function-cell to be
	stored into or saved.

The LISPXMACRO C calls COMPILE! on the next element of the input line.  Thus,
will compile, redefine, and save the old definition for BAR.
	_C (CONS)
will show how a call to CONS would compile.

The editmacro C calls COMPILE! on the current expression if it is a list, or
on the form of which the current expression is an element.

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