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When the INTERLISP system goes into an "I/O wait" after printing the
prompt character, it is often useful to do some computations until
input from the terminal actually occurs (e.g.  check for new mail,
report the system load average, etc.).  IOWAITDAEMON accomplishes
this.  In essence, IOWAITDAEMON causes the system to go into a
DISMISS/READP loop rather than an I/O wait.  Any forms on the global
variable IOWAITDAEMONFORMS are EVALed; an integer should be returned
(if not then 1 is used) which says to wait that number of minutes
before the form should be EVALed again.
Forms are checked every minute (actually the value of the global
variable IOWAITEDAEMONINTERVAL in milleseconds) to see what should be
re-evaled.  You may dynamically add or remove forms from
IOWAITDAEMONFORMS either before or after loading IOWAITDAEMON.