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This file defines the function LOADFILES to help in loading groups of files. 

	loads the files specified by the file argument as modified by the
	dir and ext specification.  files may be a single file name or
	a list of file names.  If a filename includes an explicit directory and
	extension, then it is simply loaded.  Otherwise, dir (if given) is
	packed on as the directory for each filename without an explicit
	directory, and ext is packed on as an extension for each file without
	an extension. ldflg and printflg are the same as the arguments to LOAD.
	(Note that if ldflg is SYSLOAD, the indicated files will be made
	part of the "system".)

	The argument ext can be an atomic extension (without or without the 
	period), but it provides somewhat more flexibility.  It can also be
	a "preference" list of extensions.  In this case, loadfiles will
	scan through the list of extensions looking for the first one
	that exists and load that one.  Thus (COM NIL) means attempt to find
	a compiled file, but load the symbolic (with no extension) if the
	.COM version doesn't exist.

	The atomic extension COM is actually handled specially: it is mapped
	internally into the list (BCOM COM NIL).

	loadfiles will print the full-file-name of each file that it loads;
	it will cause a file-not-found error for each file that it cannot
	locate.  The value of loadfiles is a list of the files actually loaded.

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