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Mail check: This checks to see if you have any new mail,
every so often: not more than once every 10 events, and
not more than once every 5 minutes.

If there is new mail, it will print out
[Mail waiting -- 10:34PM from Deutsch]

Mail which is delivered by Mailer (i.e. network mail,
or mail which is sent while your message file is busy) will
just print [Mail waiting -- 12:34 AM] but no name.

This file also makes it easy to read your mail from LISP:
calling MSG() will start or continue a lower fork running <SUBSYS>MSG,
focussed on the MESSAGE.TXT file in your login directory.  (If the
MSG package is also loaded, then message processing will be done
entirely within LISP--see MSG.TTY for documentation).

NOTE: this package will not work interpreted-- you must
load in the compiled version.

--Larry Masinter