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This file is for use with SWAPHASH and swapped Masterscope
data-bases. It is useful for setting things up to pre-allocate a
swapped data base (rehashing in swapped data bases is very slow;
pre-allocating them to the right size speeds up loading in data
bases a lot).

The simple way to use this package is as follows: in a system with
a data base already loaded, load in MSDATABASESIZE.COM, and then do
a MAKEFILE(DBINIT).  This creates a file DBINIT which, when loaded,
will pre-allocate a data base.

The file MSDATABASESIZE contains a single function, MSDATABASESIZE,
that determines the space occupied by the current database. The
value of this function can be given to MSDATABASEINIT to
pre-allocate that amount of space before loading the database into
a new sysout.  This avoids rehashing during load-up, and thus makes
the loading of swapped databases much faster (since swapped
re-hashing is relatively slow).

MSDATABASESIZE takes an argument, FACTOR, by which all current
array sizes will be multiplied (NIL -> 1.).

This file also sets the variable DBINITCOMS such that a file dumped
with those commands and loaded into a new sysout will cause that
sysout's data bases to be swapped (the file <LISPUSERS>SWAPHASH.COM
will be loaded if it isn't already resident) and to be preallocated
with a reasonable increase over the current database sizes (FACTOR
is 1.25).

 Thus, in its most common use, you would simply load
MSDATABASESIZE.COM into your sysout and do MAKEFILE(DBINIT).  Then
include the file DBINIT at the beginning of subsequent
boot-strapping sequences. MSDATABASESIZE need not be present during
re-loading, only when updating the size estimates.

-- Larry Masinter and Ron Kaplan