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This package advises MAKEFILE so that you can't inadvertently write
out a file onto a directory other than the one it came from (or at
least might have come from).  If you do a MAKEFILE and you are
connected to a directory other than one which occurs in one of the
names on the FILEDATES property of the file, and the file has a
FILEDATES property at all (i.e. this isn't a brand new file),
the system will prompt you:

You are connected to <ZENO> where there is no TORTOISE --
 should I write it out anyway ?

Your options are Y (do the MAKEFILE), N (do an ERROR!), or E
(go into a lower Exec so you can do a CONNECT, and try again).

Default to the ASKUSER is Y (do the MAKEFILE).

(C response possible to askuser; MIGRATIONS is ALIST of
(olddir . newdir) of allowable movements).