Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - decuslib20-01 - decus/20-0004/time.tty
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This file contains (a) a redefinition of the function
TIME which prints out more information:

TIME[form;count]   executes form count times; if count is NIL,
		1 is used. TIME prints out a "Speed" table showing
		the number of PDP-10 instructions, CPU seconds,
		real seconds, and seconds of garbage collection
		time, and a "Space" table showing the number of
		conses, large integers, and floating numbers consumed.
		It also prints the load average at the end of
		the evaluation.

		The PDP-10 instruction counter is a feature
		available only on Maxc (This package will
		not work at any other site). The instruction
		counter fluctuates between 1 and 5% for a given LISP
		computation, having to do with how conses are
		allocated and how the swapping buffer reacts,
		but is independent of system load average (and
		thus provides a much more stable measure of
		computation costs than CPU time).

In addition (for compatibility with INSTRS package), there is
a LAMBDA function:

INSTRS[form;count] with identical operations.

The file also defines (1) the function PDP10INSTR() which
returns the number of PDP-10 instructions executed by the
current fork since its creation, and (2) the BREAKDOWN type
INSTRS, for measuring instruction counts with BREAKDOWN.