Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - decuslib20-01 - decus/20-0004/whois.tty
There are no other files named whois.tty in the archive.
 contains a single function WHOIS[NAME;FILES] which
 looks up NAME in all the FILES and prints out the entries
 for NAME.  FILES may be a single filename instead of 
 a list.  If FILES is NIL, then the value of WHOISFILES is
 used.  WHOISFILES is initialized to <SECRETARY>PARCPHONE.TTY,
 so WHOIS(NAME) will simply look NAME up in the Parc phone
 directory.  A file entry is delimited by the conventions
 used for that directory:
 any line which begins with something other than
 a space is considered to start a new entry.