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            DECREV - DECUS Library Review Generating Program


           DECREV is  an  interactive  program  which  produces  a
      carefully  formatted review of a DECUS library program.  The
      output file generated from the dialog with the reviewer is a
      "RUNOFF"  file  which  can  be distributed directly to other
      potential users of the reviewed program.   The  output  file
      can  also be used to produce documentation about the program

      User Instructions

           The user should type 
              .RU DECREV
      to begin using the  program.   The  program  is  essentially
      self-instructing.   Please note that the information entered
      from the terminal is written directly into  the  disk  file.
      This  means the user can enter "RUNOFF"-like text formatting
      commands with his replies to the  "DECREV"  questions.   For
      the  most  part,  this  is  not desirable, since the program
      outputs the questions in upper/lower case and the  responses
      in  strictly  upper  case, so no formatting of user response
      should be attempted.  Note that typing errors which are made
      when inputting an individual line may be corrected by either
      using the <CNTL-U> to erase the whole  line  so  it  can  be
      retyped   or  by  using  enough  RUBOUTs  to  eliminate  the
      offending character for  retyping.   After  the  <CR-LF>  is
      typed,  however,  the  only  way  to  correct an error is to
      complete the inputting of the review and then  go  back  and
      edit  the runoff file created using one of the standard text
      editors (e.g.  TECO).


           Avoid accidentally putting a "." as the first character
      on  a  line,  since  this  will  confuse  "RUNOFF"  when the
      "DECREV" output file is processed later.

      Error Messages

           No error messages are output by "DECREV".

      Program Origin
      DECREV - DECUS Review Generating Program              Page 2
      Program Origin

           This program was written in FORTRAN-10 by H.  D.  Todd,
      Wesleyan University Computing Center, Middletown, CT 06457.


           The program accepts the number  of  the  program  being
      reviewed  (default DEC computer system is the DECsystem-10),
      then creates the file DECNNN.RNO, where nnn is the number of
      the  program  being  reviewed.  The subsequent questions and
      responses are then written into the file by DECREV until the
      review is completed.  the file DECNNN.RNO can be edited with
      standard text editors to add, edit,  or  delete  information
      given to the reviewing program, DECREV.

      [End of DECREV.RNO]