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KWIC.IG%1-1[13 Oct 1978]/HDT

		KWIC Installation Guide


	KWIC.MAC		Source file for KWIC
	KWIC.STP		Original "stop list" file
	KWIC.DOC		Original documentation file
	KWIC.MAS		Original master testing file
	KWIC.RNO		Documentation source file for revised KWIC
	KWIC.MEM		Documentation file for revised KWIC
	   *.CAT		Testing files for revised KWIC.  May be
				copied together to form a single file for
				indexing.  Contents represent cross-system
				index of all higher-level language programs
				in different DECUS program libraries.
	XSYS.STP		"Stop list" for cross-system catalog.
	KWIC.SHR		Sharable version of KWIC .RUN file
	DEC10.NDX		Index of keywords used in sample run of
				file 'DEC10.CAT' against 'XSYS.STP'
	DEC10.FRQ		Frequency count of keywords generated from
				trial run of 'DEC10.CAT'

	KWIC.IG			This installation guide.

	To generate KWIC, just


	This version was revised on a KA-10 (5.07B monitor) and should
be compatible with subsequent DEC-10 monitors and CPUs.

	Copy KWIC.SHR and KWIC.STP (the default stop list) on to 
the library area or systems area in order to make it available for public use.
[At Wesleyan University, we have a public library area, WES:, and the
command  .L KWIC  searches the area WES: for the program in the same way
the .R command searches SYS:.  The documentation .MEM file demonstrates the use
of KWIC in this environment.]  KWIC will search the structure and PPN from
which it was run for KWIC.STP if the user fails to specify his own stop-list