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EDITS.DOC			22-Oct-71			RB

Differences between EDIT V12.4 and EDITS V13(15)

1.  The X command now works like the I command at the end of the
line; i.e.,  a <return> terminates and an <altmode> aborts the
expansion.  Text can be automatically appended Via X<text>$<range>.

2.  The increment arguement on the I and R command is now a temporary
arguement (the old method was to lock this increment in forever).

3.  If the LPT in not available to the L command, the program
now assumes DSK calling the file <input name>.LPT.

4.  The _EXPERT command now also kills the echo of deleted
data in "A" mode.

5.  The special character to shift case has been changed to a "'"
from a "?".

6.  New features
	a.  "." - Pointer mover
	b.  "^" - Top of page
	c.  "_INC" - Sets the increment used by I and R
	d.  "A" mode commands
		1.  E - set EXPERT
		2.  N - set NOVICE
		3.  <tab> - skip to end of line
		4.  X - eXpand line

7.  Temperarily the editor will be called via. CT command instead