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Summary of EDITS V13(15) commands:	27-Oct-71		RB

I	Insert	[Line number,Increment]
P	Print	[Range]
.	Move Pointer	[Line number]
D	Delete	[Range]
K	Kill page mark	[Page number]
R	Replace	[Range,Increment]
E	End (Exit)
G	Go (Exit and do LOAD, DEBUG, etc.)
B	Basic (Exit and strip line numbers)
Q	Qualm (Save all Edits)
M	Mark	[Line number]
N	Number	[Inc,Range,New line,M]
L	List (on device LPT)	[Range]

=	Give information	[Following data]

	INC	Present increment
	.	Present location
	BIG	Size of file
	CASE	TTY state
	ERROR	Last error message
	STRING	Last strings used
	DSK	Check DSK blocks left
	CHECK	Status of DSK error flag
	COMNDS	Number of unsaved commands
	SUBS	Number of unsaved substitutes

_	SET	[Following data]

	UPPER	Upper case
	LOWER	Lower case
	C128	Full 128 characters
	C64	64 characters (default)
	M37	Model 37 TTY
	M33	Model 33 TTY (default)
	DPY	Display
	EXPERT	Brief error typeouts
	NOVICE	Regular typeouts (Default)
	CHECK	Disk check on (default)
	NOCHEC	Disk check off
	RUN	Set run name and device (used by G)
	INC	Set the increment

J	Join	[Line number]
F	Find	[String-ALT-Range,N,A or X,E,Times]
S	Substitute  [Old string-ALT-New string-ALT-Range,N or D,E,Times]
C	Copy	[Destination line,Source range]
	or	[Destination line_Source file,Source range or /S]
T	Transfer  [Destination line,Source range] (Deletes old lines)

A	Alter	[Range]

	space	Type one character
	rubout	Go back one character
	tab	Skip to end of line
	C	Substitute one character
	D	Delete character
	Q	Quit - Abort
	I	Insert string - Altmode terminates
	X	eXpand - same as <tab>I
	R	Replace character(s) with
	S	Search for character
	K	Searce and Kill up to character
	L	List rest of line and reset pointer to the
			beginning of line
	P	Print rest of line but leave pointer alone
	J	Insert a CR-LF and append next line to remainder of line
	F	Same as CR except no echo
	CR or	Terminate Alter mode on this line
	E	Sets EXPERT mode
	N	Sets NOVICE mode

X	Expand	[Text-ALT-Range]


	,D	Confirm substitution
	,E	Exact quote of characters
	,M	Monotonic Renumbering across pages
	,N	No Type
	,A	Alter Mode
	,X	eXpand Mode
	,Times	Number of times to be performed
	/S	Search mode of source file
	-ALT-	Altmode
	.	Present Line or Page
	*	Last Line or Page
	^	First Line of the page
	':	Matches any Separator	(in C128 Mode)
	'/	Wild Character
	'%	Matches NOT the following character
	'7	Next character is taken literally
	')	Matches any number of the following character

	R:NEWNAM.EXT	Used in conjunction with E, B, or G to rename file.


	    FROM : TO	;Do operation between line FROM and line TO (300/3:700/4)
	    FROM ! #	;Do operation # times starting at line FROM (300/3!5)

	Line number, TO, or FROM  =  LINE # / PAGE #   or   / Page # (Whole page)


	Line Feed types next line
	Altmode in command mode types previous line
	Altmode in Insert or Expand mode aborts

	EDIT is entered by typing:  "EDIT FILE.EXT" or "CREATE FILE.EXT"