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"? No special procedure available."
"? No input files active."
" [Closing  output: "
"? No recording file active."
" ["
" now saved.]"
"Starting input: "
"[End-of-file on Sysin.]"
" [Closing  input: "
".   Resuming input: "
" [Resuming input: TTY]"
"--- There is no help in this case."
"? Illegal integer item:"
"? Illegal real item:"
"? Illegal long real item:"
"? Illegal boolean item (answer yes or no):"
"? Default answer not allowed."
"? "
"Switch: "
"  now turned "
"REPLACE will accept the Sysin input as a"
"replacement for the input line."
"SAVE will save the input line for the next question."
"ACCEPT will use the answer following the '"
"? Input file out of sync."
" [Input: "
"Replace, Save or Accept:"
"? Answer Replace, Save or Accept"
"         "
"         changes the switch: "
" (now "
"SAFEIO commands:"
"gives help information."
"Commands triggered by "
"Display-input (+ the *- and /-switches)"
"Trace (file messages)"
"closes and reopens current recording file in append mode."
"treats line as a comment."
"calls special procedure."
"followed by input overrides validity test."
"FIL.EXT  opens new input file in waiting mode. Default extension ="
"continues input in nowait mode."
"closes current input file."
"closes all active input files."
"FIL.EXT  opens new input file in nowait mode. Default extension ="
"FIL.EXT  opens new recording file. Default extension ="
"closes current recording file."
"prints this text."
"Anything else following "
" is just displaying current question."
"? No input file active."
" ["
" [Closing output: "
"? No recording file to close."
"? "
" is already recording."
" [Starting output: "
"No default"
"% Cannot open more input files."
"? Must be in the range ["
"Available commands:"
"? Unknown command."
"? Ambiguous command."
"% Warning. Recursive REQUEST call."
"!; %Warning. Stack level "
"? Can't read file:"
"? Can't create file:"
". Command ignored."