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Package Name:  TWOSID
Program Version or Creation Date:  1(2)
Author:  John Edgecombe
Submittor:  John Edgecombe
Latest Revisor:  none
Language or Program Requirements:
Hardware Requirements:
        Mass storage


     TWOSID will convert a  file  to  a  form  suitable  for
printing/typing  using  both  sides of the paper;  i.e.  the
requested RUNOFF switch values /ORANGE:ODD and /ORANGE:EVEN
TWOSID                                                Page 2

     Introduction:  TWOSID will convert any file into a form
suitable for printing/typing to use both sides of the paper.

     Input:  A file on generic DSK:, say FOO.BAR

     Output:  Two files on generic DSK:, FOO.RGT  containing
the   odd-numbered   pages,   and   FOO.LFT  containing  the
even-numbered pages.

     Option:  /RIGHT:nn  does  the  same  as  the  identical
RUNOFF switch, shift the output right 'nn' characters.

     Defaults:  Extension .MEM, /RIGHT:0

     Operation:  In response to the asterisk, type the  file
name, optionally followed by the extension and switch, e.g.


     Restrictions:   Only  the  default  generic  DSK:    is
supported, and a device may not be specified.

     Current status:  Running on a KA10, compiled by  BLIS10
versions 5(124) and 5A(206)-1.

     [end of TWOSID.RNO]