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VIDED  is  a  text  editor  especially suited for display terminals. The
display will always show a window of the text you are editing,  and  you
can edit by moving the cursor around this window.

VIDED  is  suitable  for source programs, manuscripts, reports, letters,
tables, diagrams, mathematical formuale  etc.  No  post-processing  with
RUNOFF  is  necessary, since most of the features in RUNOFF are directly
available in VIDED.

Files with information on VIDED:
VIDED.HLP   The text you are reading onw
VIDED.MAN   Full VIDED manual in English
VIDED.DIA   Version of the manual for printout on a Diablo 1620 terminal
VIDED.SWE   Swedish-language concise manual
VIDED.BLB   Short presentation of VIDED
VIDED.ADD   New features in VIDED (in English)
VIDED.NEW   New features in VIDED (in Swedish)

There  is  also a tele-conference on VIDED at the QZ computing centre in

To start VIDED you write
.R VIDED-fil.ext
where "fil.ext" is the name of the file to edit or create.

The  following  switches  can  be  given  on  the  file  name  or in the
IF no input file, or same input and output file, omit "=INFIL.EXT".
/T:<model> indicates terminal model. Can be omitted if unknown.
/N:n produces a line numbered file with increment n (default:10).
/-N removes line numbers.
/AUTOBACKUP:n = file backup for every n:th command. Suppress with n=0.
/MP:n sets number of lines per page (default:56),
/ML:n sets left margin (default:5).
/MR:n sets right margin (default:72).
/L:n sets number of lines per page (default terminal dependent).
/C:n number of characters per line (on screen or max allowed).
/P or /-P to govern page headers with page numbers.
/SPEED:n to indicate terminal speed in bps, controls filler characters.
/DCA use direct cursor addressing facility of the terminal.
/-DCA do not use the same facility.
/ALF the terminal has built-in auto-line feed at carriage return.
/-ALF no such feature.
/SWEDISH the text is in the swedish language.
/OPTION:<name> select certain lines from the SWITCH.INI file.
/COUNT:<word> word preceding page numbers on page top lines.
/RUN:<file spec> program to be run when user exits from VIDED.
/JE:c character ending paragraph when first in line (default='.').
/-JE to disable &JU, &FI and &FC command without explicit numerical parameter.
/S:n how much to show after &N-search. Default: The whole screen.


The character printed as & below is actually ALTMODE (once or twice)
or CONTROL-F. On some terminal types, & may another key on the
keyboard. Check chapter 4. of the VIDED manual.

&X      Skip to end of line       &I      Insert text
&-X     To beginning of line      &nV or CONTROL-V Insert blanks
&Ah v   Address screen            &nL     Insert n blank lines
&S      Search within screen      &LnD    Divide line
&N      Search beyond screen
&T or <TAB> To next tab position  TEXT DELETION
&nT     To horizontal pos n       &nD     Delete n characters
&TZ     Zero tab settings         &D      Delete one character
&TR     Restore tab settings      &nW     Delete last words
&TS,&TnS Make one tab setting     &U      Delete line up to cursor
&TC,&TnC Remove one tab setting   &K      Delete line from cursor
                                  &nK     Delete n lines
&FI     Fill paragraph            MOVING AND COPYING
&nFI    Fill n lines(ragged marg) &Qreg n Store n lines in
&nFC    Fill n lines compacting           Q-register
&nJU    Justify (even right marg) &Qreg m n Store box of width m,
&F-     Divide word and fill              height n in Q-register
&J-     Divide word and justify   &Greg   Get Q-register
&nML    Set left margin
&nMR    Set right margin          PAGE HANDLING
&LC     Center line               &nZ     Scroll screen forwards
&LU     Upcase line               &-nZ    Scroll screen backwards
&LL     Lowcase line              &PT     Find top of current page
&LnN    Renumber lines            &PE     Find end of current page
                                  &nPT    Find top of page n
STATUS, HELP, RESTORATION         &+nPT   Find top of n:th next page
&O      Get status                &-nPT   Find top of n:th previous page
&H      Type command summary      &nPE    Find end of page n
&nR     Restore jumbled screen    &+nPE   Find end of n:th next page
                                  &-nPE   Find end of n:th previous page
EXITING                           &P      Find top of next page
&E      Normal exit               &-0PT   Find top of current full page
&C      Cancel exit               &PF     Find page at end of file
                                  &nPS    Find too big/small page
MULTI-LINE ACTION &n*<command>    &PI     Insert page division
MASSIVE ERASURE &_<command>       &PA     Append next page
                                  &FB     File backup

WARNING: Always do the &R command after receiving messages
from the system, operator or from other users, like
"OPR:- Timesharing ends in 30 minutes"