Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - decuslib20-04 - decus/20-0135/comp/vilink.mic
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.ass dskb dsk
.copy dskb:libsim.rel=sys:libsim.rel[1,4]
.r link
*/symseg:none   ;Avoid local symbols
*/segment:high REL:simhgh          ;Must be first in high segment
*/segment:high termty,sscan,mmista,mided1,mided2,mided3
*/segment:high vtmcur,vtsynk,vtisng
*/segment:high sys:libsim[1,4]/search ;Place any libsim modules here
*/segment:high sys:simlib[1,4]/search,rel:helper/search
; version 401=4A, 115=(115), 137=where to deposit
.d 401 221 137
.del dskb:libsim.rel
.prot <405> DSKD:VIDED.EXE
.teco vilink.mic
*.d ^ED^ED^ED ^[i(^[3ci)^[rkiun
*-s(^[-d^[%n\^[^[ki 137