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00100	.NJ;.AP;.PS 60,65
00200	.center;VIDED conversion notes
00300	.s 2
00400		There were several versions of VIDED available at the time
00500	we tried to do the conversion.  We left in the SYS subdirectory
00600	the .EXE files for earlier versions; the sources for these are in
00700	the SOURCES subdirectory but will not compile with SIMULA from
00800	20-0078.  The  COMP subdirectory contains the latest versions of
00900	the VIDED system (files call MIDED there), and these do compile but
01000	will not load (multiply defined internal SIMULA symbols).  
01100		I leave the resolution of these problems to someone with more
01200	SIMULA expertise than we have.  This could be a very useful package
01300	if someone could devote the time to working on it.  If you do, PLEASE
01400	resubmit it to the DECUS library.
01500	.s 3
01600	.i 35;Dave Todd
01700	.i 35;Wesleyan University
01800	.i 35;31 Jan 81
01900	.page