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00010	OPTIONS(/e/l); COMMENT VIDED0 text editor for display terminals;
00020	CLASS qregister(qwidth, qheight, qname);
00030	INTEGER qwidth, qheight; TEXT qname;
00040	BEGIN
00050	  COMMENT qregister is a class containing segments of text which the
00060	  user has stored away for insertion in other places in his text. A
00070	  qregister is a square of text, with a width (characters/line) and
00080	  height (number of lines).
00100	  Qregister is a separately compiled class, since the class should
00110	  be available outside the body of VIDED1 and VIDED2 in the preamble
00120	  of the VIDED program, so that a user can retain qregister contents
00130	  between successive editings of different or the same text;
00150	REF (qregister) next_qregister;
00160	TEXT ARRAY lines[0:qheight-1];
00170	END;