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VIDED is a text editor specially suitable for display terminals.
The screen will always show the new text after each edit operation.

IF no input file, or same input and output file, omit "=INFIL.EXT".
"/T:n" gives terminal model number. Can be omitted if unknown.
/N:m produces a line numbered file with increment m (default:10).
/-N removes line numbers.
/MP:n sets number of lines per page (default:56),
/MP:100 suppresses headers and page numbers.
/ML:n sets left margin (default:5).
/MR:n sets right margin (default:68).
/L:n sets number of lines on the screen (default terminal dependent).
/P or /-P to govern page headers with page numbers.


The character printed as & below is actually ALTMODE (once or twice)

&X      Skip to end of line       &I      Insert text
&Ah v   Address screen            &nV or CONTROL-V Insert blanks
&S      Search within screen      &nL     Insert n blank lines
&N      Search beyond screen      &LnD    Divide line
&T or <TAB> To next tab position
&nT     To horizontal pos n       TEXT DELETION
&TZ     Zero tab settings         &nD     Delete n characters
&TR     Restore tab settings      CONTROL-D Delete one character
&TS,&TnS Make one tab setting     &W      Delete last word
                                  &U or CONTROL-U Delete line
PARAGRAPH JUSTIFICATION                   up to cursor
&J      Justify paragraph         &nK     Delete n lines
&nJ     Justify n lines
&ML[n]  Set left margin           MOVING AND COPYING
&MR[n]  Set right margin          &Qreg n Store n lines in
&-      Divide word                       Q-register
                                  &Qreg m n Store box of width m,
PAGE HANDLING                             height n in Q-register
&nZ     Scroll screen             &Greg   Get Q-register
&nP     Find top of page +n
&PnE    Find end of page +n       STATUS, HELP, RESTORATION
&PnN    Find top of input page n  &O      Get status
&0P     To top of current page    &H      Type command summary
&P0E    To bottom of current page &R      Restore jumbled screen
&PI     Insert page division
&PA     Append next page          EXITING
&PS     Find too large page       &E      Normal exit
                                  &C      Cancel exit

WARNING: Always do the &R command after receiving messages
from the system, operator or from other users, like
"OPR:- Timesharing ends in 30 minutes"