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 0@&'[zZ	 aS              B    .    /REGR     /STP      DSK  /OUT      	 jE    ~9    (K    HELP      /OUTPUT   N    LPT       CONTINUE  0    DSK  	 r     C    TTY  ?FINI      /FREQ     Z    I    /CORL     /BANK     ]    O    	 {A    /    0z        ,    TTY        FINISH    @INPUT.DAT _SAME      	 :    {[    `7     END       /TAB      pa         OUTPUT.DATP    	 
     LPT  DSK  SEQOUT    SEQINSEQOUT    RANDIN     BINARY     @B`	 D('+INPUT? (for help type HELP) '$)('+INPUT? ',$)('+OUTPUT? (for help type HELP) ',$	 L)('+OUTPUT? ',$)('+Either a colon was missing or the file name',' is too long'/)	 U(80A1)('+Device ',A6,' does not exist'/)('+Device  'A6,' cannot do input'/)('+De	 ]vice ',A6,' cannot do output.'/)('WMU',I3,'.',I3)('+Only a /COPIES switch may f	 follow a LPT:'/)('+Illegal character "',A1,'" in COPIES switch'/)('+Copies must be be	 ntween 1 and 63.'/)(I2)('+Only switch available if for the LPT'/)('+Non-director	 wy devices require no additional information'/)('+File name too long'/)('+Charact	 er"',A1,'" is not valid in a file name'/)('+Only one period is allowed in the fil	 e name.'/)('+BANK files must be read from the disk'/)('+Bank files can not be used 	 for output.'/)('+PROJECT or PROGRAMMER number cannont be longer'/'  than 6 character	 s'/)('+Illegal character "',A1,'" in PROJECT-PROGRAMMMER',' number'/)('+ Comma missi	 !ng between PROJECT and PROGRAMMER number'/)(O10)('+Nothing should follow the closin	 *g bracket for the',' PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number'/)('+File not found or protected'/)	 2('R ',4A1,4X)('+You must have answered this question in this',' program previously 	 ;to use "SAME" now.'/)('+You cannot do a /OUT while answering a /OUT'/)(' No outp	 Cut defined yet'/)('+To use the CONTINUE an input must have already been',' defined	 L.'/)(' The answer to this question defines where the program is'/' to find the data.	 T  It usually consists of a device, and'/' possibly a file name with or without a PROJ	 ]ECT-PROGRAMMER'/' number.  Devices may be specified by their physical'/' or logical n	 eame followed by a colon (:).  If the'/' device is a directory device (DSK, DTA), then	 n a filename,'/' extension and PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number may follow it.'/' If the devi	 vce used is a magtape or dectape, the tape'/' must be mounted, and in the case of a ma	 gtape it must'/' be positioned.'/'0DEFAULTS:'/' (1) If no input devices is specified 	 but a filename is'/'     given, the default device will be DSK:.'/' (2) If a device w	 hich requires a filename and extension'/'     is specified, but no filename is given 	 INPUT.DAT'/'     will be used.'/' (3) If no response is given (CARRIAGE RETURN is ent	 !ered)'/'     the default is TTY:.'/' (4) If DSK: is specified as the input device, bu	 )t no')('     PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number is used, the PROJECT-'/'     PROGRAMMER nu	 2mber of the job is used.'/'0EXAMPLES:'/'  DSK:DATA.DAT'/'  TEST.DAT[220,220]'/'   MTA	 ::'/'0The following responses may also be used after the first'/' response to this que	 Cstion.'/' "CONTINUE" - (For MAGTAPE) Use the next set of data'/' "SAME" - Use same de	 Kvice specifications as used before.'/' "FINI" - End of run.'/' "/PROG" - User may ini	 Ttiate the run of a bank program'/'          (STP, BANK, TAB, FREQ, CORL, or REGR) fro	 \m'/'          this program.'/' "/OUTPUT" - Redefine the output device, the program wi	 ell'/'             respond with "OUTPUT? ".'/)('0The answer to this question defines t	 mhe destination'/' for the program''s results.  It usually consists of a device'/' and	 v possibly a filename with or without an extension.'/' Devices may be indicated by the	 ~ir physical or'/' logical name followed by a colon (:).  If the device is'/' a direct	 ory device (DSK, DTA), then a filename,'/' extension and PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number ma	 y follow it.'/' If the device used is a magtape or dectape, the tape'/' must be mount	 ed, and in the case of the magtape, it must'/' be positioned.  If the device is a lin	  eprinter, the user'/' may request multiple copies by following the "LPT:" with'/' a "	 )/COPIES:" and the number of copies desired (1-63).'/'0DEFAULTS:'/' (1) - If no input 	 1device is specified but a filename is'/'       given, the default device will be DSK:	 :')(' (2) - If a device which requires a filename and extension"'/'       is specif	 Bied but no filename is given OUTPUT.DAT is'/'       used.'/' (3) - If no response is 	 Kgiven (a CARRIAGE RETURN is entered),'/'       the default is TTY:.'/' (4) - If LPT: 	 Sis specified and no /COPEIS switch is used,'/'       1 copy is assumed.'/'0EXAMPLES:' \/'  DSK:SAM.F4'/'  LPT:/COPIES:3'/'  MTA:'/)	"D"S< \` p @ p Bp p Bp p B p B= p	*"( B @C5  $.DC@d } D y D  D@d~ <,	*(@c <,@d & F?2d+3FC+2D+ <,,3D	D"`zZ@
`zZ@b9c(TbT`&'@`20J` R	 + <,, F+6D+ <,,4D <,, & F	D"`&'@`20J` R`&'@`&'@`20J` R`20J ` R 	 @*E
" <, 1D+ $ D  3F
+ 3&	+ 2f|+(	*U((* AF   H:*d& 1D(+ /&(  
 H.$8&1	(*E*3 1D+ 3D+4 | 
 F	*d6 $ DC D C 3F
+	*"A*; 3F+ 3F+; 3F+> 0f+  H	::C+9 *A(D <,,+ <, |_DZD  <,:; +H,	D"`&'@!`lZ"`zZ@5`zZ@=`zZ@?`20JD` RE`>Fc_<F
I	 @AL <,6D	+A<, <,+C1D+ A	5D.<,	T"T`<,+L`20JNc<F
Ycw]bw]	 *(` <, <,7D+\:C 3F
+ 3F+d 3F{+ <	 U
U*h,,+ C 2Fs+ 2Fz+k 2F+m 2Fw+n 	*U(U
q2Fj+p 2Fb+q 2F+s $.DC 
 D	 D
 $ D.dC C	*(Uy 3F
+ 3F+z 3&q+ 2fk+} 0f+  H	*A::C+y <, C <,+ <@	@@t@@d@T@t!@D"@$+@t-@t6@D@LF@	\P@
|j@Lv@t ,	D"`>_c_<F
``	W3a`zZ@e`20Jh` Ri`zZ@{`20Jc_<F
,+ 1D+ 
+	 	 D
 D	 <, _DZD	(
  <,:; +, <, <, ?0$0d+ ( 4D <, ( $	D"`20J` R`>c_<F
` R`vc_<F
`&'@bK^	(T( Da <, !&p83fK+ & F nA4FFK"F? ?1f2+"A$"&2.f? ?$.& F7f+( $ Da <,6$	D"`&'@b_9`&'@`&'@ `&'@"`zZ@&`zZ@'`&'@)e
hf*	"
++ ( $ Da <,@d <,+ A	4D C	 U *40D+
:C 2F{+ <,,+ C 3F
+5 "P<3F+; A	5D <,,	D"`zZ@+`&'@-e
hf.`zZ@/`TUR0`20J8` R9`zZ@<`20J?	*T*D(@+ | 
 F	*dA $ D C 3F
+ 3F+E 3F+G	((*I 0f+  H	::C+D <,,+r C	 PQ0D+
 <, <, <,3Dc2Fc7+3Df2Fg	 Q(T*Z7+3Dx2Fy7+Z3De2Ff7+\3D2F7+^3Du2Fv7	*E P(b+`3Dw2Fx7+b3D2F7+3Dp2Fq7+3Dh2Fi7+	*
E"k3Dm2Fn7+j3D2F7+$3Dt2Fu7+n3D2F7+p3Dl	(*(s2Fm7+@hB |ZD  	3H
+ 	3He+ 	3(q+ 	*@|3hk+x 	@	@
d@t @D%@+@</@/@41@L6@$6@|:@lA@$M@|O@$S@
T(T}2hv+ 	2({+| <, <,	D"` R@`zZ@F`zZ@H`20JM` RNb_9T`>Uc_<F
V`20J	*
*+:B1F+ <,,+*dv $3DB+ D  	3D
+	(U  
:1d++M  e F	 <, <, $ D:0d+ 		*U*Q(2Fe+ 	2Fd+ 
2Fl+ & F A	5F < TU,,+7DC+ <,,+ C 2D	D"c_<F
`20J` R`>c_<F
`20J` R`20J` R	*T*A""+= | 
 F	*d# $ D.dC C 3F+ 3F}+ 3&q	"T
T++ 2f++ 0f+  H	::C+& <,,+ <	"A 3, C <,+ <,,+ 1D+ 2D
+"& $* < 	 H	/$8&< 
 D	+9 <, <,	D"`zZ@"`zZ@'`20J1` R2`20J3c_<F
5`20J6` R7`>@	 (UA <, <, | 
 F	*dD $ D.dC C 3F+ 3F
	**Q*J+H 3F+J 3&q+3 2f+3 0f+1  H	::C	*Q*R+G 1D+ 2D
+"& $ 	 H	/$8&W 
 D	+T < 
[, <, <, <, C 3D	D"c_<F
^*U`:C C 3F
+" 3F+b <,,+ @	@4}@d@@ <@!$
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!@%d1@%L3@%6@%8@',?@'C@)<S@*\Z@*D^	*T(f D = D@d2DC+ <,7D+ <,,+ ( o4D <, ( $	D"`zZ@_`zZ@c`20Jd` Rec!hj`20Jl` Rl`&'@nbK^p	(T(r Da <, !&p83fK+ & F nA4FoFK"F? ?1f2+"Az"&2.f? ?$.& F7f+( $ Da <,6$	D"`&'@qb_9s`&'@t`&'@v`&'@x`zZ@|`zZ@}`&'@e
hf	"+ ( $ Da <,@d 1D+6DC+ <,0D+	 AD(
 <,+0 <, ( (  (	.=  F<	D"`zZ@`&'@e
`&'@`&'@	(U
Q(f FK 	 F A	4F s F A	4F h F7FC+f?	 
@3T@4!@4L&@3,& ),	D"`&'@`&'@`&'@`&'@`&'@`zZ@!`&'@"`zZ@%`&'@&	*P*() _D@ZD  <,:; @++,@d"& $ F? D6&K+	 (P
2 <,(3Ho2Jp+1 FK"F? ?1f2+"&2.f? ?$":.& F7f+( $	D"`>)c_<F
,` R.`&'@1bK^2`&'@3`&'@6`zZ@:`zZ@;	( = Da <,6$+ ( $ Da <,:; ?+1 <,  (F(5D <,,+ (	D"`&'@=e
hfBe>r&XE`&'@F`20JH` RH	*
 K (  <&
 F"(	.< F=@f!&2FK+	"S & FFK"F? ?1f2+"&2.F? <, C0D+ <, n*P\A	5D zA	4D <,+f"& $ F> D6&K	D"`&'@J`&'@L`&'@N`&'@P`&'@R`&'@Tb_9XbK^[`@\:_	 *b+ <,(3Ho2Jp+b FK"F? ?1f2+"&2.f? ? @k$.& F7f+( $ Da <,6$+ ( $	D"`&'@bbK^c`&'@d`&'@g`zZ@k`zZ@l`&'@ne
hfo`zZ@p	(*r Da <,:; >+b <,7D+ <,,+ jZD  
{!(p82hK+*dz <,,+ @	@L(@79@7D?@7|C@6TC@lE@8tI@:4T@:lX@;$[@;d_@,`@=j@=Tp@>
t@<dt@Lv@>ty	*T"U* D  D C DB $ DC!$ D+@d  D B DC+  (5D <,	D"`&'@re
hfs`}Kv`20Jx` Rx`&'@{`20J}` R~`&'@	"A Q 
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 F"(	.<	*"@  F=@f!&2FK+ & FFK"F? ?1f2+"&2.F? <, C"P1D+&+f C1D+ <,	D"`20J
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`&'@`&'@`&'@`&'@`&'@b_9	 ", <,,+ <,, <,,+ `  App	(D"
(  App  Ap = Ap  Ap,~p	`	*Q*E0aig?Xaig?p	x`a*E*"9ig?Xaig?`aig?Xa@	@?D@4|@
@L@Cd"@5%@>\.@C$/@>40@=t3@;6@8L7@8$8@7d;@0D>	*Q"U
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Iaig?Xaig?pa`d	(E
Rdxp	hkp=p	X ZDX	D"`20J` R`20J ` R!`20J"` R#`20J$` R$`zZ@Z	 @^GXIXMX fNP@	@0@@.,C@-E@<H@dI@$L@LO@
P@TS@	DT@$U@$W@Y@|Z@$]@\`@|c@Df	 D jU$	XV0	  rXY0X]0	 P{Pa$$Xc Xg$X	D"`zZ@]`zZ@``zZ@c`zZ@f`zZ@n`zZ@s`zZ@w`zZ@`zZ@	 @	lPU$	P"p$?h@	@di@	m@	dn@	tq@
@<@T@l	@\
@<@L	*P~P^XqX	@uX|PU	A'@	X~$	X	"@#0PU@	X	P@8	X$PU@	P	 D Z&$=X&X	"(b/hHpP^H	 U*kpP^8pP^^tP	 s2$	hX(|4	h@	@'|H@(
s@5<w@6$x@8|z	 ~`hX=	 XBXEXL ^X	D"`zZ@A`zZ@E`zZ@^`zZ@a`zZ@z`zZ@`zZ@`zZ@
`zZ@*?XiQX:&	D`zZ@`zZ@`zZ@%vf`&'P%vfl`&'PlX
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x6h`zZPh8b$	D`zZT8b$HCg
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XO*		@zL	Y}JZP7	D P64v9h%g|P6`zZP[;`zZP[;P5	D }P5%pP4tJ3`zZStJ3zu=`&'Pzu	D"
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2I/1k@8{*S7oSW	D"qp25fWb8g/#p?Y{M=2!&	D"]Ca{8S}	r+{9y-5WIl	D"/kv8?v{s	i{%-!Z5	D"WC3Svgu%UE-;{7S-36Gs
u6&/''1 M	D"
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	D" %|A-!
?-&W&E"8U2	D">M-" w3?#&C
!	*E	D"UAq;wj9s&	
ID"tOf9K5%3;	972 s
NtC@}hBzZ8#       @X (' ENTER HEADER')(16A5)	"O% \ <,, <, <,"& $ F D 2F+>*@; + ,~XX	D"
NtC`20J` R`zRc_<F
`8#@`8#@`8#@`zZ@ @@	@`zZ@`8#@
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F~8b$`zZT8b$g?`zZPg?%V'`zZP%V'&/`}hBP&/	xj`zZPxj`8#P0K[;`zZP[;/85`}hBP/85	P4_tJ3`zZS_tJ3h>l`}hBPh>l/88`}hBP/88
F|	h>i`}hBPh>i%i`zZP%i
E>+a~`zZP+a~	qG	D"S?+o[G	
a@@@|	@@,@<(( (TO[0(TO[@9 jG	"D"
I    E    (    )    D    O    	 9    0    I    O    A    8X`     PROBLEM   PROBLEM SEE DICK HOU CHARD @h (400A1)(I5)	"(O%[r \ p @ p @ #p B <," $ F	 D  <,	*E(E:; 	+,"  D  2D+>8&
 <,@d:	*"T  2d+ ZD    3H+*d  3&+ 2f(*U+"& $ F D.2d+ ZD  .  	D"(TO[`vc_<F
` R
`9 j@
`$6`9 j@`9 j@`9 j@	((Q* 2H+1F++*d . 3&+" 2f+%:; +	"E *) $. D"&/.   H.$8&,"$.D+@d D $	*A"D1 D:2d+ 3F+2 3F+2 3&+ 3f+  : 	D"`9 j@ `9 j@$`9 j@&`9 j@,`9 j@-`9 j@3`9 j@5`9 j@6`9 j@8	"P*(: HJ:3&+2+ $ D   F*d> $ D    F*(@C:: 3&+ 3f+A 2D+"& $  H	D"`9 j@:`9 j@:`9 j@?`9 j@B`9 j@B`9 j@D`9 j@E`9 j@G`9 j@I	"D"J/$8&I  D+G <, <, <, <,  3D+	(T
S" $ D     HJ:2d+<:8&T+2 $. D $*[ D	  	D"`9 j@J`9 j@L`>Mc_<F
P`9 j@Q`9 j@U`9 j@V	*
]3F:	 3F>	7F	+:+\"&. $.2d+" $	**P*e F D $. D /  D     HJ:2d+W:	*U"Qn8&j:; +f  D+2"$. D7F+" $ J H.$*(v8&u+0 <,+ $ D" $@h6  
 J2J+ * J6	D"`9 j@\`9 j@^`9 j@k`9 j@k`9 j@u`9 j@u`$6x`9 j@{`9 j@|	" ~ 
 J2J+ * J6 
 J2J+ * J6:
3j+ ( H.$8&{( @	@\@#@t)@$0@|9@=@TG@	M@
Dp@4q@T~@|@$@L	 A,~P(xP	(@@P$ @x	D"`9 j@~`9 j@~`9 j@`9 j@`9 j@`9 j@
`9 j@nzj`9 jPnzj	"{48j`9 jP8j

Zo7`9 jP
Zo,!	@h 4G`9 jP 4G
0P80KP7	D"P7P6pP6P5P5P4	7
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	"OK`9 jPO
PH	D w05w04	j`9 jPj2j`9 jP2j
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	D"i1=+i2{i	0gS	D"o?~[S{ca?3+uj	D"{ic%,i{Uwc)of{Ayb}#[f	D"bi'GbU3^bAT3T	D"wuIpcu5uOIu!q;G	D"p5m'>p!n9p
@t@	d@	t@
@|(( 3yg03yg@}hBzZ9 jG"$    uF    uA    vI     CE    H    9    0    ALL  -    *    L    ,    X     P    $ @)(	 	(' WHICH VARIABLES FROM THE BANK?'/)(5A1)(I5)('-ERROR:  There are',I7,' variable	 s in the BANK and limit is set at',I7/9X,'Program proceeds, ignoring the excess'/)	 ('-ERROR: Variable string too long, Contact computer center staff'/9X,'for help'/)	 "('-ERROR:  Picking up 0 variables from the BANK, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Illegal e	 +ntry for range    "',3A5,'",'/' Re-enter the entire list')('-ERROR:  Variable numbe	 3r',I6,' does not exist, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Illegal range specification, Try a	 <gain'/)('-ERROR:  No variable selected from BANK, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Variable 	 D"',A5,'" does not exist, program continues'/9X,'ignoring it'/)('-ERROR:  The follo	 Mwing',I6,' variable names do not exist,'/9X,'Program continues ignoring them:'/(10(1X	 U,A5)))('-ERROR:  Variable "',A5,'" is not of the required ',A1,'-Type,'/9X,'It wi	 ^ll be excluded in all analysis'/)('-ERROR:  The following variables are not of the 	 frequired ',A1,'-Type,'/9X,'They will be excluded in all analysis:'/(9X,10(A5,1X)))	 o(' ')('-ERROR: Variable "',A5,'" is used more than once,'/9X,'Program proceeds ignori	 wng the duplicate'/)('-ERROR:  The following',I5,' variables appear more than once,'/	 9X,'Program proceeds ignoring the duplicates'/(9X,10(A5,1X)))('-All or some of th	 e variables located in a structured data BANK may be'/' used for the analysis.  A "AL	 L" or "*" may be entered if all of the'/' variables are to be used.  Otherwise, enter	  the variables by either'/' their NAMES (as previously defined in the data BANK) or b	 "y their'/' variable numbers separated by commas.  Ranges of variables may also'/' be 	 *specified by typing the extremes of the range separated by a "-".'/'-Multiple lines a	 3re available to enter the list provided the'/' last character in the line is a comma. ;'/' The list should be terminated by an altmode or a carriage return.'//)	"@E:]h6 \C p @E p @w $ DF $t Dm $>.&$>$.$ Dp $	 U .&$ D@dG Dw D"F $@h
"m $@h.$8&  <,, $ D@ <,	D"
3yg`9 j@`9 j@`9 j@`9 j@
`9 j@`20J` R	("U* t0D+ <, H2DD+ I2DD+ I2DG+ J3DI+	 U
 "&$ $$ Ds s H2DI+>s8&+Odt s H2FH+ & Ft	 QT*%1D+ G2FH+ H3F+ H2F+&>s  FH H I Fz	*E*
.*d-@dA"s $ Fp D H F3FI+2FH3FF+2F3F+4 A	"U"60(+2:A F z+7  &2F+2D3D+!:G I F"A $	*Q*T? Do o z2hE+ z3(E+A:o8&? |2DI+"& $ z Hz"TG/$8&F I Dz+D <, <, <,	D"`lZ`}K`zZ@(`zZ@+`zZ@4`zZ@;`9 j@=`>Jc_<F
K	("M G <, 3DF+6b@0b+B+44 G@f <, <	 A*
U, 3FG+ 3FF+W 3FF+6b@0b+O+4R4R:G	("U*^ F F &"F6b@0b+\+4a4]@dA H I Fz*dd:; p*Ef+17dA+b $ D@+9 	D"`vLc_<F
N`9 j@S`>Tc_<F
U`9 j@V`9 j@W`9 j@^`9 j@_@	@\@4@"@D%@+@,,@|,@\9@,<@TJ@
e	*"E(j D3dF+ F F@fw FE & F" $ F~ D.p D <,	 A(E
r <, /$$$ Dq 2F+"q. F" $ Dm m$$		*@T { | D E1(3D+1H0D++}:
7w L(+ w	(EQ*3D+:w (	$m 'w H
"$.E4$4D+ 3D+
 <,	D"`9 j@i`8Brc_<F
s`9 j@w`9 j@`9 j@`9 j@`9 j@	`9 j@	 Q( <,+
 t1D+ G3dF+ <,, <, $3$G+ P <,,3d+ <,"G $ F} D"	D"`20Jc_<F
`20J` R`}K`20J` R`zZ@`}K	 Q*0F+7&+6&+ <,/$ D"/&.  Fz Dm m T
( <,:m; z+',6$+
 <,  3f	D"`9 j@`9 j@ `9 j@!`20J#c_<F
(` R*`zZ@+`}K,`9 j@-	(*.+" <, <,++:; }+ $.p D <, <, $	(@(
7 D $ D3d+  F 6F+  F" $ Dm m$$	*? w2D+:w  H
	D"`9 j@.`20J/c_<F
6`9 j@8`9 j@9`9 j@;`9 j@<	(*D
B	m H
'| J6+:m8&>:w  F
+ 7F"@K+:w I H
H`9 j@B`9 j@C`9 j@D`9 j@G`9 j@H`9 j@I`9 j@J`9 j@L`9 j@M	"AE
N 2h+I $(	 'w H
 $(	 '|H6+Ow r0$2$++5F@	@
i@@lx@t@|@,	@D@
E@<J@4T(QUY" $ Dm 
m$*	 m 3F/w+:m8([:w I F
	D"`9 j@M`9 j@N`9 j@O`9 j@Q`9 j@Q`9 j@S`9 j@T`9 j@V`9 j@\	 PD
`w&"F H
+ Hw0D2d+.$ DG r DF	"U
D*i+ r2d3dw+f+_ $.w DG7Dr+2d+ DF F3$G+k	*"Tq w F?.$/G.Dw $.D"&.G/F G:? *	$
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/|J6Dw+  	D"`9 j@``9 j@a`9 j@b`9 j@c`9 j@c`9 j@d`9 j@y`9 j@{`9 j@{	*(U*~ D" $ Dl l$$	 w2D+ l DF+p:l8&  DF w	(T* F?.$/G.dw I F
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	D"`9 j@4`9 j@7`9 j@8`9 j@:`9 j@<`9 j@=`9 j@>`9 j@?`9 j@@	 (*J J 
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>&	$F+| F6	D"`9j@W`9j@^`9j@`20Ja` Rb`zZ@b`}Kd`9 j@e`9 j@{	*"E } F.B F

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!`9j@&`9j@&	#*T'EH663H+5D 6	"A*01H+.:E 
 H+:; +"$.4$5d <, <,	D"`9 j@'`9 j@'`9 j@(`9 j@(`9 j@-`9 j@/`9 j@1`9 j@2`20J7	(
A(8+5 <, <," $ FD D  <,:; D+=, < A,,"$@	@-Dn@-s@(<y@,
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3@5<4@6d9*AB.E4$<,	D"c<F
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F	((H E <,"E $ FD D  <,:; D+K, <,,	("T"P w1d+@f DF $ D $. DG G3DF+ G/&/F G	*@*U*Y Dm m   
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L` RN`20JO` RP`9 j@Z`9 j@[`9 j@a	*(b m3FF+"&.FF.m/F m 
 7 H6.$8&f m* j DG+U"$.DF+]"$.4$5d <, <,+ <,	D"`9 j@a`9 j@f`9 j@f`9 j@g`9 j@g`9 j@h`9 j@h`20Joc<F
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B@\D@8<G@8lO@84P@;<`@<4k@;lm@=lq@>y@L{@?,}@=d}@,<@<@@	$@	4	 D
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v`Rx`20Jy`Rz`20J{`R|`zZ@	PX
$$F	  XX"X())$X	D"`9 j@`9 j@`}hB@`zZ@`9 j@`zZ@!`zZ@$`zZ@'`9 j@*	 @ ,1$P@>(5P@>X@	@	D@	\@
T@@,@@@\!@$@,'@*@t,@/@L0@\4@"d6@"t:	@=7X=XBE$XB$	D"`zZ@,`9 j@/`}hB@0`}hB@6`zZ@<`zZ@?`zZ@B`9 j@E`zZ@G	 JXK$$X	( SoXV$$uXa @[
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\@9D^@9t@=tb@>e	AgyX p<	D"`zZ@b`9 j@e`zZ@g`9 j@k`zZ@m`zZ@pP\?zM`}hBPzM	Y;J`9 jTY;Jnzj`9 jPnzjn?%\j`}hBP%\j@8j	D"`9 jP8jPr@A
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UXJup-C@p@>g@>,j@>dk@?m@?4p((rJ M@Ks0M@Ks@}hBzZ9 jGxrp"@=    >    <    
	{S20J.`E`H20J9`0 R-`TTYR;c'<F  L    A    ,    PX hM              P     @ `	 ('-',29X,'SELECT OPTION:'/)('  SELECT OPTION:'/'  ?',$)(72A1)('-ERROR:  Inva	 !lid entry, Re-enter the line'//)('+ ?',$)('-ERROR:  Variable "',A5,'" does not ex	 *ist, Re-enter the line'//)(I5)('-ERROR:  Missing '' in an A-type variable'/9X,'R	 2e-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  Too many values in the string'/9X,'Re-enter the line'/	 ;/)('-ERROR:  Multiple values can only be performed on a ''EQUAL'' CONDITION'/9X,'R	 Ce-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  ',15A1,' Is too long for A-type variable,'/9X,'Re-ente	 Lr the line'//)(37X,72A1)(G15.0)(I15)('-ERROR:  Cannot have a decimal point in a I	 T-type variable'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  No qualifier accepted, Try ag	 ]ain'//)('-ERROR:  Too many qualifiers requested'/9X,'Program will ignore the last 	 eSELECT statement'//)('-SELECT option allows the program to consider only those observ	 nations'/' meeting user specified criteria.  Instructions to the SELECT option'/' (QUA	 vLIFIERS) are entered on a line or on separate lines.  Each'/' QUALIFIER contains 3 ba	 sic parts:  VARIABLE, CONDITION, and VALUE or'/' VALUES to be compared against.  The 	 variable may be specified by'/' either the variable NAME (if previously defined), or 	 the variable'/' number (in the case of data BANK file, this is the number associated'	 /' with the BANK).  The CONDITION may be one of the following:'//6X,'CONDITION',5X,'M	 !EANING'/6X,9('-'),5X,7('-')/9X,'=',10X,'equal to'/9X,'<',10X,'less than'/9X,'>',10X,'	 )greater than'/6X,'<= or =<',6X,'less than or equal to'/6X,'>= or =>',6X,'greater than	 2 or equal to'/6X,'<> or ><',6X,'not equal'//)(' The value to be compared against must	 : be of the same type as the'/' variable it is compared with.'//' Enter each QUALIFIER	 C immediately after the ? is typed out by the program'/' Several QUALIFIERS may be ''O	 KR'' together by entering the QUALIFIERS on'/' a line separated by semi-colons (;).  E	 Tnter a ^Z, a carriage return or'/' a blank line immediately after the ? to signify th	 \e end of all'/' QUALIFIERS.  Up to 20 Qualifiers may be specified.'//' EXAMPLE: To co	 ensider all those observations in which variable 3 is'/11X,'not ZERO, and variable 5 i	 ms less than 4 or greater than 8.'//11X,'SELECT OPTION:'/11X,'?3<>0'/11X,'?5<4;5>8'/11 vX,'?^Z'//)(37X,'SAME AS THE PRECEEDING RUN'/)	"gdXz \z p @ 3D+ <,, <,, <, <," 2D}+ 	D"
`9 j@	* A"
2D|+	 2D+ 3D+ 2D{+ 2D+ 2D+	" Q
 3D|+@d D
@d"&$ $$ D  2D+>8&+"U( $ D   F*d   F&	D"`9 j@
`9 j@`9 j@`9 j@`9 j@`xr@`9 j@	*Q"U
 *d@d D   D3D+ ZD  3F+*d$:0d	"U
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".D 1 <,, <,	D"`9 j@`9 j@"`20J,` R,`zZ@-`}K.`xr@0`20J1` R2	 U"@3 <,+  D 3$~+ 3d}+ <, <," $	* < D  
3D+:8&< 1D+ <, <,6$+/ <. D,	D"`zR3c_<F
:`9 j@=`}hB@?`20JAc_<F
B`zZ@C	*"U E 2D+"& $  H/$8&G  D+E  D <, <	 (*M, <, <, $2$++ 0&
+2D+ 2f++: V F  
6	D"`}KD`>Lc_<F
O`xr@Q`}hB@S`xr@U`xr@V	(DW J+ 2d++.$&$ D (>.&(>$.$. D <, A _ <,:  F".&$&. F$&	 * H+W 	D"`9 j@V`9 j@X`9 j@[`9 j@\`8B_c_<F
``xr@``xr@a`9 j@e	"
+R:6f $>.&$>$.$ D $."E(o&$ D" $ F D. D <, <,	D"`xr@f`xr@h`9 j@i`xr@i`9 j@j`9 j@l`9 j@m`9 j@o`8Bt	*A
Tu ZD $&	 %3F+*dv:; +r+A 0$
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u`9 j@w`xr@{`xr@}`xr@`9 j@`xr@`xr@`9 j@		*U
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@d   D	(D* 0F+3D+ <,,+-:  F+ 2$~2d}++(:@	@4@L@,@@
{@@T@D E0d+  F&:2f+ 	D"`9 j@
`9j@`xr@`9 j@`20J` R`9 j@`9 j@	*E"  H2H3H++:1d
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11d+ <, <,+-  &2D+> &
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	D"`9 j@`20J$` R%`20J/` R/`20J2c_<F
3`9 j@5`xr@7	 A
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$. <," $ F D  <,:; +>,:	"*DB   H\2d+ 3F+3F+ 3D+ <, <,	D"`xr@9`xr@:`>;c_<F
?` RA`xr@B`xr@C`}hB@G`20JI	(A(QJ+1 '2D~+ '3D~++" $ D  &2D{+ $.6b (S0b++444U:8&O $@	@@L@"@t"@<&@t*@L,@.@D.@\0@4@DG@J@dK@DN@DT@V@<V	*P
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& J &/$8&Y" $  H&.$8&\   F*`*d_ 1D+ <, <, <,	D"c_<F
J`9 j@K`9 j@L`9 j@P`9 j@Y`9 j@Z`9 j@]`>bc_<F
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m`20Jn	(Do+- $3$+ <,,3d+ <D,+q <,,".D(x+u <,	D"` Ro`xr@p`20Jr` Rr`zZ@s`}Kt`20Jv` Rv`xr@w	  @y, <,,6$+ <t, 3D+ <,, z,~ X	D"`20Jy` Ry`20Jz` R{`zZ@{`}K}`}hB@}`20J` R	 @XXp	 
@$X X%X"p@$P@	@LW@h@\n@4p@Lu@dx@D}@l@@L@<@T@l	@|
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	D"`}hB@/`9 j@4`}hB@5`9 j@:`zZ@;`zZ@>`zZ@A`zZ@D`9 j@H M$&@	@@$@ @$#@	D$@	T(@	d*@	t.@l/@|3@<5@L9@\;@D>@lA@$D@4G@4J	 NXM@$P	" V@'PN(
XP	X	D"`xr@L`9 j@M`}hB@O`9 j@S`9 j@Y`xr@^`9 j@d`xr@i`zZ@j	 @nYX^	XgOX @v6@Xw	D"`zZ@m`zZ@p`zZ@s`zZ@v`}hB@y/E 
`xrP/E zM	`}hBPzM09g\`xrP09gnzj`9 jPnzj%\j`}hBP%\jb<W8j	 `9 jP8j
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_tJ3`zZS_tJ3h>l`}hBPh>l}/88	`}hBP/88\7`9 jP\7
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8gcD#9?	8S	D"5+-5\IX8?^{r-!Y"uh,)"e5za2[T$aN,Q%	D"2GVG
a	D"&,%8}^8i	D"&C.
s@$v@ty((| &&L0&&L@}hBzZ9 jGg[(8#vL NAME:  ',A5	 	/30X,'TIME-DATE   :  ',A5,2X2A5/30X,'TITLE',7X,':  ',16A5/30X,'FORMAT',6X,':  ',16A5/	 4(43X,16A5/))(30X,'DATA FILE   :  ',A10/30X,'CREATED ON  :  ',2A5/30X,'BY PROJ-PROG	 :  ',A1,O6,',',O6,A1/30X,'NUMBER OF VARIABLES IN THE BANK.',5(' .'),I7/30X,'NUMBER OF	 # OBSERVATIONS IN THE BANK',4(' .'),I7)(30X,'NUMBER OF VARIABLES USED',9(' .'),I7) +('-',29X,'DATA FILE   :  ',A10,A1,O6,',',O6,A1)	"S:5p \0 p @ <, <, <, <, 0D+ <, @ <,7D+ <, <,	D"&&L`u?`;F3`20Jc<F
	`20J	"
 2D1+,1D+xxX @(	D"c<F

eO}u@eO}u@`}hB@`vL@	 $@@@(X "0@$@	D"`vL@eO}u@eO}u@`8#@`g[@`}hB@ `}hB@#`9 j@$`zZ@%	 '$$$X'$X(/+0$$$	D"`9 j@&`zZ@'`9 j@'`9 j@(`}hB@)`}hB@.`}hB@1`zZ@1`}hB@2 3$	@`}hB@2`zZ@3
AAzM`}hBPzMnzj`9 jPnzj%\j	 `}hBP%\j8j`9 jP8j

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v3g?`zZPg?%V'`zZP%V'&/`}hBP&/xj`zZPxj	`8#P0`g[P00K0[;`zZP[;/85`}hBP/85	D8Cg`vLRD8Cg_tJ3`zZS_tJ3h>l`}hBPh>l/88`}hBP/88
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S#? +	D"!+o[G'
@t@4@$@D@T@| @
1((41 3+;03+;@}hBzZvL
TTY   @P	 ('1',A5,'  W.M.U.   ',2A5,4X,16A5,3X,A5,4X,'PAGE:',I4/)('1',A5,'  W.M.U.   ',2A5,9X,1 	2A5,18X,A5,4X,'PAGE:',I4/)	"a<P \
+ $ D <,:7D+ <, <,+  <, <,	D"3+;`}hB@`zZ@`;F3`zZ@`8#@`20Jc_<F
`20J		(
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`}hB@eO}u@`8#@eO}u@`zZ@`}hB@ @@$$	D"`vL@eO}u@`vL@eO}u@`zZ@
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v3g?	`zZPg?%V'`zZP%V'&/`}hBP&/xj`zZPxj`8#P	0K
[;`zZP[;/85`}hBP/85D8Cg`vLRD8Cg_tJ3`zZS_tJ3	h>l`}hBPh>l/88`}hBP/88
F|h%?eO}uPh%?4|	`vLP4|h>i`}hBPh>i%i`zZP%i
E>+a~`zZP+a~	D"	qGS?+
@(((T$1@zZ(S ENT.R FOENCLO(ED IH PAR(@ES:L	 A)< M'-TYPE ONLY)'/SYSTEM0ERR'gORrCONTACToCOMPUTERsCENTERed'/DSKnSEQINA@ation must comply with the FORTRAN-10 Format'/' requirement. The FOR	 MMAT must also be enclosed in parentheses'/' and be no more than ',I3,' characters in 	 Ulength'//' Example:  ENTER FORMAT ENCLOSED IN PARENTHESES'/11X,'(I2,F3.0,1X,F2.0,I1)' ^/)	"E O$lH \^ p @ p @ !p @2 $ D@f F F2F+ <,	 @ 0H3D++ <,, 1(2F+ <,  <,	D"(T$1eNOt@`$6eNOt@`20J` R
`20JeNOt@	(
 0$+ <, 0D+ <, <,"&( $( D3 3 
T*2Df+>38& $ D+ 3 D@d3:32d+ 
2Ff+ 3	"T"Q""/&/ 3 
2Da+ 2D`	*U
**+) 2Dc+* 
2D_+ 2Dc+/ 2De+0 
	*Q P(33D`+ 
2Db+ $ D" $ .2 
f J'.$	*QU
3Da+' $ D &/ $ D3 3 
3D_+:38&@:	*D _ F
"$. D <, &/ $ F D3 3 <,:3; (L+J, <, <,	D"c_<F
K` RMbK^N	*(O+" $ 
2Hd+"(.H.$8&Q $.&$.	*P"P*X2d+6 .2 <," $ F D3 3 <,:3; +],	" ` $.&$.D 0$+6b0b++44+ <,+3 i <@	@t@$@,
lg	 Q i,,+ (. D3 <, <,+ ^,~h
xfX	D"`TURO`>Zc_<F
^` R`bK^h`20Ji` Rj`20Jmc_<F
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do@,q@|s@4t@lw@z@T{@d~@l@	,@	\@	l@$@\@
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Zo%[4/83g?`zZPg?+E3%V'`zZP%V'xj	D"`zZPxj&EW_u8
0K^P7P7P6m$*	"P6[;`zZP[;P5P5	P4	%p
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\+s{gU	D"{D!'SRooz}??Qzi>S	D"G^zU8?3KzA3+e@J	D"@Io[@G@39731	D"2tUgotAo
a!$i%E~}hBzZ9jG	"D"s may-onta. of *llow/mbol?X,'*"?   + ;"@ALL +HELP EMPTYSTOP6OBSay$y ofr,E H9'ds:0//6X-'ALLL   H@,EMPTX`PBS'/)$ @0	 (' ENTER # OF VARIABLES OR VARIABLE NAMES'/)(I5)(I5)(5A1)('-ERROR:  Number of vari	 ables ',I6,' outside allowable range,'/9X,'Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name list 	 'too long, contact computer center staff'/9X,'for help'/)('-ERROR:  Reserved chara	 0cter "',A1,'" in variable name'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name "',A5,'" is reserved'/)	 8('+Re-enter the line'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name "',5A1,'" starts with a number'/)	 A('-ERROR:  Variable name "',A5,'" is used in variables ',I5,' and ',I5)('-Enter c	 Iorrection in the order:  VARIABLE #, COMMA, VARIABLE NAME OR A - TO DELETE'/)(I,A5	 R)('-This line defines directly and indirectly the number of variables to'/' be us	 Zed in the analysis.  If a number is entered, it is assumed to be'/' the number of var	 ciables and variable name option is not selected.'/' If a variable name list is entere	 kd, the number of variables is'/' counted from the list.  Variable name list should co	 tnform to the'/' following rules:'//' (1)  The list is composed of 1 or more lines.  I	 |f more than 1 line'/6X,'is needed the last character in the line must  be a comma.'/6	 X,'The list must be terminated with a carriage return or an altmode.'//' (2)  Variabl	 
DmLz \+ p @ <,,@d 0 2 F*d <, $ D   Q 0D+7`++ 2D-+ 2D,+
 2D/+3`20J` R`9 j@`lZ`zZ@	`9 j@`9 j@
`9 j@	(U3D1+"& $ D  2D2+>8&  D 3F+ 	*E(3F>" $ D  3(.+ 2h-+:8&" $  @! H.$8&  	D"`9 j@`9 j@`9 j@`zZ@`9 j@`9 j@`9 j@`9 j@ `9 j@!	(
#2D2+"& $  H/$8&% 2 D+" <, <, <,	 @"T(+ <,7d+0d+" $ F D 0 2 F*d1  <,	D"`9 j@"`9 j@%`9 j@%`9 j@'`>)c_<F
,`9 j@1	 A"4 <, <, <, 2D2+ 1  F*d9 2 D+7  < <, <,	D"`>3c_<F
6`9j@7`9j@9`9j@9`9j@;`>=	"P>D <D G,"&$ $$ D  	D"c<F
>`9 j@>`20JAc_<F
B`zZ@C`}KD`20JE` RF`}KG	(Q
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