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<++2	`X0X"P2"H@-TAB  GENERALIZED   CROSS-TABULATION   PROGRAM                    ('-*** W.M.U. CROSS-TABULATION PROGRAM ***'//)('-ERROR:  This BANK was created with an experimental version of BANK.'/' Please update the BANK by running "BANKUP" from area [220,220].'/' If you are not responsible for the BANK, contact the owner and'/' ask him to run the updating program.'/)(' SPECIFY UPPER LIMIT FOR # OF CROSS-TABS--',$)(I)('-ERROR:  ',I3,' for upper limit is illegal, Try again'/)('-WARNING:  OPTION NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME'/)('-ERROR:  Number of variables',I6,' outside allowable range, Try again'/)('-')a=`(BANK T    DATA TTY  FORMADUMP )    {H{ V2   DSKC (80A1     + -<^%  D
, D	@dFOf8"&+F9 & F0 &,F0 F & F7 D8 <,^>,^B <,{{ <,C/ <
+ F3*d"@d< 0D+' <,IM $.26b0b+++)4@4+ <,^?1<,^B A3Dc 	 D
 D D*d>+O <
,\# 0D+G@d <,YV 1D+G <,I+O $ D  D
  F*dJ"D $4 ( H=.$8&M 1D+R $2 D	+Z <#,^>,^B <&,^> <),^B6d	+Z <*,^> <-,^B6 9+R+0 $, D
 0D+^ </,^>,^B@d &$	 D(.D. DD <,~Y7@H+l <2,^> <5,^B6$9+h <,3 $.26b0b+l+j4@48 F DJ.D DI.D DF.D DE.	 DC.	 DK J &I F I &I F F &I F E &I F C &I F $I D <,
 <6,^>,^B+ <,^DHD						`DHFJhD

xDpD@0E12452@0E13452x9X8LP0@>=X8QX8jX9o$	X8o$	X8uX8z$DX8('-',29X,'OPTIONS AVAILABLE:  FORMAT',13('-'),A3,5X,'TOTAL %',10('-'),A3/50X,'HEADER',13('-'),A3,5X,'COLUMN %',9('-'),A3/50X,'SELECT',13('-'),A3,5X,'ROW %',12('-'),A3/50X,'EXPAND',13('-'),A3,5X,'PHI COEFFICIENT',2('-'),A3/50X,'EXPECTED VALUE',5('-'),A3,5X,'LAMBDA STAT',6('-'),A3/50X,'MISSING DATA INCLUDED',6X,'THETA STAT',7('-'),A3/52X,'IN CALCULATIONS--',A3,5X,'GAMMA STAT',7('-'),A3/50X,'TAU A,B&C',10('-'),A3,5X,'EXPAND SYMBOLS---',A3)(' Please wait, your data is being processed'/)(' ENTER DATA')(' Format assumed: (80A1)')('-Warning:  Illegal character in observation:',I7/9X,'Program proceeds ignoring the observation'/)('-',29X,'Number of observation read in.',6(' .'),I9/30X,'Number of observations used.',7(' .'),I9/30X,'Number of cross-tabs requested',6(' .'),I9/)(1H1,16A5)(' NUMBER OF OBSERVATIONS READ IN =',I9/' NUMBER OF OBSERVATIONS USED',4X,'=',I9/' NUMBER OF CROSS-TABS REQUESTED =',I9/)('-ERROR:  No calculation done on 0 observations.'/)YES  TTY  @NO   x.002 `.001 X00001SEQOUT    SEQINDELETE    RENAME    SEQINDELETE    [Mk \{ p @} !p @ !p @ !p @	 !p @ !p @ !p @ } Ds $
 D| $ Dz $ D1 13D}+$ <,X:8 ~ ~ F4 0F+ | F4*d <,^> _D
ZD  <,^B:; 
+  <,^B 20D+C :2D}+C $>.;&$>$:.$ D
::.$&$ D{ & F"{ $ F D/$$$ D
(+ J' .	 *	$
(0 J' . 
 J'.$8&7:; +/+K"} $ . 

Q J' . 
 J' .	 
qJ'.$8&D0D@d90D+O<,T\<,"l.$D0$D1^0F+U&^F1*dS"+u <(,^>,^B $ D-"$.-$}.$ D -$} D
; +,^B:x $2$9+< & F
4D:2d9+;49/&. Fx C F" $ D6b0b++
2J C@5$2+-O (
3j C@5$2+-O (
3* C@5$2+-O (
2* C@5$2+-O (
2j C@5$2+- $
$. x  
 3D9+; 2H+:+.  2H+:2D9+6 $ D
+{ O 
+{:-+v $ D. -1d+$>-.D/ $2$
,|3D+H.ds+E <0,^< 1D+L <4,^<@dy"
+F).$3D+n@$3D $ H D <8,^? <:,^B ZD:2f)+`   4 H	m*d[:; +X )( D.$>&$> D@f" $ F D <<,^? <>,^B ZD:2f+n   4 H=*dh:; +f .  D-"- $:y. 
	m J 4+ <A,^? <C,^B 	m H4 ( H.$8&} $2$+ <E,^? <G,^B D )( D" $:0h>+ 
= J 4+ <J,^? <L,^B = H4 ( H.$8&7d+ <N,^? <P,^B:; +N 1D+ <S,^= <U,^= s Dt $ D6b.0b+ +4u4$ $.x D
1<X,^> <[,^B+{"12D}+, <],^>"< $ F D  <`,^B:; +),^B <a,^> <d,^B 13D}+3 <g,^> <j,^B <,XL6d/+; <l,^>,^B7$9+: $.26b0b+:+944 <,3 
 F) .  D-"- $:. 
'J**Hu*.	'H1.$8&F"<s,^?"<u,^B.ZD:2f)+Z   4 H	m*dU:; +R )( D.$>&$> D{@f"{ $ F D <x,^? <z,^B ZD:2f+h   4 H=*db:; +` <,(B:; +@ 
 Ju y. .	  F1.$8(x $> D@d" $ F~ D/$$$> D .& F 2F+".; F6f9+
" $@h.$8&
+Q" $ F| D & F@h F:2d9+K 9/&$. F
3F++<,^?4<,^B4F44C4F" $ D
(42J C@5$A+<O (
(43j C@5$A+<O (
(43* C@5$A+<O (
(42* C@5$A+<O (
(42j C@5$A+< $
$.43HC+A @h+3D9+K 2H+:+=  2H
3J@5(+D: D 7D+Q:8&N+k"- $ u. '/($. H} <,^? HZH (>$. <,^B:; +X,^B.$8&R" $ F D 1F+f"- $: *>$
(K J 
.$8&b:;+&-D-@f.D/<,%~:;~+7d+p&-D-.D/<,%~0D+d12D}+y<:; +s { } Ap,~pvpvpsptpsP}
^Psh	HzH
^Pth	hz@>4hz@>4h|@>4h|@>4h|@>4h|@>4`z>X|>PtX8O
^Pth	hz@>4hz@>4`z>X8EP0
@>4P0}$ KX0h$3X8i
$;$/$Y$;$/$FORM HEAD SELE EXPA EXPE MISS TOTA COLU ROW  PHI  LAMB THET GAMM TAU  EXPS $    (' OPTIONS?'/)(4A1)('-ERROR:  Option code "',A5,'" does not exist, Try again'/)('-Warning:  Cannot use FORMAT with a data BANK'/9X,'Program will ignore this option'/)('-Options available are:'//' 	CODE	DESCRIPTION'/' 	----	-----------'/'	FORMat	Option to enter own format; default: (80a1)'/' 	HEADer	A line of at most 80 columns to be used as header'/' 	SELEct	Option to consider only those observations meeting'/' 		user specified criteria'/'	EXPAnd	User specified upper limit for number of cross-tabs (initially  set to 100)'/' 	EXPEct	Expected values for cells'/' 	MISS	To include the missing data counts in all calculations'/' 	TOTAl	Percentage of total for each cell'/' 	ROW	Percentage of row total for each cell'/' 	COLUmn	Percentage of column total for each cell'/' 	GAMMa	Gamma statistics'/' 	LAMBda	Lambda statistics'/' 	PHI	Phi coefficients'/' 	TAU	Tau A,B and C statistics'/' 	THETa	Theta statistics'/' 	ALL	All options listed above'/' 	NONE	None of the options listed above'/' 	SAME	Maintain the same options used in the preceeding run'///' Enter the desired option codes in a line separated by commas.'//)S    {@E    ALL  *    HELP A    ,    `M         $NONE C%w \ B <!,^>,^B $ D <!,zc 0D+ Q <!,3 2D B+ W 2D F+ W 2D H+ W  3D D+!  E@f*d W  G  H FM*d Y@dO"&$ $ FL DP  FP3F H+!2F G3F6+ d3FQ+ d O0(+!:O F M+!  H D <!,^@ <!,^B 3F F+!
3F I+!2F D3F E+!  EZDJ J B3F+ s*d l <!,^> <! ,^B6$9+ K <!,3 $2D2+ v $3DJ+ w J & F 20D+ | J0D+ | <!",^>,^B 1D+!  G  H FM*d ~@dO:P; L+ ] $ D6dO+ d+! $ D2D2+! & F <!%,^>,^B"&.  ( H.$8&!
+! <!(,^>,^B6$9+ K <!,3  B,~h IX8QPS@MX8S$X8Y	X8Y	X8b_$    ('-',29X,'CROSS-TAB LIST:')(' ENTER CROSS-TAB LIST'/)('-ERROR:  Program will ignore the following illegal CROSS-TAB string:'/9X,72A1)(9X,'Re-enter the string'/)('-ERROR:  ',5A1,' does not exist, Program will ignore the CROSS-TAB string:'/9X,72A1)('-ERROR:  ',I4,' Number of CROSS-TABS outside allowable range'/9X,'Maximum is set at',I5,'.  Program will ignore the string:'/9X,72A1)(35X,72A1)('-ERROR:  No CROSS-TAB contained in the list'/)('-The CROSS-TAB list defines how variables are to be tabulated.  Either'/' variable NAMES (if assigned) or numbers may be used.  The list must'/' terminate with an altmode<ALT>,dollar sign or a carriage return<CR>.  '/' More than one line may be used to specify a list provided the last'/' character in the list is a comma.'//' Several symbols are mandatory to be used with the list:'//'	SYMBOL	FUNCTION'/' 	-----	--------'/'	  ,	Separates  variables within a level'/'	  -	Separates ranges within a level'/'	  /	Separates levels within the CROSS-TAB'/'	  ;	Separates CROSS-TABS within the list'/'-Examples:'/' AGE/SEX;5-7/SEX<ALT>'/' 1/2/3/4;AGE/15,20/HT;IQ/AGE<CR>'//)(35X,'SAME AS THE PRECEEDING RUN'/)S    {@E    H    ALL  -    TTY  *    ;    L    /    A    ,    X`M         P    $Y'@ \"a p @!/ !p @!1 !p @!2 !p @!_ !p @!k p @!^ 13D"e+"v <$f,^>,^B <$i,^>,^B <$d,zc !40D+"{ <$],3 !42D"d+# !52D"c+# !52D"g+# !63D"k+$S !42D"b+# !52D"h+# !52D"j+# !63D"c+$V"	 $ .!k@j'.$8&#@d!^ D!k "b "j FE*d#
"&$ $$ D!_ !_ !42D"j+#>!_8&#7d!^+$P+$Y !43D6+$O !43D!i+$O@d!+ D!i $ D!3 D!3.!i D!2 "i@f!,*d#@d!f "i "j F!b*d#:!i3d!_+#!7`!f+$E+#G !i !4 D!g3D"j+#2D"g3D"f+#*2D"h3D"e+#*2D63D!i+#*:!f1f D!b+#6d!f+#G <$l,^>"&/!_.!2 !2 F![ D!Y !Y <$o,^B:!Y; ![+#/,^B6$9+#4 <$],3 !21D+#9 13D"e+#9 <$q,^> <$t,^B <$v,^>,^B <$b,zc+# $.!i D!02d!_+$E"&/!_.!0 !0 D!h !h !4 D!03D"f+#2D63D!i+$O:!h8&#A+$E <$`,%#6b!40b+#K+#I4#K4#`4#R !j2D"d3D"f+#["!/ $ D!Y !Y.!1 3D!j+#^:!Y8&#O <$y,^> <$|,^B"&/!_.!2 !2 F!f D!Y !Y <$,^B:!Y; !f+#W,^B+#2@d!Y !/.!2  D!j+#m !Y.!2  D!j !g3D"e+#e6b!30b+#e+#c4#f4#j $ D!3 !3:!, !3$&B.!, !j H|{+#w !3 !3$&B.!, |{ F!Y $.!Y D!h"&/!j.!h !h !3:
7$L/|{.$8&#p"$$D!3%!g2D"h3D"e+#2D"g+#|:!31f+#+#+ $ D!1"!3 $ !,$H!1.$8&#~ !^.!1 D!,3d	+$ <%,^> <%,^B"&/!.!2 !2 F!b D!Y !Y <%,^B:!Y; !b+$,^B6$9+$
,^B+$Y"!1 $ .!^.!k 
!3 J'.$8&$ !1.D!^ !3&!, D!j !3.!k F!\"!j $ F!a D!h !3"!, $ !\.!_ *B$
/|{ J' !3.H!\.$8&$:!h; !a+$ $ D!/"$.!3 D!g"!g !g F!` D!h.!k D!\ !h !-$f!/$!, !1& H!j"!j $ F!+ D!X !h"!, $ F!m D!Y $B$!h.!Y |{ D!0"!/ $ !\.!_ 
!0 J' !3.H!\.$8&$5:!Y; !m+$1:!X; !++$/>!h; !`+$( !3$!1.D!k"&/!i.!2 !2:!+ 
!4 J E.$8&$A !i3$!_+# 13D"e+$H <%
,^><%,^B!!43F6+$O!43F!i+$O!42F"h+$O<$^,zc+#6d!^+$Y<%,^>,^B69+"v+$U<%,^>,^B6$9+"v<$],313D"e+$Y<%,^>,^B"a!/Ap!^Ap,~h!4"k!4`!b!/!4!jh!4"k!4h!4"k!4X0!mX8!pX8!s$!4X0"@$EX8!{X8!~	@!b$!4X8"
' J /$8&%0 % %" F+%- %" D% <%E,^@ <%H,^B D% <%K,^@ <%N,^B %0&2f%+%=+%A & F%+%A %" D% <%P,^@ <%S,^B % % Ap % Ap,~P%%@%P%%$%P%%@%Y>}0 p @%V p @%V p @%W p B%W3 %V+%` @%W+%l %W(.%V ; D%X $.%W D%Y"&/%V.%Y %Y D%W %W(.%V ;2D%X+%k:%W8&%g"$.D%W %W Ap,~@BLANK     G?-m \%{ %| D%n $ D%o &3&)+& F* D) D*"- $ *  
 H= *  
2H%}+&	 %} H=.$8&& $ D	m =3F%n D* $2$-+&x $ D%o"&/-.%o %o F%v D%z/$$. D%n"- $ *.%n  
 H%p *.%n  
2H%}+& %} H%p.$8&& %p2D%n+&P"$.*4D&/5d&M:*2d
+&w:)").( ) H%u D%s 	l F	m"- $ %s(. 
 9 J ;.$8&&%>%s; %u+&# $ D	m D*"- $ %p H=.$8&&-+&w"- $ D%s %s =2H%p+&5:%s8&&1:	m+&w:*2d
+&w:):* * J%z 
(%p3,(=+&= * J%z3()+&= F%z+&G").%z ) F%s D%o 	l F	m"- $ %o(. 
 9 J ;.$8&&B>%o; %s+&@"- $ %z(. 
%p&J ;.$8&&H&%z%&F	m+&w%$%D%p<&|,'%s  %p2H;+&Y:%s8&&S %z:	m+&w:):* %z(.%s %s  %p3(;+&d & F	m"- $ )(. 
%p J ;.$8&&`+&w ) 	l F	m ) & F	l"- $ %z(. 
 ; J = %z(. 
%p J ;.$8&&h+&w )2D*+&s:*2d
+&w:)+F%z+&G,$.*D%pD%z3D)+&R<&z,'p%pg?@ \' p @' p B& #p B' ) D&0@+' * D&"- $ F' D'.'  F' & D'(.'2f;+'3 &(.'3F;+'S & D' *2$
+("&/).' ) F' D&~ 	m F	m"- $ &~(. 
 ; J =.$8&'$>&~; '+'":):* $3D'.d* ' & F	m"- $ '(. 
/ J ;.$8&'.+( & D'(.' ;2f'+'> &(.' ;3D'+'S *2$
+( &.$ D' &2D)+'+') &.&7 .$( D&~(.' ;3F'+'R &~(.' ;3d'+'H &~ D& &~(.' ;2$'+'L &~ D& &/&/$4$'P5d'> & D'+' $.& D'+' &~ D' '3D&+'^/$ D'
 D&~ &~(.' ;3D'+'] &~.$ D&+'^>&~8&'X '3D&+'i.$ D'
 D&~ &~(.' ;3D'+'h &~/$ D&+'i:&~8&'c &/&1$+'m:'; '+'+( '3D-+(.$ D'	"-/&.'	 '	 F' D&~ &(.&~.' 3D;+( *2$
+( & D'(.&~ &~.' 3f;+'} &.$ D'"&/).' ) F' D' 	m F	m"- $ '(. 
 ; J =.$8&(>'; '+("- $ '(. 
/ J ;.$8&( ' & F	m.f*:) $3D'.d*+(:&~; '+'r &:	m+( &(.- ;3D'+( <(,3 
 D).$ D* ' & Ap,~,    (1H-,I1,'-WAY CROSS-TAB BETWEEN VARIABLES : ',4(A5,A1,1X))('-WARNING:  More than',I4,' sets of symbols encountered. No further symbols'/8X,'will be added to the table, but the counts for those symbols'/8X,'in the table will be accurate.')('-*****************************************'/)_W  \(? !p @( !p @(" 71d+(G <),XL $.D7 <)/,^> <)2,^B &/- $ F(! D(  ( .(" .( <)3,^B:( ; (!+(L -.(" .( <)5,^B *3d
+(W <)7,^> <):,^B $ D(  ) D("$.-4$)4D(~ $.73d7+(^ <),XL $.D7 <);,^>,^B <),,%Z (  D(! <)*,%Z (" .( $ D(@ <)',)U (" .( $ D(@ <)%,)U (" .(  F/ .(  F0 & F. <)#,.
 $.( D(!2d(+(z &.73f7+(w <),XL $.D7 <)>,^>,^B+(c $.( D( O2d)@5&)+([ $.73d7+) <),XL $.D7 <)A,^>,^B <)!,%Z (" .( $ D(@ <),)U (" .(  F/ .(  F0 & F. <),.
 $.( D( O2d)@5&)+(~ (" .(  F/ .(  F0 & F. <),.
 (?,~p( (p( (`2(@( (@`)(@( (p(!(`2(@(!(A`2(@( (@`((A(!(`)(@( (X0("$-$(($X8(($
X0(:X0(:X0(:(6X,'VARIABLE: ',A5,' = MISSING')(6X,'VARIABLE: ',A5,' =',F12.3)(6X,'VARIABLE: ',A5,' = ',A5)(6X,'VARIABLE: ',A5,' =',I12)@_W" \)T p @)F p B)E p B)F p D)E )T D)D )F(.)E3D;+)b )F.&6b0b+)b+)`4)h4)o4)w &.73f7+)e <),XL:7 <*,^> <*,^B+)~ $.73d7+)k <),XL:7 <*,^> )F(.)E <*,^B+)~ $.73d7+)r <),XL:7 <*
,^>+)F(.)E3<*7+)z,<),XL:7(<*,^> )F(.)E.<*,^B+)T,~X0)G$)EX0)J$)E(;X0)N$)E$;X0)Q$)E$;,3X)1H./ 6HTOTAL., 15(I7,1X))7H EXPCT.,15F8 .1)       7H TOT %.,15(F7.2,1H%))  1H./ 1X,  ,1H.,15(I7,1X))7H COL %.,15(F7.2,1H%))  (3X, )    .    7H ROW %.,15(F7.2,1H%))  ('-',5X,'VAR:',17X,'VAR: ',A5/6X,A5)('-VAR:',17X,'VAR: ',A5/1X,A5)('-',16X,'TOTAL'/14X,8('.'))(14X,'.'/1X,F13.3,'.',I7)(14X,'.'/9X,A5,'.',I7)(14X,'.'/1X,I13,'.',I7)(9X,'TOT %.',F6.2,'%')(14X,'.'/9X,'TOTAL.',I7)(14X,'.'/6X,'MISSING .')(14X,'.'/6X,'MISSING .',I7)(I2)(I2,'(')(14X,'.'/6X,'MISSING .',14(I7,1X))(6X,'.'/' MISS..',15(I7,1X))('-')(' CHI-SQUARE =',F13.3,' WITH ',I7,' DEGREES OF FREEDOM'/)('+HAVING A PROBABILITY OF ',F10.7//)('+CORRECTED CHI-SQUARE (YATES) =',F13.3/)(/' FISHER''S EXACT PROBABILITY FOR OBTAINING'/4X,'(1)  THE GIVEN TABLE =',F10.7/4X,'(2)  A TABLE AS PROBABLE, OR LESS PROBABLE'/9X,'THAN THE GIVEN TABLE = ',F10.7//)(' PHI-COEFFICIENT   =',1PG16.8)('-WARNING:  Program cannot handle ',I7,' cells in a contingency table'/9X,'for the following statistical tests: LAMBDA,THETA,GAMMA,TAU A,B&C'/9X,'Maximum is set at 2000.'//)(7X, I13  ,11X,F13.3AL)  (    (9X, (17X,1X,  1?,8X,5(14X,9X,  TTY  L)   (6X, (A3,A,3X,53X,  .003 @I5   5HTOT(8X, (1X, SING,(A1,I5)   h@8X,  A5   Z@)    HTOTAhp(15X,     7)   7HMIS00001SEQOUT    SEQINDELETE    iI  \-p p @,^ p @,] -| D*f/!$H D- 10D+. . D* -| D* <5),|
3F*+/+ ,^(.- ;3F*2D0+/)+/. ,^ 	m F*,+/. $ D*%2D0+/. ,^ 	m F*, ,^3D,]+/U.$ D-",]/&.- - F,q D-(.. ;2F*+/G 
2D*+/; 00D+/T - 	m.D*,+/T:*"*.& * 
 *+ H*+/$8&/= -(.. ; D
@d*, 00D+/T - 	m D*,+/T * -(.. ;3F
+/M:* -(.. ; F
-(.-<;2D*+/R01D+/T* - 	m.F*+:-; ,q+/4@d*@f*+ D* $ D* D* $3D0+/\3D*% D* $3D- D*@d,v D*) D*("&/*.* * *+3h,v+/b *+ H,v6H*+:*) *+.H*.$8&/` $3D*+/o $3D*+/o"&/*.* *6Hq:*(.$8&/j"&.*("$.*)$ D* . 1/$4D05d0 -s D,x -x D,w D,Y & F- & F,~ 12F-y+/y & F,~ -~ F- F- F,m -x H,Z F,b -v F* -z F-	 D* $.73d7+0 <5
 -r D,x -x D*+/s -} D,x+0
,. D,x.$ D-,-z D,w,D,Y D*&&.F,~ 12F-y+0"& F,~ -u F-/F-$F,m.-v H,Z F,b$-~ F*3D-	+$.73d7+0.<5.,v F,| . F- F- F,o F,[ F,c . . F**d0. . . F* F-	*d00 . D*! D*! D-
 . . F* F-	*d04 -2D*&+09 & F,g@f,f & F,`0d+0U2&,|3F-+0> F-+2 $3D-+0U D,f . D* - D*6b-0b+0E+0C40E40H . D-	 . D-
 - D-
+0L3-q,D*,. D*.-6D*%0-{+D*a+00D+0O"$/D,`6b00b+0R+0P40R40U3.+D-+D-,D,o+D,[ D,c"$.,|4D1*5d1:f*!$H+D-$.73d7+0\3<57+0~ <5y H* F-+2 . D*" D-
 D* - 1.$6b0b+1B+1@4241B41K -z D* . D* -.,f D,r $.,v/,r D- <5q,^@ <5u,^B $ D-+2 ,v E2d-w+1P - D* . D*+1D -r D*! D-
 - D,r6b-0b+1U+1T41U41{7$,|.$( D- &.,|7b.&(+F,h4D,i/,f F,j <5v,^@1<5z,^B <5{,^@@<5,^B6D,g+1d6b-0b+1d+1b41u41z -7,h.-3D0H+1g+1o2D0H+1i+1o -s D-
 - D,r ,f0F+2.$ D,r6b-0b+2
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,^B",i $ F-	 D,k ,k <6,^B:,k; -	+2{,^B 1D:7 $2D+3	 <6,^>"&/,|.,` ,` F** D,k ,k <6,^B:,k; **+3,^B $2D+3  ,| F,sh*!&H F-2D,g+3.,| D,s $2D,g+3 ,sf$- F"&.,`/,s ,`h$- H.$8&3:7 <6,^>"&.,`/,s ,` F*( D,k ,k <6,^B:,k; *(+3,^B 0D+337D*+3["&/,|.,` ,` .*'7H q+3* .*'j qh$(H H.$8&3$:7 <6,^>"&/,|.,` ,` F*& D,k ,k <6,^B:,k; *&+3/,^B 0D+3F $3D*+3[@f,g *)3D*++3:j*+!(H H,g"(/,|.,` ,`f$,g F.$8(3<:7 <6,^>"&/,|.,` ,` F*$ D,k ,k <6 ,^B:,k; *$+3C,^B $2$*+3[ &2F*)+3K *1F+3W D,l:*("&/,|.,` ,`7H,+3Qh$,,H*+ (2H*+3V.h,l *((.*(.,l 
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(1X)(14X,'MISSING',3X,'TOTAL')(6X,'MISSING',3X,'TOTAL')(6X,121A1)(14X,113A1)TTY6hi},\6z:p;@6q+p,@6o p,@6mpB6gpB6npB6jpB6mpB6g#pB6f#pB6l#pB6f#pB6p#pB6epB6q6m.6g(.$D6p$.73d7+7<7l,XL+770$+712D6|+7<7m,^>,^B:7:76b6q0b+7+74747"47&47.47E$D6p6o0D+7<7p,^>,^B0D+7[<7s,^>,^B+7[<7v,^>6n.6f<7y,^B+7[<7z,^>"&/6m.6j6jF6lD6h6h.6f<7},^B:6h;6l+7*,^B+7[:7<7,^>$.6nD6o6o/6m7.&(/&6oF6k(D6hM6h.6fS<8,^BP$.d6h;6k+76,^B <8,^>"6m.6j7@.&(/&.6j F6k D6h 6h.6f$<8,^B@$.d6h;6k+7@,^B+7[:7 <8,^>"6m.6j7 .&(/& 6j F6j D6h 6h.6f <8,^B $.d6h; 6j+7K,^B <8
3h8+84 8.  
 H8.$8&8/d8D8:8; 8+8+"&/*.* * F8 D8@d8"&/*.* *"(.$*.8 H8 
 J8.$8&8=d8D8:8; 8+8: 8.8 d D8 
8"88 F8 $.73d7+8N <8S,XL $.D7 <8T,^> <8W,^B 8$,~X08 (8(' GAMMA STATISTICS  =',1PG16.8)(' TAU A =',1PG16.8,'  TAU B =',G16.8,'  TAU C =',G16.8)OnH: \8w"$.* D8X"$.* D8`@d8Y D8f D8g D8]"&.*/8` * F8f D8l.$ D8k"&.*/8X * F8e D8a.$ D8` 8a/$$* D8Z.8l D8^@d8^ D8Z"&/*.8k 8k F8e D8[.8Zf
F8Z"&/*.8` 8`"(.$*.8[ H8cj 
J8^.$8&9:8[; 8e+9
8^D8Y:8a; 8e+9:8l; 8f+9 *$8X D8^"&.*/8` * F8d D8l@f8Z.$ D8l"&/*.8l 8l .8^h 
H8Z.$8&9% 8l.8^d
8ZD8]:8l; 8d+9" $.* D8k"&/*.8k 8k F8b D8l"&.*/8X * F8b D8a/$$* D8`.8l D8^@d8^ */8l * F8j D8[ $.8a D8j"&/*.8j 8j"(.$*.8[ H8cj 
J8^.$8&9=:8[; 8j+99 8^d
8^D8f:8a; 8b+94:8l; 8b+91"&/*.* * F8i D8l"&.*/8X * F8h D8a/$$*.8l D8^ 8a.$ D8`@d8Z"&/*.8` 8`"(.$*.8l H8cj 
J8Z.$8&9T 8^d
8ZD8g:8a; 8h+9N:8l; 8i+9K 8Y8f D8g 8Y8fD D8] 0F+9jd8g D8a $.73d7+9g <:,XL $.D7 <:	,^> <:
,^B 0D+:"&.*$*fd8]D D8\ 8]8g 8g8g D8w <:,x`d8] D8Y $.*/* D8_ &.*/* F8\2d8\ 8\ D8_/$ *$*$hd8_f8]F F8m $.73d7+: <:,XL $.D7 <:,^> <:,^B 8w,~x8wX08m(8aX08q(8\(8Y(8m(' THETA STATISTICS  =',1PG16.8)i".H  \:" !p @:@d: D:"*.* * F: D:/$$* D: :.$ D:"&/*.: : F: D:@f: F:.: :.: $fF: :/$$* D:"*.* * F: D:@f:.$ D:"&/*.: : :.  
.H:.$8&:; :.: 
$:dD:::; :+:7 $.* D:"&/*.: : F: D:@f:":.* * :.  
.H:.$8&:I :.: 
$:dD:::; :+:G"::#D:::; :+:.::; :+:( :: D: $.73d7+:Z <:^,XL $.D7 <:_,^> <:b,^B :",~X0:(:! KIG>v \:t !p @:f p @:e p @:s p @:d p @:f p @:e <<,z@d:c"$.:e D:n"&.:s F:s :s$:p.:e.:q & F:t <<,<A"@:r":n $ :s$:p..:q (  H:t <<,<A@:r.$8&;":s $ :p$.:e.:q (  H:t <;,<A@:r.$8&;@d:i":n $ F:k D:q":s $ :p$.:q.:q (  H:t <;~,<A@:i.$8&;::q; :k+; :r:i D:t <;|,xs @:d@d:f D:e &/:n $ F:j D:q &/:s $ :p$ 
:q :e..:q 
8 L(.$8&;&::q; :j+;%+;G &/:n $ F:h D:q &/:s $ D:g :g$:p.:q.:q"(.H :g$:p.:q.:q6$+;G :g$:p :q..:q 
0 J ::g8&;6::q; :h+;4+;u &/:n $ F:p D:q :s$:p.:q.:q  D:n &/:s $ :p$.:q.:q" .H:n.$8&;N7$:n+;1 :q.:p.:q D::q; :p+;I":s $ F:o D:g$:p.:e.:q  F:n &/:n $ :p$:g..:q" .H:n.$8&;\7$:n+;1 :p$:g.:q D::g; :o+;X@d:i":n $ F:m D:q":s $ :p$.:q.:q (  H:t <;{,<A@:i.$8&;h::q; :m+;g :r:i D:t <;z,xs @:g@:e :d:g2d:v@:f+;1 :t :d Ap :f Ap :e Ap,~p:v:tx:tp:v:tx:tx:tx:tx:t@:u:r:f:q:u:e:p:sy`yE,{e^bMKs \<< J<> H<> F<= D<= p @<9 <? D<< <@ D<90`2+<J7D:c+<V <9 < D<:+<]d<9 D<;$	@ 
 <;$ <<b,yg"<;<9<< <;<;$4"<9 F<:+<]@d< <?"&.&f F<; <<a,yg< @<*d<W $ D:c+<H << <= <= <> 
<> <:,~x<;x<; fH, z2 Mvm &E dd se_ { l ~ "h0   vz ~"P n-d z<" O! < < [u; o2 _^ }Q< QR 4ddG"N
Q \<u p @<d p B<g p D<d p D<g!$ D<h <x D<i = D<i = D<j <} D<j < D<k <~ D<k = D<l <{ D<l <x D<m <w D<m <y D<n < D<n = D<o <| D<o = D<p = D<p <w D<q <} D<q = D<r <z D<r <z D<s <{ D<s <| D<t!$ D<t@d<g@f<d3$0`2+=%+=& & F<g3b<~+=( & F<g <g1F+=f4b=e0 +=E6b<d0b+=.+=,4=.4=54=: <=w,x` @<e <=t,> <g1D+=f <eD$} D<d+=e <gD D<v <=s,yI!$}$ D<d+=e <=r,x` @<e <=p,> <g1D+=f <gD D<v <=o,yI="<e <eD$} D<d+=e7$<d.$( D<f(3D<d+=V <=n,x` @<e <=k,> <g1D+=f <eD$} D<d <gD D<e 
<e <=j,yI!& F<u D<e!$ D<c+=] <gD D<v <=i,yI!$ D<u"<u& F<d@f<e!( H<e F<c &/<f $!(h<cH 
j<eJ<e.$8&=_"<e<uD<d!$D<d <u <d Ap <g Ap,~x<vx<e`<e<e<g<hx<gx<v`<e<e<g<hx<gx<v`<e<e<g<hx<g x@ y~jGVup \> p @=~ p B=| p B=} #p B= @=y5 >"d=y =y3d>+>!$ D=x+>2 =yDD.$ D=yd$}D D=}"=}=y4&>65f> =y.=  D=x+>2!$}=}2$=y+>:=y!$D=} =y=} D={ =}=} F=z"=z(	 =z(v=} H=&@&rp=z& F=~ =z&t&4=} F=| =z&}&p F={!&lL=} F=z==~={=|={={={=z={$4={ D=x <>;,yI> @> <><,x` 4 =y.= D=x =x D=|6&=~+>7"=x& F=|+>7 $ D=} > =| Ap =} Ap,~x=zx>Kc[S,~('+INPUT? (for help type HELP) '$)('+INPUT? ',$)('+OUTPUT? (for help type HELP) ',$)('+OUTPUT? ',$)('+Either a colon was missing or the file name',' is too long'/)(80A1)('+Device ',A6,' does not exist'/)('+Device  'A6,' cannot do input'/)('+Device ',A6,' cannot do output.'/)('WMU',I3,'.',I3)('+Only a /COPIES switch may follow a LPT:'/)('+Illegal character "',A1,'" in COPIES switch'/)('+Copies must be between 1 and 63.'/)(I2)('+Only switch available if for the LPT'/)('+Non-directory devices require no additional information'/)('+File name too long'/)('+Character"',A1,'" is not valid in a file name'/)('+Only one period is allowed in the file name.'/)('+BANK files must be read from the disk'/)('+Bank files can not be used for output.'/)('+PROJECT or PROGRAMMER number cannont be longer'/'  than 6 characters'/)('+Illegal character "',A1,'" in PROJECT-PROGRAMMMER',' number'/)('+ Comma missing between PROJECT and PROGRAMMER number'/)(O10)('+Nothing should follow the closing bracket for the',' PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number'/)('+File not found or protected'/)('R ',4A1,4X)('+You must have answered this question in this',' program previously to use "SAME" now.'/)('+You cannot do a /OUT while answering a /OUT'/)(' No output defined yet'/)('+To use the CONTINUE an input must have already been',' defined.'/)(' The answer to this question defines where the program is'/' to find the data.  It usually consists of a device, and'/' possibly a file name with or without a PROJECT-PROGRAMMER'/' number.  Devices may be specified by their physical'/' or logical name followed by a colon (:).  If the'/' device is a directory device (DSK, DTA), then a filename,'/' extension and PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number may follow it.'/' If the device used is a magtape or dectape, the tape'/' must be mounted, and in the case of a magtape it must'/' be positioned.'/'0DEFAULTS:'/' (1) If no input devices is specified but a filename is'/'     given, the default device will be DSK:.'/' (2) If a device which requires a filename and extension'/'     is specified, but no filename is given INPUT.DAT'/'     will be used.'/' (3) If no response is given (CARRIAGE RETURN is entered)'/'     the default is TTY:.'/' (4) If DSK: is specified as the input device, but no')('     PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number is used, the PROJECT-'/'     PROGRAMMER number of the job is used.'/'0EXAMPLES:'/'  DSK:DATA.DAT'/'  TEST.DAT[220,220]'/'   MTA:'/'0The following responses may also be used after the first'/' response to this question.'/' "CONTINUE" - (For MAGTAPE) Use the next set of data'/' "SAME" - Use same device specifications as used before.'/' "FINI" - End of run.'/' "/PROG" - User may initiate the run of a bank program'/'          (STP, BANK, TAB, FREQ, CORL, or REGR) from'/'          this program.'/' "/OUTPUT" - Redefine the output device, the program will'/'             respond with "OUTPUT? ".'/)('0The answer to this question defines the destination'/' for the program''s results.  It usually consists of a device'/' and possibly a filename with or without an extension.'/' Devices may be indicated by their physical or'/' logical name followed by a colon (:).  If the device is'/' a directory device (DSK, DTA), then a filename,'/' extension and PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number may follow it.'/' If the device used is a magtape or dectape, the tape'/' must be mounted, and in the case of the magtape, it must'/' be positioned.  If the device is a lineprinter, the user'/' may request multiple copies by following the "LPT:" with'/' a "/COPIES:" and the number of copies desired (1-63).'/'0DEFAULTS:'/' (1) - If no input device is specified but a filename is'/'       given, the default device will be DSK:')(' (2) - If a device which requires a filename and extension"'/'       is specified but no filename is given OUTPUT.DAT is'/'       used.'/' (3) - If no response is given (a CARRIAGE RETURN is entered),'/'       the default is TTY:.'/' (4) - If LPT: is specified and no /COPEIS switch is used,'/'       1 copy is assumed.'/'0EXAMPLES:'/'  DSK:SAM.F4'/'  LPT:/COPIES:3'/'  MTA:'/)S              B    .    /REGR     /STP      DSK  /OUT      E    ~9    (K    HELP      /OUTPUT   N    LPT       CONTINUE  0    DSK       C    TTY  ?FINI      /FREQ     Z    I    /CORL     /BANK     ]    O    A    /    0z        ,    TTY        FINISH    @INPUT.DAT _SAME      :    {[    `7     END       /TAB      pa         OUTPUT.DATP         LPT  DSK  SEQOUT    SEQINSEQOUT    RANDIN    BINARY    S< \By p @? p B?+p? p B?*p? p B? p B?V p B? @?\5 C: $.D?\@d? C D6 C D6 C D5@d?C? <H,|B|? <H,z|@d? & F?X2d?+CQ3F?\+CK2D>>+CH <H	,^>,^B3D>>+CJ <H
,^>,^B:F>>+CQ6D>>+CN <H,^>,^B4DCP3<H,^>,^B,&,F>>+<H,zc ?1D+G $ D?! C ?.3FC%+C\ ?.3&C"+CZ ?.2fC+CZ CAF?. ?! ?. H?.:?!*dCU ?!1D(+Ce ?!/&( ?! C% H?..$8&C` ?!1D+F ?.3D6+F C C% F?"*dCe $ D?\ D?! ?\ ?.3FC%+D~ ?.3FC+Cu ?.3F6+D~ ?.3F5+D~ ?!0f+Cs ?. H?":?!:?\+Ch <H,^>,^B+C> <H,^@ CD?+ZD?! ?! <H,^B:?!; ?++Cw,^B <H,|6D?"+C <H,^> <H ,^B+C> ?\1D+D C$A?"5DD` <H",^> <H%,^B+C> C&A?"5DD	 <H&,^> <H),^B+C> CA?"4DD` $2 D?!:?! <H,z $2.D? <H+,^@ <H.,^B <G,|
+D% ?/2FC+D% ?/2FC$+D% ?02FC+D% ?02FC+D% ?12FB{+D% ?12FC+D% $.D?\ C% D?" D?# $ D?!.d?\ ?\ ?.3FC%+D7 ?.3F6+D7 ?.3&C
+D2 ?.2fC+D2 ?!0f+D5 ?. H?":?!:?\+D( <H3,^> ?\ <H6,^B+C> <H8,^>,^B+C> ?!1D+D< ?#2DC%+D< ?" D?# C% D?" <H;,^@ C!_D?*ZD?! ?! <H>,^B:?!; ?*+D?,^B <H@,^@ <HC,^B ?X0$0d+D5 ?+(>>4DD^ <HE,^= ?+( $>> DBz <G~,| ?+!&p83f?	+DO & F>> CA?4FD^F?	"F?X ?X1f2+DT"&2.f?X ?X$8.& F?'7f8+DZ( $>\ DBz <G{,}6$8+D^ ?+( $>\ DBz <Gx,}@d8 <HG,^<+F; CA?"4DDeC? ?\0D+DeC#?:?\ ?.2FC+Di <HJ,^>,^B+C> ?\ ?.3FC%+F ?.3F6+F CA?"5DDp <HM,^>,^B+C> C C% F?"*dDp $ D?! ?\ ?.3FC%+E ?.3F5+E ?.3F6+E ?!0f+D| ?. H?":?!:?\+Ds <HP,^>,^B+C>C?C? ?\0D+EC#? <Gw,| <HS,^@ <HW,^B? 3DB|2FB|7+EP3DB2FC7+FW3DC2FC7+FW3DB~2FB7+FW3DC 2FC!7+FW3DC2FC7+FW3DC2FC7+FW3DC2FC7+Ft3DC	2FC
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+E, ?"3hC+E5 ?"2hC+E/ ?"2(C+E5 <HY,^> <H\,^B+C>:?[1F+E5 <H^,^>,^B+C>*dE% $3D?[+E? D?! ?! ?"3DC%+E;:?!1d+E7+D| ?! B~ F?" <Ha,^@ <Hd,^B $ D?!:?!0d+EO ?"2FB~+E@ ?"2FB}+EO ?#2FC+EO ?#2FC+EO & F? CA?"5FEL <Hg,^>,^B+C>7D?\+EO <Hj,^>,^B+C>? ? ?\ ?.2D5+F C C% F?"*dER $ D?!.d?\ ?\ ?.3F6+Ee ?.3FC+Eg ?.3&C
+Eb ?.2fC+Eb ?!0f+E` ?. H?":?!:?\+EU <Hm,^>,^B+C> <Hp,^> ?\ <Hs,^B+C> <Ht,^>,^B+C> ?!1D+Er ?'2DC%+En"& $ ?" H?"/$8&Ek C% D?"+Eh <Hw,^@ <H{,^B <H},^@ <I,^B C C% F?"*dEs $ D?!.d?\ ?\ ?.3F6+F ?.3FC%+F ?.3F6+F ?.3&C
+Eb2?.2fC+Eb ?!0f+E`/?.8H?":?!:?\+Ev ?!1D+F,^B <I,^@ <I
,^B,?\+?.3D6:?\ ?\ ?.3FC%+F+?.3F6+F7<I-+F <I,^>,^B+C> ?+(>>4DF4 <I,^= ?+( $>> DBz <Gr,| ?+!&p83f?	+F% & F>> CA?4FF4F?	"F?X ?X1f2+F*"&2.f?X ?X$8.& F?'7f8+F0( $>\ DBz <Go,}6$8+F4 ?+( $>\ DBz <Gm,}@d8 ?1D+F:6D?\+F8 <I,^<0D+F; <I,^<+F; <I,^< ?+(?>> ?+(?>\ ?+ ?(	.?V F>zf? F?	 C" F?* CA?"4FFF C
 F?* CA?"4FFI C F?*7F?\+FUf?X"F?	 >>0F+FN"(2/?Xh H?	0F+FP ?* H:(>>3HC2JC	+FU0F+FU C& D::>>!$3D?+G3+GT <I",^@ C_D?YZD?! ?! <I&,^B:?!; ?Y+FZ,^B@d?/"& $ F?X D?!6&?	+Fr <I',^=(>>3HC2JC	+Fr ?!F?	"F?X ?X1f2+Fh"&2.f?X ?X$8.& F?'7f8+Fn( $>\ DBz <Gj,}6$8+Fr ?!( $>\ DBz <Gg,}:?!; ?X+F` <Gf,{ ?+(>>5DFx <I),^>,^B+C> ?+(>>? ?+(>\? ?+ >z&C% F?"(	.>z F?V@f?!&2F?	+G & F?F?	"F?X ?X1f2+G"&2.F?X <Ge,| ?\0D+G
 <I,,^= CA?"5DDF CA?"4DG <I.,^C+F"& $ F?W D?!6&?	+G# <I1,^=(>>3HC2JC	+G# ?!F?	"F?X ?X1f2+G"&2.f?X ?X$8.& F?'7f8+G( $>\ DBz <Gb,}6$8+G# ?!( $>\ DBz <G_,}:?!; ?W+G <G],37D?+G( <I3,^>,^B+C> CZD?! ?!!(p82h?	+G.*dG) <I6,^>,^B+C> ?+ D?( ?! D?+ ?\ D?[ $ D?\!$ D?+C>@d? ?( D?+ ?[ D?\+C> ?+(>>5DG: <I9,^>,^B+C> ?+(>\? ?+(>>? ?+ >z&C% F?"(	.>z F?V@f?!&2F?	+GE & F?F?	"F?X ?X1f2+GI"&2.F?X <G^,| ?\1D+FU+F ?\1D+GQ <I<,^>,^B <I?,^>,^B+C> <IB,^>,^B <IE,^>,^B+C> By ?+ Ap?p ?* Ap?p ? Ap ?V Ap ? Ap,~p??"`BzCC?XXBzCC?X?'p??"x?.`BzCC?XXBzCC?X?'`BzCC?XXBzCC?X?'pBz?X???-??Vp??"`BzCC?XXBzCC?X?'pBz?`??-B}B}x?p??"h?.C?p??Vp??"X8?]X8?`X8?bX8?fX8?gP?n?$?"X8?o0?X8?r0?X8?v0?P?z?$?!$?X8?|X8@$?.X8@P?n?,$?"P@	?,$?Xh?+P?+~C'P?^C(X8@
X8@X8@P?n?	@?"X8@$?"X8@P?n?8@?"X8@"X8@&X8@+X8@2$?.X8@9P?n?[@?"P@??H$?P?n?@?"P@??$?VX8@?X8@Hh?+H?+p?P?^C)?H?+p?P?^C*?8?+p?P?^C,?^C-C A    8X`     PROBLEM   PROBLEM SEE DICK HOUCHARDO%[r \It p @Ig p @Ic #p BId <K,^@"Ic $ FIi DIr Ir <K
,^B:Ir; Ii+J,^B"Ic Ic DIa Ia =2DIy+J>Ia8&J
@dIr:Ir,Ir2dIa+J. IxZDId Id Ir3=3HIk+J*dJ Ir =3&Iv+J' =2fIu+J'"&:$8FIg+DIa.Ir2dIa+J' IxZDId Id Ir.Ia:=2HIk+J!1F+J'+J*dJ+Ir.Ia.=3&Iv+J'2=2fIu+J':Ia;FIg+J $.Ir DIr"&/Ia.Ir Ir = H<.$8&J+"$.DIa+J@dI`8DIr:$;DIc:Ir2dIa+Jp+=3FIn+J0 =3FIo+J0"=3&Iv+J8 =3fIu+J;+Ic =,H:Ic3&Ic+J0+Jv $ DI` Ix Iy FM*dJ= $ DId Id Ir = FM:Ir:Id =3&Iv+JE =3fIu+J? O2DIy+JK"& $ M HM/$8&JH Iy DM+JE <K
+K $ DIa"Ig $@hq Ia 
 2JIw+J} * Jq 
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 2JIv+K * Jq:
Ia3jIa+K(HIa.$8&JyIt,~PIcIsId(=xIzPIsIb@MPItIb$IbxI{F    A    I    $    (' WHICH VARIABLES FROM THE BANK?'/)(5A1)(I5)('-ERROR:  There are',I7,' variables in the BANK and limit is set at',I7/9X,'Program proceeds, ignoring the excess'/)('-ERROR: Variable string too long, Contact computer center staff'/9X,'for help'/)('-ERROR:  Picking up 0 variables from the BANK, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Illegal entry for range    "',3A5,'",'/' Re-enter the entire list')('-ERROR:  Variable number',I6,' does not exist, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Illegal range specification, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  No variable selected from BANK, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Variable "',A5,'" does not exist, program continues'/9X,'ignoring it'/)('-ERROR:  The following',I6,' variable names do not exist,'/9X,'Program continues ignoring them:'/(10(1X,A5)))('-ERROR:  Variable "',A5,'" is not of the required ',A1,'-Type,'/9X,'It will be excluded in all analysis'/)('-ERROR:  The following variables are not of the required ',A1,'-Type,'/9X,'They will be excluded in all analysis:'/(9X,10(A5,1X)))(' ')('-ERROR: Variable "',A5,'" is used more than once,'/9X,'Program proceeds ignoring the duplicate'/)('-ERROR:  The following',I5,' variables appear more than once,'/9X,'Program proceeds ignoring the duplicates'/(9X,10(A5,1X)))('-All or some of the variables located in a structured data BANK may be'/' used for the analysis.  A "ALL" or "*" may be entered if all of the'/' variables are to be used.  Otherwise, enter the variables by either'/' their NAMES (as previously defined in the data BANK) or by their'/' variable numbers separated by commas.  Ranges of variables may also'/' be specified by typing the extremes of the range separated by a "-".'/'-Multiple lines are available to enter the list provided the'/' last character in the line is a comma.'/' The list should be terminated by an altmode or a carriage return.'//)E    H    9    0    ALL  -    *    L    ,    X     P    $E:]h6 \M[ p @K] p @L $ DK^ $t DL $>.;&$>$:.$ DL	 $.:&$ DL@dK` DL DL"K^ $@h
1K`2FM`+N2&+FL K`3F6+N K`2FL+N>L
 6 FK` Ma Ma FL*dN@dKZ"L
 $ FL DL K` FL3FMa+NH2FM`3FM_+N2F63FL+N KZ0(+NH:KZ F L+NH L &2FL+N2D63DL+Nw:K` Ma F="KZ $ DL L L2hM]+N6 L3(M^+N6:L8&N" L2DMa+N-"& $ L HL/$8&N) Ma DL+N' <Qh,^@ <Ql,^B <Qn,^@ K` <Qr,^B L3DM_+N@6bKX0b+N6+N44NF4Nu K`@fM <Qs,^@ <Qw,^B =3FM_+NL =3FM^+NL L3FM_+N@6bKX0b+N@+N?4NF4Nu:K` M_ F= &"FM6bKX0b+NF+ND4NF4Nu@dKZ Ma Ma FL*dNG:L; L+N7dKZ+Nu $ DKX+N : DL3dK^+NO K^ FL@fL FK^ & FL"L $ FL DL.L	 DL <Qy,^? <Q},^B L/$$$ DL	 L2FL+N["L	.: FL"L $ DL L$$	 K DL K]1(3D+Nf1H0D+Nc+Nf:
0K L(M+Nl L3DL+Nq:L (	$L  K H
Q:L8Hq:L.L	+HNS"$.K^4$Q34DQ'+Q*$L3D:+No<<Q,^><R,^B+No<L,3"K` $ FL DL"M0F+O7&L+O6&M+O <R
,^>/$;DL"L/&.L L FL DL L <R
,^B6$9+Mm <Qb,3 L M3f:+O <R,^> <R,^B+O:L; L+O $.L	 DL <R,^? <R,^B $ DL $ DL3d:+O : FL L6FM+O- = FL"L $ DL L$$	 K2DL+O(:L L H
 K Jq+Oq:L8&O!:L L F
Q+L M7FM+O7:L Ma H
Q M2HL+Oq M$(	  K H
Q M$(	 K Hq+Oq L 
0$2$L+O<+OO5FOL"L $ DL 
L$*	 L =3F(K+OH:L8(O>:L Ma F
Q:&"FL = H
2dL3dL+PD+OB $.L DK_7DL
+O`2dL+Oh DK_ K_3$K_+PD L FKX.$/K_.DL $.DL"&.K_/K_ K_:KX *	$
(K J 
Q *	$
(KJqDZ+Oq L = DL"L $ DL L$$	 K2DL+Og L DK+OS:L8&Oc L DK L FKX.$/K.dL Ma F
P &"F= H
Q+M:HL4L3dK`+O L3D:+Po $ DL  &/L $ FKW DK\.L	 DL <R,^? <R,^B L  DK[ K\$$ DL 3d:+O : FL  L /K[ DL $ DL L 
 L3dL 3dK[+Pk/K[ DL L$$	 K H
Q L$$	 K Dq+Pk L 
Q DL"L $ DL L$$	 K2DL+P L L$(	  K H
Q+L.K[7HK/Hq+Pk:L8&P+Pk.L7FL2dL+P1"&.L/L L .KY HKX 

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(K J q 
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L.$8&P5KY.DL$3DKX.dLL2$L+Pm+P L7F
Q DL"L $ DL L$$	 K3DL+PV:L8&PJ K_3dL+PQ $.DL+Pl L DK_ $/K_.K_ DKY L DL $ DKX+P) L DK_3$K_+PD & FKX"&/K_.K_ FKY5&P' L &	$K_ K F
Q>&	$K+K Fq.K.K["FL/(.L L:K` 

q Jq 
.J8(Pg:L.L3dL+P:K\;KW+Ox6dL+Ps4<R",^>,^B6H9+Mm+N@dL DK^ $ DK"&/L.K K FL DL 

Q J =>L5dQ <R%,^> <R(,^B+Pp L3$L+Q"L/&.L L 
Q.q8Hq L DK7`L+Q+Pu K] L q3H+Q5DQ q1H+Q:K^ 
Q HM+Q:L; L+Px"$.L4$Q%5dQ <R*,^> <R-,^B+Q% <R.,^> <R1,^B"L $ FK] DL L <R3,^B:L; K]+Q ,^B <R4,^>,^B"$.K^4$Q35dQ* <R7,^> K] <R:,^B+Q2 <R<,^> K] <R?,^B"K^ $ FK\ DL L <RA,^B:L; K\+Q.,^B <RB,^>,^B L1d+Q`@fL DK_ $ DL $.L DK_ K_3DK_+QP K_/&/K_ K_ DL L L  
Q+QC:L8&Q< K_ DL3dL+QP:L+Q7:L L 
Q F= L3FK_+QN"&.FK_.L/K_ L 
$=X8MMX8M<=    >    <    ('-',29X,'SELECT OPTION:'/)('  SELECT OPTION:'/'  ?',$)(72A1)('-ERROR:  Invalid entry, Re-enter the line'//)('+ ?',$)('-ERROR:  Variable "',A5,'" does not exist, Re-enter the line'//)(I5)('-ERROR:  Missing '' in an A-type variable'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  Too many values in the string'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  Multiple values can only be performed on a ''EQUAL'' CONDITION'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  ',15A1,' Is too long for A-type variable,'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)(37X,72A1)(G15.0)(I15)('-ERROR:  Cannot have a decimal point in a I-type variable'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  No qualifier accepted, Try again'//)('-ERROR:  Too many qualifiers requested'/9X,'Program will ignore the last SELECT statement'//)('-SELECT option allows the program to consider only those observations'/' meeting user specified criteria.  Instructions to the SELECT option'/' (QUALIFIERS) are entered on a line or on separate lines.  Each'/' QUALIFIER contains 3 basic parts:  VARIABLE, CONDITION, and VALUE or'/' VALUES to be compared against.  The variable may be specified by'/' either the variable NAME (if previously defined), or the variable'/' number (in the case of data BANK file, this is the number associated'/' with the BANK).  The CONDITION may be one of the following:'//6X,'CONDITION',5X,'MEANING'/6X,9('-'),5X,7('-')/9X,'=',10X,'equal to'/9X,'<',10X,'less than'/9X,'>',10X,'greater than'/6X,'<= or =<',6X,'less than or equal to'/6X,'>= or =>',6X,'greater than or equal to'/6X,'<> or ><',6X,'not equal'//)(' The value to be compared against must be of the same type as the'/' variable it is compared with.'//' Enter each QUALIFIER immediately after the ? is typed out by the program'/' Several QUALIFIERS may be ''OR'' together by entering the QUALIFIERS on'/' a line separated by semi-colons (;).  Enter a ^Z, a carriage return or'/' a blank line immediately after the ? to signify the end of all'/' QUALIFIERS.  Up to 20 Qualifiers may be specified.'//' EXAMPLE: To consider all those observations in which variable 3 is'/11X,'not ZERO, and variable 5 is less than 4 or greater than 8.'//11X,'SELECT OPTION:'/11X,'?3<>0'/11X,'?5<4;5>8'/11X,'?^Z'//)(37X,'SAME AS THE PRECEEDING RUN'/)S    .    E    H    9    0    -    TTY  ;    '    L    A    ,    PXhM              P    gdXz \TP p @RZ 13DTT+T` <V^,^>,^B <Va,^>,^B <Vd,^> <Vg,^B =2DTR+Tj >2DTR+Tj >2DTV+Tj ?3DT[+VT =2DTP+Tp >2DTW+Tp >2DTY+Tp ?3DTR+VY@d9 DRa:Ra@dRY"&$ $$ DRY RY =2DTZ+Tw>RY8&Ts+VK $ DRk TX TZ FRe*dTx TV TZ Fa*dTz@dRm DRj Rk = DRj3DTZ+U TYZDRV RV Rk3FRj+U*dU:Rj0d+U Rj FRe:Rk3dRY+T} <Vj,^>,^B6$9+U
 <V],3"$.DRa"RY.D9 <Vm,^>,^B <Vp,^> <Vs,^B+Tq TZ DRV Rf3$TS+U Rf3dTS+U  <Vu,^@ <Vy,^B"RZ $ DR[ R[ 
Q3DRV+UB:R[8&U 21D+UG <V{,^> <V~,^B6$9+U
 <V],3 Rh2DTZ+U&"& $ Re HRf/$8&U# TZ DRf+U  TZ DRZ <W,^@ <W,^B <W,^@ <W	,^B $2$RV+U 90&
+VQ2D2+U3 RV2fRZ+U:9 F 9 
q JRW+U] RV2d:+U.$&$ DRk (>.;&(>$:.$. DR` <W,^? <W,^B:9 RV F9"Rk.&$&.RV FRk$&	 d HRW+U] 90$
+VQ:9qR[WU] $>.;&$>$:.$ DRk $.:&$ DRn"Rn $ FR\ DR[.Rk DR` <W,^? <W,^B TXZDR[ R[$&	 `3FRV+UW*dUQ:R[; R\+UN+U 90$
+VQ:9"&.R[$&.R[ F9 &	$R[ d FRW 9 Ra F:RY@dR] RV Ra.dRm0d+U &.Rk2fRY+U Rk =3H=+U:Rk TYZDRV RV Rk  =3HRk+U`*dUg 9 Rm FC@dRj Rk = DRj RW0F+Uu3DTU+Us <W,^>,^B+U:Rk = FRj+Uw Rj2$TS2dTS+U:Rj0d+Uy Rj Fa:Rk2fRY+U~ = HRj2HTU3HTW+U~+Uw:R]1d
+V <W,^>,^B+U Rj2DTW+V2DTW+V
4V& <W,^>,^B+U Rj1d+V <W ,^> <W#,^B+U Rj a2DTU+Uq>Rj &
$9.R] TZ HC &
$9.R] <W%,^@"Rj $ FRi DR[ R[ <W),^B:R[; Ri+V,^B:Rk 9 R] H2dRY+V" Rj3FTU+Tx3FTW+Ul 13DTT+V& <W*,^> <W-,^B+U
 a2DTT+V) b3DTT+U"Rj $ DR[ R[ a2DTQ+V1 $.RW6b0b+V1+V/4V24VI4VI:R[8&V+ $ DRk"Rj Rj>Rk 
a J a/$8&V4"Rj $ TZ Ha.$8&V8 TY TZ FRW*dV: RW1D+VC <W0,^@ <W3,^B <W6,^@ $
$9.R] <W9,^B+V <W;,^@ <W>,^B <WA,^@ $
$9.R] <WD,^B+V <WF,^>,^B+U $3$9+V\ <WI,^>,^B3d9+T` <V],3+V\ <WL,^>,^B"RY.D9+V\ <WO,^>,^B <WR,^>,^B6$9+T` <V],3 13DTT+V\ <WU,^>,^B TP,~X0RnX8RqX9VKRt@$=X8RuX8RzX9VKRt@$=PRtRV@RfX8R{$RVPRtRZ@RfPSRZ$RVP0R`@>iP0R`@>iX8SX8S
X8S@aPRjRtC$aX0S#@$=PRtRW@aPS$RW(CPRtRd@aPS%Rd$CX8S%	X8S.X8S3	X8S=OX8T
@X0TL('1'/'-'/'-',29X,'WESTERN  MICHIGAN  UNIVERSITY'//30X,12A5///30X,'CALLING NAME:  ',A5/30X,'TIME-DATE   :  ',A5,2X2A5/30X,'TITLE',7X,':  ',16A5/30X,'FORMAT',6X,':  ',16A5/4(43X,16A5/))(30X,'DATA FILE   :  ',A10/30X,'CREATED ON  :  ',2A5/30X,'BY PROJ-PROG:  ',A1,O6,',',O6,A1/30X,'NUMBER OF VARIABLES IN THE BANK.',5(' .'),I7/30X,'NUMBER OF OBSERVATIONS IN THE BANK',4(' .'),I7)(30X,'NUMBER OF VARIABLES USED',9(' .'),I7)('-',29X,'DATA FILE   :  ',A10,A1,O6,',',O6,A1)DSK  S:5p \X	 p @WY <X,z <X,z0 <X,^> <X",^B 20D+X <X*,^> <X-,^B7DWY+X <X4,^> <X7,^B 12DX
+X 21D+X <X8,^> <X;,^B X	,~xWWxWXX0WZ@=(<$WW@WX@4@(
X0Wl02@;$5@<$6$:$;X0X$WYX0X02$5$4$5$6('1',A5,'  W.M.U.   ',2A5,4X,16A5,3X,A5,4X,'PAGE:',I4/)('1',A5,'  W.M.U.   ',2A5,9X,12A5,18X,A5,4X,'PAGE:',I4/)TTY  a<P \XJ 13DXK+XV $ D7 <XW,z0:87D<+XT <XX,^> <X[,^B+XV <Xa,^> <Xd,^B XJ,~xWWX0X?(<@WX@4$WW$8X0XD(<@WX@=$WW$8F    A    I    (' ENTER FORMAT ENCLOSED IN PARENTHESES'/)(' ENTER FORMAT ENCLOSED IN PARENTHESES: (',A1,'-TYPE ONLY)'/)(80A1)('-ERROR:  Format incorrectly specified'/)(' Any FORMAT specification must comply with the FORTRAN-10 Format'/' requirement. The FORMAT must also be enclosed in parentheses'/' and be no more than ',I3,' characters in length'//' Example:  ENTER FORMAT ENCLOSED IN PARENTHESES'/11X,'(I2,F3.0,1X,F2.0,I1)'/)S    .    E    (    H    (@    L    A    )    M    P         SYSTEM ERROR CONTACT COMPUTER CENTER    DSK  SEQINO$lH \YG p @Xm p @Xp !p @Y $ DXl@f FXj FXn2FXp+Y^ <ZI,x
 0H3DXm+Ya+Yb <ZJ,^>,^B 1(2FXm+Yg <ZM,^>  <ZP,^B Xj0$+Yi <ZG,zc Xj0D+Ym <ZQ,^> <ZT,^B"&( $( DY Y Xs2DYO+Ys>Y8&Yn $ D+ZE Y DXm@dY:Y2dXm+Y} Xs2FYO+Yt Y/&/Xm Y Xs HXs.$8&Yy"$.DXm+Yt6DXj+Z& Xs2DYJ+Z Xt2DYI+Z Xt2DYL+Z Xu3DYN+ZA Xs2DYH+Z
 Xu3DYI+ZE Xs3DYJ+Zp $ .Y 
YOJ'.$8&ZXs3DYJ+Z&$DXj&/Xm$DYYXs3DYH+Z:Y8&Z:XmYHFXs"$.XmDXn<ZW,^@&/Xm$FXpDYY<ZZ,^B:Y;Xp+Z,^B<Z\,^=<Z^,^<+Yg"Xm$Xs3HYJ:XnXs2HYM+Z+"(.HXn.$8&Z'$.Xm&$.Xl2dXp+Z?Xl.Y<Za,^@"Xm$FXoDYY<Ze,^B:Y;]Xo+Z3,^B$.Xm&$.DXlXn0$+Z=6bXj0b+Z=+Z;4ZE4Z=+Yg<Zf,^=+ZE<Zh,^>,^B+YZXp(.XpDY<Zk,^><Zn,^B+YZYG,~hXsYKXsxYOX8YX8Y!$ XkXY'@(XsPXnY'Xi$XshP~YTPXi^YUPXmY'$XshX8Y(X8Y-$YALL  HELP EMPTYSTOP OBS  $         -    .    *    /    ?    "    +    ;    (' ENTER # OF VARIABLES OR VARIABLE NAMES'/)(I5)(I5)(5A1)('-ERROR:  Number of variables ',I6,' outside allowable range,'/9X,'Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name list too long, contact computer center staff'/9X,'for help'/)('-ERROR:  Reserved character "',A1,'" in variable name'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name "',A5,'" is reserved'/)('+Re-enter the line'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name "',5A1,'" starts with a number'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name "',A5,'" is used in variables ',I5,' and ',I5)('-Enter correction in the order:  VARIABLE #, COMMA, VARIABLE NAME OR A - TO DELETE'/)(I,A5)('-This line defines directly and indirectly the number of variables to'/' be used in the analysis.  If a number is entered, it is assumed to be'/' the number of variables and variable name option is not selected.'/' If a variable name list is entered, the number of variables is'/' counted from the list.  Variable name list should conform to the'/' following rules:'//' (1)  The list is composed of 1 or more lines.  If more than 1 line'/6X,'is needed the last character in the line must  be a comma.'/6X,'The list must be terminated with a carriage return or an altmode.'//' (2)  Variable name is made of 1 to 5 alphanumeric characters, the'/6X,'first being non-numeric.'//6X,'The names may not contain any of the following symbols:'//6X,'*      ?      -      /      ,      +      ''      .      BLANK'//6X,'Nor may be any of the reserved words:'//6X,'ALL    HELP   EMPTY  STOP   OBS'/)E    H    9    0    -    L    @,    X`P         $mLz \\ p @Zw <]W,^>,^B@dZw \  \! F=*d\' <]U,zc $ DZp Zw0D+\-7`9+\$+]P @2D\+\3 @2D\+\3 A2D\+\3 A3D\!+]N"& $ DZ} Z} ?2D\!+\8>Z}8&\5 Z} DZr ?3F6+\; ?3FZ~>Zr"Zr $ DZ} Z} ?3(\+\j ?2h\+\j:Z}8&\="Zr $ ? H=.$8&\C ?2D\!+\K"& $ = H=/$8&\G \! D=+\E <]Z,^@ <]],^B <]`,^@ <]c,^B7dZw+\c0d+\g"Zw $ FZt DZ} \  \! F=*d\S Z} <]e,^@ <]h,^B <]j,^@ <]m,^B =2D\!+\^ \  = F=*d\[ \! D?+\Y Z} <]p,^@ <]s,^B D
,^B+]	:Zw0d+\g:Zr@f
Q <^,^@ <^,^B \ ZDZ} Z} Zw  
Q3HZ~+]*d]@Zw D\  \! F=*d]$ Z|2D63D[+]-:Zq; Z{+\x Z|3D\+\&7dZp+]- $ DZp+]"$.Zw4$\c4D]Q &/Zw $ FZy DZ}.$ DZ}"&/Zw.Z} Z} DZr Zr Z}  
Q+]::Zr8&]5:Z}; Zy+]1+]Q <^,^> Z} <^,^B6$9+]? <]T,3 <^,^>,^B <^,^> <^ ,^B Z|3D\+]F Z} D
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? Job aborted
Unit= []6$`<0>/=4`,`

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CPU TIME: 	ELAPSED TIME: L\z[7wH(Kp\#myx?B\ qF,sWl
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d;w@EB@{@yj> ?.RAy2Iy@@'iHQh|Y@5,0Cy!#Q\A%Jd(=	is not uniquedefined6
@a#	is an invalid argument'w,	
b-&Bd [  ] ()
	or unwritten or destroyed record number:  :  t
`NV@,R> $($%c@.,A#>"&'w!->Z!-1hr #>":'w!->Z!-1hiQk @@nXY&Kn3r4z(+0P
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K:%(tV"@5,0wfdX(Subscript range error on line  of [Mc@
		Subscript  of array  = 
Name	(Loc)	 <<---	Caller	(Loc)	<#Args>	[Arg Types]
	()	 <<---	 +()	<#>	[. ]
a.3@1,>5O@xJ+xgR~@1,>5@@xJ,>,>@6 w+x"xJ0B+x!"A`X#p5@x/#p!"X#p+x\p+xa.9'1,>5,>,>O@xJ+x,>
6+ _4`x%"`Q@,> <xK,^>,^,> <xN,^B,^*bx"+x0,> <xP,^>,^7@xJ+x+,> <xS,^B,^+x-,> <xT,^B,^Z5"x0,> <xV,^B,^,^B7@xJ,^D,> <xW,^>,^,^B,> <xZ,^>,^,> <x],^B,^(@qd1@,,^D1@#+x>0@*+x0,> <x_,^F,^+x0,^,^,^,~(' Type G to Continue, X to Exit, T To trace.'/2H *,$)(A1)(1H 14A5/)(1H A5,1X,O6)PAUSESTOP .pXxFp XxGp xIp xIp Xx@X~xFp xgG@1,>57cp+xj (Bdb+xe.xn"+xf.xn"TB#p@,~4Bxm+P^60
xn#p+xb  ,~>attempt to take SQRT of negative argKc3@ p p+x~Kc3K  ,x~ 
,~Kc3J  ,x~ ,~Kc3I  ,x~ ,~Kc3H4By5@y5"y+D^60
yU ,~,>,># $)D/$@,>4dyX $(F) + y5Fy5"y	"` ,y"+y#  ,> <y,yn,^@,> <y,yI,^5&y",^,^,^,~! ,~xxKc#@ p p+y"Kc#K  ,y" @,~Kc#J  ,y" @,~Kc#I  ,y" @,~Kc#H4ByF5@y&5"y0+D^60
y%U ,~ DyE!$ @yD ByE5"y-#`+ yB,y-!"B,~+ y0(BdB+ y05By+  yE,~ +7`yE+y9`d +D^60y4+D^60
y4U `d @6 yD+y/ yE`B"`+y//yGid +y;+D^60y4#yD,> <yH,yn,^ @`yE@,> <yH,yI,^+y6U",y-yD+ y0+y*! ,~xKc1,>5 p3"yd+yN3byd+yP+D^60
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y z,~  ,~ 0_i/X3 6P'M 5( bB W
R `@xymATTEMPT TO TAKE LOG OF NEGATIVE ARGCR@1,>5,>,> p  p  Ep<bz $Ep$ E. .&+z".!p Ap $Ep,^,^,~I$P1,>5 #p D F	b&".$&$7@"$  (@. &"* z*)@
(@ $ &$.$.&(D(F..  #p**,~.$D.&-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-i&lP1,>5 DzI FzJ	b	&"j0 DzJ&" DzKS Ao-&zF "B zK-&zF[p(F{5Fz;[w0F+zE+z= ph& `f~+zE "B zJ&"t DzJ-&zF "B zJ&$2 $D zI zJ,~ zI zJ,~&" "B $D+!$hX$h@@h*% "zS BhL " BhM+xeX2GiSHYC aSiSHINXGYC GSHiSHaSaSI'IR
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&b{r&b{s`{s`{+{5 {?`{
&{t	`5H{$O { $,{e1T+{X0T*+{,{e1T',{e0T+{>@@{k,{]0T1T+{B0T1T-+{I4T{I+{K $ {,{[7@{k+{I1T+{M4T{Y1T-+{O0T+{K,{e+{F!*Lu*
{k J{k+{E
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Command error: 
,7 OAp,~I4:1,>5,|S Ap,~44|4|0KbN=1,>5O@|0 p4B|
9|9|KbN=1,>5@@|0!$Lu 	`@Ap``a`+|.a`+|/ D|A (`|/"#B|@@| !pX@|,> <|,|6,^7@|0+|OAp+|/ #pQ"A` $1@+| 0`=d|! H: @|@@|a|+|&[pd0@ +|*[pd0@ +|*+|)_w6@|0_w#`1 +|*SpXp @|
&|1+|/   Ap ,~ ERROR ON OPEN!
HH|5H|5G.t21,>5@@Ap! A`.!p @|3 |3 @|4@@|5@@|5 & "|3<1D+|B-|M=b|=|3<0D+|JO " |4 @|4|3<-|M=b|D7@|5OAp !p<, |5, |5,~<&|F|31D+|I   Ap+|F1D+|I1$+|F1d+|R0$ 0d-+|F $D|4+|M"|o,||0@+|k p4B|nLad+|j`b+|k $0d"+|n&$$&(&}Z.G|p.&$.$ 7F+|a  ,~ A$&$(DG$1$((D(D
 	`5@|m .2bM+|i L.&7D!$Lu+|l2"|p+|f &p,|t 	`,~
"|{,|| 'Q&A` ||@1x,~180.8X=`|w,~.H  a|+}0"0b/ ,~0B1B,~0B/ ,~aJMm1,>5 }&,}o@,~:+}Z"6Ap." B` " B` $7cp $1B $d}',}  6`
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}Q }Q +~, JX +}n
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&-	` 	p 
Cannot write-enable high segment data area.
)1"~Y)jgP~X1B:}R113}S10.}R1}Q1T}P1B}T1	}U1g}P1
e'*+~	&+Z} }/
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