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	DMPTAP Program Abstract

	DMPTAP produces a binary dump of a MAGtape, for use on
tapes whose origin is undocumented.  Binary printout is double
spaced so you can use it as a worksheet in determining what kind 
of data it is.  Bits are printed as ones and zeroes, exactly as
found on the tape, in eight- or six-bit groups for 9- and 7-track
tape.  DMPTAP asks you for an output limit, so you can print out
a reasonable sample from the tape.  Output can be to any device,
including TTY.  Tape error messages interpret each status bit as 
per Monitor Calls manual.
	Initial size: 2+1P.  DMPTAP determines blocksize by
reading the tape.  If the block does not fit in core, it expands
the low segment, backspaces the tape, and tries again.