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	TAPIN Program Abstract

	TAPIN reads foreign MAGtapes, translates EBCDIC, BCD, FIELDATA,
8-bit ASCII, SIXBIT, RSX-11, PDP-11 ASCII or binary data to 7-bit ASCII,
deblocks blocked records, and optionally removes trailing spaces
and sequence numbers.
	Processing of PDP-11 ASCII can include transposition of
character pairs. SIXBIT processing is compatible with COBOL usage.
9-track binary data is read 32 bits per word, left-justified.
TAPIN never rewinds a tape, so you can skip over tape labels or unwanted
files as you wish.  Used with TTY as the output device, TAPIN can
tell you very quickly what character code was used on the foreign 
tape.  Tape error messages interpret each status bit as per Monitor
Calls manual.
	Initial size: 2+3P. TAPIN determines blocksize by reading
the tape. If the block does not fit in core, it expands the low
segment, backspaces the tape, and tries again.