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TECO-10				Abstract

TECO-10 is a considerably extended version of TECO.  It is based on XTEC,
rather than DECsystem-10 TECO, so it is a compiler, not an interpreter.
It includes essentially all of the features of XTEC (although some have
been renamed for compatability with TECO-11 and TECO-8).  It includes
window support (written in TECO-10 so it can be customized easily!).
Terminals supported are VT52, VT61, VT100 (in VT52 mode), and VT05.
Any q-register can be made to function as the text buffer, and files
can be read or written to/from any q-register, so several files can
be edited at once.

Two screen-editing subsystems are available written in TECO-10.
These are VT and VTEDIT.  Both are included with TECO-10.

TECO-10 is mostly compatable with TECO-11, TECO-8 and TECO-VAX

TECO-10 will run on either the DECsystem-10 or the DECsystem-20
(under feature-test).