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FORMAT, a FORTRAN FORMAT Statement Generator

Abstract:  The FORMAT program reads a sample form or the  rough  version
of  messages,  and generates FORTRAN FORMAT statements which can be used
by a FORTRAN program  to  reproduce  the  form  complete  with  embedded
variables,  or  to  generate  the messages with lines of uniform length.
The case conventions, the structure of the commands, and the meanings of
many  of  the  commands  which  are recognized by the FORMAT program are
identical to those accepted by the RUNOFF  text  processor.   When  text
containing  only  those commands which are recognized by both the FORMAT
and RUNOFF programs is processed by the FORMAT program, then the use  of
the resulting FORMAT statements generates the text which would have been
produced directly by RUNOFF.  FORTRAN WRITE statements can be  generated
which  reference  each  of  the  resulting  FORMAT statements.  For long
messages, the text on each page  can  be  broken  into  separate  FORMAT
statements  and  sections  of  predefined  FORTRAN  code can be inserted
automatically at the tops and bottoms of the pages.  The 1983 version of
the FORMAT program recognizes 24 new commands, most of which are used to
support paging on video terminals.  An extra chapter has been  added  to
the manual describing these new commands.