Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - decuslib20-05 - decus/20-0152/beware.rno
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 The VT105 Fortran Subroutine Package is supplied with two documentation
files:  105DOC.RNO and 105DOC.MEM.  The .RNO file is the source file,
processed through RUNOFF to create the .MEM file.  This file contains
instructions for installation and use of the subroutine library.

 Instructions for use of the command files are located in section 4.0 of the
105DOC documentation.  Using the demonstration programs can be
found in section 5.0.

 The distributed library, GRLIB.REL, was built for DECsystem 10 use
only.  You must build a new library for use on the DECSYSTEM 20.
Be sure to change the feature test (FT10 and FT20) switches in the .MAC files for use on the DECSYSTEM 20.

 This tape was distributed in 10/20 BACKUP/INTERCHANGE format, which you
certainly know by now if you are able to read this.  Best of luck with the VT105!