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01001H                                                                    P262  
01010FPMTCARD IP  F00800080            DISK   DAT262                      P262  
01020F                                              KASCII                P262  
01030FPMTREPT O   F01320132     OF     PRINTER                            P262  
02010IPMTCARD NS  01                                                      P262  
02020I                                     000100050CUSTNOL1              P262  
02030I                                     00060030 CUSTNM                P262  
02040I                                     003100360DATE                  P262  
02050I                                     003700380PMTS                  P262  
02060I                                     003900452AMT                   P262  
02070I                                     003100320MONTH                 P262  
02080I                                     003500360YEAR                  P262  
03010C           AMT       DIV  PMTS      PAYMNT0072                      P262  
03020C                     MVR            LASTPM0022                      P262  
03030C           LOOP      TAG                                            P262  
03040C                     EXCPT                                          P262  
03050C   55                SETOF                     55OF                 P262  
03060C   OF                SETON                     55                   P262  
03070C                     SETOF                     L1                   P262  
03080C           1         ADD  MONTH     MONTH                           P262  
03090C           MONTH     COMP 13                       10               P262  
03100C   10      MONTH     SUB  12        MONTH                           P262  
03110C   10      YEAR      ADD  1         YEAR                            P262  
03120C                     MOVELMONTH     DATE                            P262  
03130C                     MOVE YEAR      DATE                            P262  
03140C           PMTS      SUB  1         PMTS                            P262  
03150C           PMTS      COMP 1                    12  11               P262  
03160C   11      LASTPM    ADD  PAYMNT    PAYMNT                          P262  
03170C   11                                                               P262  
03180COR 12                GOTO LOOP                                      P262  
03190CL1         AMT       ADD  TOTAMT    TOTAMT0082                      P262  
05010OPMTREPT H  201   1P                                                 P262  
05020O       OR        OF                                                 P262  
05030O                         UDATE Y 0008                               P262  
05040O                                 0025 'PAYMENT'                     P262  
05050O                                 0041 'SCHEDULE REPOTR'             P262  
05060O                                 0055 'PAGE'                        P262  
05070O                         PAGE  Z 0060                               P262  
05080O        H  1     1P                                                 P262  
05090O       OR        OF                                                 P262  
05100O                                 0008 'CUSTOMER'                    P262  
05110O                                 0026 'CUSTOMER'                    P262  
05120O                                 0044 'DUE'                         P262  
05130O                                 0059 'PAYMENT'                     P262  
05140O        H  2     1P                                                 P262  
05150O       OR        OF                                                 P262  
05160O                                 0007 'NUMBER'                      P262  
05170O                                 0024 'NAME'                        P262  
05180O                                 0045 'DATE'                        P262  
05190O                                 0059 'AMOUNT'                      P262  
05200O        T 13     L1                                                 P262  
06010O                                 0049 'TOTAL PAYMENTS'              P262  
06020O                         AMT   1 0060 '$'                           P262  
06030O        T 00     LR                                                 P262  
06040O                                 0048 'FINAL TOTALS'                P262  
06050O                         TOTAMT1 0060 '$'                           P262  
06060O        EF 1     01                                                 P262  
06070O                 L1      CUSTNOZ 0007                               P262  
06080O                 L1      CUSTNM  0035                               P262  
06090O                 OF      CUSTNOZ 0007                               P262  
06100O                 OF      CUSTNM  0035                               P262  
06110O                         DATE  Y 0047                               P262  
06120O                         PAYMNT1 0060                               P262