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01010H                                                                    P415  
01020FCUSTMST IP  F02600026            DISK   CUSTMR                      P415  
01030FOLDINV  ID  F04800024            DISK   OLDINV                      P415  
01040FTRANS   ID  F00800080            DISK   TRANS                       P415  
01050F                                              KASCII                P415  
01060FNEWINV  O   F04800024            DISK   NEWINV                      P415  
01070FREPORT  O   F    0132     OF     PRINTER                            P415  
02010ICUSTMST AA  01                                                      P415  
02020I                                     000100060CUSTM                 P415  
02030I                                     00070026 NAME                  P415  
02040IOLDINV  AB  02                                                      P415  
02050I                                     000100060CUSTO                 P415  
02060I                                     000700120INVNOO                P415  
02070I                                     001300180INVDTO                P415  
02080I                                     001900242AMTDUE                P415  
02090ITRANS   AC  03                                                      P415  
02100I                                     000100060CUSTT                 P415  
02110I                                     000700120INVNOT                P415  
02120I                                     001300182PMTAMT                P415  
03010C                     SETON                     40                   P415  
03020C           RECPRO    TAG                                            P415  
03030C  N12                READ OLDINV                   92               P415  
03040C   92                GOTO LIPROC                                    P415  
03050C  N14                READ TRANS                    94               P415  
03060C   94                MOVE 999999    CUSTT                           P415  
03070C                     SETON                     1214                 P415  
03080C           CUSTM     COMP CUSTO                  22                 P415  
03090C   22                GOTO LIPROC                                    P415  
03100C           CUSTO     COMP CUSTT                  24                 P415  
03110C   24                GOTO NOPMT                                     P415  
09050C           INVNOO    COMP INVNOT                 2627               P415  
09060C   26                GOTO NOPMT                                     P415  
09070C           AMTDUE    SUB  PMTAMT    BALDUE0062     28               P415  
09080C                     SETOF                     14                   P415  
09240C           NOPMT     TAG                                            P415  
09250C  N28                SETON                     29                   P415  
10010C                     SETON                     3032                 P415  
10020C                     EXCPT                                          P415  
10030C                     SETOF                     122930               P415  
10040C                     SETOF                     2840                 P415  
10050C           AMTDUE    ADD  CINAMT    CINAMT0072                      P415  
10060C   27      PMTAMT    ADD  CPMT      CPMT  0072                      P415  
10070C   27      BALDUE    ADD  CAMTDU    CAMTDU0072                      P415  
10080C  N27      AMTDUE    ADD  CAMTDU    CAMTDU                          P415  
10090C                     SETOF                     2627                 P415  
10100C                     GOTO RECPRO                                    P415  
10200C           LIPROC    TAG                                            P415  
10210C  N32                GOTO ENDCAL                                    P415  
10220C           CINAMT    ADD  TINAMT    TINAMT0082                      P415  
10230C           CPMT      ADD  TPMT      TPMT  0082                      P415  
10240C           CAMTDU    ADD  TAMTDU    TAMTDU0082                      P415  
10250C                     SETON                     34                   P415  
11010C                     EXCPT                                          P415  
11020C                     SETOF                     3432                 P415  
11030C  N92                GOTO ENDCAL                                    P415  
11040C                     SETON                     36                   P415  
11050C                     EXCPT                                          P415  
11060C                     SETOF                     36                   P415  
11070C           ENDCAL    TAG                                            P415  
11080C                     SETON                     1214                 P415  
12080OREPORT  H  201   OF                                                 P415  
12090O       OR        1P                                                 P415  
12100O                         UDATE Y 0008                               P415  
12110O                                 0031 'A C C O U N T S'             P415  
12120O                                 0053 'R E C E I V A B L E'         P415  
12130O                                 0071 'R E G I S T E R'             P415  
12140O                                 0083 'PAGE'                        P415  
12150O                         PAGE    0088                               P415  
12160O        H  1     OF                                                 P415  
12170O       OR        1P                                                 P415  
12180O                                 0008 'CUSTOMER'                    P415  
12190O                                 0024 'CUSTOMER'                    P415  
12200O                                 0041 'INVOICE'                     P415  
12210O                                 0052 'INVOICE'                     P415  
12220O                                 0064 'INVOICE'                     P415  
12230O                                 0087 'AMOUNT'                      P415  
12240O        H  2     OF                                                 P415  
12250O       OR        1P                                                 P415  
13010O                                 0007 'NUMBER'                      P415  
13020O                                 0022 'NAME'                        P415  
13030O                                 0040 'NUMBER'                      P415  
13040O                                 0050 'DATE'                        P415  
13050O                                 0063 'AMOUNT'                      P415  
13060O                                 0076 'PAYMENT'                     P415  
13070O                                 0086 'DUE'                         P415  
13140O        EF01     30                                                 P415  
13150O                 40      CUSTM Z 0007                               P415  
13160O                 40      NAME    0030                               P415  
13170O                         INVNOOZ 0040                               P415  
13180O                         INVDTOY 0052                               P415  
13190O                         AMTDUE1 0064                               P415  
13200O                 27      PMTAMT1 0076                               P415  
13210O                N27              0076 '.00'                         P415  
13220O                 27      BALDUE1 0088                               P415  
13240O                N27      AMTDUE1 0088                               P415  
13250O                                 0090 '*'                           P415  
14070O        E 13     34                                                 P415  
14080O                                 0053 'CUSTOMER TOTALS'             P415  
14090O                         CINAMT1B0064 '$'                           P415  
14100O                         CPMT  1B0076 '$'                           P415  
14110O                         CAMTDU1B0088 '$'                           P415  
14180O        E 0      36                                                 P415  
14190O                                 0052 'FINAL TOTALS'                P415  
14200O                         TINAMT1 0064 '$'                           P415  
14210O                         TPMT  1 0076 '$'                           P415  
14220O                         TAMTDU1 0088 '$'                           P415  
15050ONEWINV  E        29                                                 P415  
15060O                         CUSTO   0006                               P415  
15070O                         INVNOO  0012                               P415  
15080O                         INVDTO  0018                               P415  
15090O                 27      BALDUE  0024                               P415  
15100O                N27      AMTDUE  0024                               P415