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01010H                                                                    PROB93
01020FDESTAB  IT  F01320132           EDISK   DESTAB                        PROB
01030F                                              KASCII                PROB93
01040FUPRTAB  IT  F01320132           EDISK   UPRTAB                      PROB93
01050F                                              KASCII                PROB93
01060FINPUT   IP  F00800080            DISK   DAT93                       PROB93
01070F                                              KASCII                PROB93
01080FPRINT   O   F00800080            PRINTER                            PROB93
02010E    DESTAB          TABPN10010005005 0ATABDES020                    PROB93
02020E    UPRTAB          TABPN20010004005 0ATABUPR004 0                  PROB93
03010IINPUT   AA  01                                                      PROB93
03020I                                     000100050PRODNO                PROB93
03030I                                     000600080QTY                   PROB93
04010C   01      PRODNO    LOKUPTABPN1    TABDES         50               PROB93
04020C   01      PRODNO    LOKUPTABPN2    TABUPR         51               PROB93
04030C   01 51   QTY       MULT TABUPR    AMT   0082                      PROB93
05010OPRINT   H  201   OF                                                 PROB93
05020O       OR        1P                                                 PROB93
05030O                         UDATE Y 0008                               PROB93
05040O                                 0037 'INVENTORY PARTS LIST'        PROB93
05050O                                 0050 'PAGE'                        PROB93
05060O                         PAGE    0055                               PROB93
05070O        H  1     OF                                                 PROB93
05080O       OR        1P                                                 PROB93
05090O                                 0007 'PRODUCT'                     PROB93
05100O                                 0022 'PRODUCT'                     PROB93
05110O                                 0043 'UNIT'                        PROB93
05120O        H  2     OF                                                 PROB93
05130O       OR        1P                                                 PROB93
05140O                                 0007 'NUMBER'                      PROB93
05150O                                 0024 'DESCRIPTION'                 PROB93
05160O                                 0043 'QTY   PRICE'                 PROB93
05170O                                 0054 'AMOUNT'                      PROB93
06010O        D  1     01                                                 PROB93
06020O                         PRODNOZ 0005                               PROB93
06030O                 50      TABDES  0029                               PROB93
06040O                N50              0029 '***NO DESCRIPTION***'        PROB93
06050O                         QTY   Z 0035                               PROB93
06060O                 51      TABUPR1 0043                               PROB93
06070O                N51              0043 '*NONE'                       PROB93
06080O                         AMT   1B0055                               PROB93
06090O        T 2      LR                                                 PROB93
06100O                                 0017 'END OF PRICE LIST'           PROB93
06110O        T 2      LR                                                 PROB93
06120O                                 0013 'PROGRAMMED BY'               PROB93
06130O                                 0025 'LESLIE BECK'                 PROB93