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                  Release Tape Mechanism for RPG II

                             Revision:  1

                           Date: 19 Oct 76

Copyright (C) 1976
Cerritos Community College District and Robert Currier

This software is furnished under license for  use  only  on  a  single
computer system and may be copied only with the inclusion of the above
copyright notice.  This software, or any other copies thereof, may not
be provided or otherwise made available to any other person except for
use on such system and to one  who  agrees  to  these  license  terms.
Title  to and ownership of the software shall at all times remain with
Cerritos Community College District and Robert Currier.

The information in this software is subject to change  without  notice
and  should  not  be  construed  as  a  commitment  by either Cerritos
Community College District or Robert Currier.
Release Tape Mechanism for RPG II                               Page 2

With this release of RPG II the mechanism for producing release  tapes
and  new  assemblies  has  been  streamlined greatly.  Using the Batch
system, it is now possible to create compilers and tapes with standard
parameters  with  relative  ease.  The various control files and their
functions are listed below.

        RPG10.CTL       This control  file  will  produce  a  standard
                        DECsystem-10  RPG  II  compiler.  The compiler
                        will be multi-segment and assembled to run  on
                        a  KA processor, thereby running on all DEC-10

        RPG10O.CTL      This control file will produce  a  one-segment
                        DECsystem-10  RPG  II  compiler  system.   All
                        other switches are set as in RPG10.CTL.

        RPG10D.CTL      This control file will produce a multi-segment
                        DECsystem-10  compiler  with  the debug option
                        turned on, thereby allowing easier debugging.

        RPG20.CTL       This control file, designed to  be  run  on  a
                        DECsystem-20  will produce a standard compiler
                        for a DECsystem-20.

        RPGL10.CTL      This  control  file  will  produce  a  RPG  II
                        runtime  system  to  run  on  a  DECsystem-10.
                        There is no CPU dependent code in the  runtime
                        system at this time.

        RPGL20.CTL      This  control  file  will  produce  a  RPG  II
                        runtime system to run on a DECsystem-20.

        RPGTAP.CTL      This control file will produce a BACKUP format
                        release tape containing all RPG II components,
                        including those not for general  distribution.
                        This  and  all  other  release  tape producing
                        programs  are  designed  to  be   run   on   a

        RPGTP1.CTL      This control file will produce a BACKUP format
                        release   tape   containing   all   components
                        necessary for a standard DECsystem-10  version
                        of RPG II.

        RPGTP2.CTL      This control file produces  a  BACKUP  format,
                        Interchange mode, tape with all the components
                        necessary to  create  a  DECsystem-20  RPG  II
                        system.   Note that this tape will NOT contain
                        a save format file of RPG II since  experience
                        has  shown  that when RPG II is produced for a
                        20  on  a  10   (the   standard   distribution
                        computer)  the save file is not as reliable as
                        one  produced  on  a  20.   It  is   therefore
                        necessary to submit RPG20 and RPGL20 after the
                        files on the release tape have been copied.
Release Tape Mechanism for RPG II                               Page 3

All control files that produce a compiler should be submitted  with  a
time  limit  of  one  hour.   All control files that produce a runtime
system need only 30 minutes, and all control files that produce  tapes
need only 15.


               RPG II  compilers  and  runtime  systems
               produced  for  the DECsystem-10 will not
               properly function on  the  20  and  visa

                             APPENDIX A

                          ASSEMBLY SWITCHES

There are several assembly switches of interest to the  average  user;
these are DEBUG, ONESEG, %CPU, and STATS.

DEBUG enables certain the  assembly  of  certain  debugging  features.
This switch should be off for the standard user.

ONESEG enables a one-segement compiler.  On KA based  systems  and  KI
and  KL  systems  that  do not wish to use VM, it is desireable to use
multiple machine loads of minimal  size  to  avoid  monster  swapping.
When  ONESEG  is  zero  the  compiler  will  consist  of five standard
segments and one optional error dump segment.  If  ONESEG  is  set  to
one, then the compiler will consist of one large segment ( > 60K ).

%CPU sets the CPU that the compiler is designed to run on.   There  is
currently  very  little optimization for the various PDP-10 processors
so it may be advantageous to assemble the compiler  for  a  KA-10  and
leave  it  alone.   If the compiler is to run on a KL-20, %CPU must be
set to the proper value.  The various values are listed below:

        0       KA-10 processor.

        1       KI-10 processor.

        2       KL-10 processor.

        3       KL-20 (or any CPU running TOPS-20).

STATS is a switch that affects the runtime system only.   This  switch
controls  the  output  of  various  run  statistics at the end of each
object run.  While this information can be extremely useful, the heavy
price  (90%  overhead)  paid  for  the  statistics  gathering makes it
somewhat useless for the average user.

Any of these switches should be set up in  the  module  RPGASM.MAC  if
they are going to be changed from the distribution standard.

               Any change  from  distribution  standard
               constitutes modification of the software
               and  therfore  may  lead  to   loss   of
               software  support.   When  reporting any
               problems with the software  be  sure  to
               state  what the status of each switch is
               in your compiler and runtime system.

                             APPENDIX B

                        ACCEPTANCE PROCEDURES

Try it and see if it works.  No formal acceptance procedures have been
set up at this time.