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BITMAP - Manipulates in-core 100X1000 position bit map. Entry points
C1520  - Cursor control for datamedia 1520 terminals.
CA3300 - This macro gives cursor control for datapoint 3300 terminals.
CAB100 - This macro gives cursor control for beehive 100 terminals.
CLB100 - This macro will clear the screen on a beehive 100 terminal.
CRENAN - This macro will rename a file. (COBOL rename).
CURSER - Cursor control for ADDS 580 terminals.
CVT52  - Cursor control for DEC VT52 terminals. Entry points are
         CAVT52 and CLVT52.
GTPRMS - This macro gets the data passed by the macro 'SYSPRG'.
KILLIT - This macro deletes the specified file.
SEEKIT - This macro is used to find a file on disk.
SETTY  - This macro sets TTY characteristics.
SYSPRG - This macro calls another program in the 'SYS' area.
TRAP   - This macro will trap control 'C'.
TTYOUT - This macro will output characters not normally displayed.